24 Best Electric Type Pokémon (2024 Updated)

Best Electric Type Pokemon Ranked

As a long-time player of Pokémon, I can safely say that Pokémon duels can get more intense than we initially expected. Team management and synergy matter the most in early games when you have low-level Pokémon.

When going up against a gym leader, you must have the perfect team combination to counter the gym leader’s expertise and earn your badge.

When facing a gym leader expert in flying type Pokémon or water type Pokémon you can be smart and take with you the kind of Pokémon which have the upper hand on the enemy Pokémon type.

Electric Type Pokémon have the best chances against flying types and water types, so if you want those battles to be a piece of cake, add some lightning fellows to your team.

24 Best Electric Type Pokemon In 2024

Every year there’s a new Pokémon game in the market, new Pokémons are continually introduced with brand new regions and regional variants, and along with that, better and better moves of each type are added.

With so much to choose from, it is imperative to pick up the best thing or the best Pokémon of a certain type. So here’s a list of the 24 best electric type Pokémon in 2024.

#24: Manectric

Manectric is a Pokémon that was introduced in generation three of the Hoenn games and evolved from Electrike at level 26.

Image of Manectric

In terms of stats, the regular version of Manectric has a combined base state figure equalling 475. Manectric’s best stats are its speed and special attack, both tied at a value of 105.

Manectric is mainly an offensive Pokémon with not a lot of health, but its lack of defense can be compensated for by its high speed and good moveset.

#23: Zeraora

Zeraora is a purely electric type Pokémon introduced for the first time in generation 7 in the Alola region. Zeraora has no pre-evolutionary forms.


In terms of stats, zeraora has a high combined base stat figure of 600. Zeraora’s best stat attribute is its high speed of 143. Zeraora is an attacking Pokémon with both attack and special attack values of greater than 100.

Zeraora is meant to be utilized as an offensive Pokémon of both physical and special types. It lacks a bit in the defense department, but the lack of defense is sufficiently compensated by a great move set and speed. It is also an incredibly stylish Pokémon.

#22: Kantonian Zapdos

Zapdos is a Pokémon that barely needs an introduction owing to its legendary status and position in the legendary bird trio. It was first introduced in generation one and still lives up to its image.

Image of classic Kantonian Zapdos

Zapdos has a high base stat value of 580, with its best attributes being its special attack and speed. It is not a physical Pokémon but can perform ably with a special attack-suited moveset.

Its other attributes are well distributed and evenly rounded, and it makes a great addition to any team because of its balanced nature.

#21: Lanturn

Lanturn is a dual electric and water type Pokémon first introduced in generation two in the Johto region. It is the evolved form of chinchou and has a very supportive typing.


As far as stats go, Lanturn has a decent total base point figure of 460. Out of all its attributes, Lanturn has the highest figure for health, which is 125, while its attack and defense are weak.

Lanturn is supposed to be a support Pokémon instead of an offensive Pokémon. It can learn moves like heal bell and scald, which, when employed, can help control the course of battle.

#20: Rotom Mow

Rotom Mow is a grass and electric type Pokémon and is one of the alternate forms of Rotom, which is a ghost and electric type. Rotom Mow has the ability “levitate,” which completely neutralizes ground-type moves against it.

Rotom Mow

Rotom Mow has a good base stat figure of 520, with defense and special defense being the best of its attributes. It lacks a bit in the health department, with HP being the worst of its attributes.

From its high defense and high special defense, you may think Rotom Mow is a defensive Pokémon, but it has a special attack to match and can serve an offensive role as well with a moveset to match.

#19: Heliolisk

Heliolisk is a dual electric and normal type Pokémon which was introduced for the first time in generation 6 in the Kalos region. Heliolisk is called the generator Pokémon, and its base stats add up to a total of 481.


It’s a quick Pokémon with speed being one of its best attributes, but it also has a high special attack to match, and its special defense isn’t very far behind, either. The physical attack and defense of Heliolisk are its weak attributes.

#18: Luxray

Luxray is a purely electric type Pokémon, and over the years, ever since its introduction in generation four in the Sinnoh region, it has accumulated much fame and has become quite a fan favorite Pokémon because of its incredible design and good stats.


It has a total base stat value of 523, making it a pretty strong Pokémon. Its best attributes are its attack and special attack at 120 and 95, but the rest of its attributes aren’t far behind either, which makes Luxray an excellent electric type all around.

#17: Ampharos

Ampharos is a purely electric type Pokémon from the second generation and is the final form of mareep.


Ampharos used to be one of those Pokémon which were undeservingly underrated, but thankfully it is no longer the case because Ampharos has become dramatically popular ever since it got a mega evolution.

Ampharos has overall strong stats, with its special attack being the best of its abilities, but all other attributes are well-rounded as well, except for speed. Ampharos is a slow Pokémon which has been the main reason behind its unpopularity.

#16: Electivire

Electivire is also a purely electric type Pokémon introduced in generation four in the Sinnoh region. Electivire evolves from electabuzz when it is traded between players holding an electrizer.


Electivire has a strong base stat figure of about 540 which says a lot about its strength. It is an incredibly physical Pokémon, with its best attribute being its physical attack, and it is almost always used offensively because it lacks in defense. Defense is Electivire’s weakest attribute at 67.

#15: Magnezone

Magnezone is a dual steel and electric type Pokémon that was introduced for the first time in generation 4 in the Sinnoh region. It is the final evolved form of magnetite.


Magnezone has a high base stat figure of about 535. It is an offensive Pokémon known for its high special attack, which has a value of 130 and is by far Magnezone’s best attribute.

Owing to its typing Magnezone has more weaknesses than a typical electric type, but due to its poison immunity and the ability to learn amazing moves, it can be a great addition to your team.

#14: Jolteon

Every Pokémon list is incomplete without at least one evaluation, so here comes Jolteon. Jolteon is a pure electric type that evolves from Eevee when it is exposed to a thunder stone.


Jolteon has a good combined base stat value of 525. Jolteon stays true to its lightning image by being a quick Pokémon. Its speed is by far its best attribute at 130, but its special attack and special defense aren’t that far behind, either.

Jolteon is a Pokémon which can deal large amounts of damage, but itself can’t take much of it. It has low HP, so its moves are specifically designed to ensure its survival, e.g., Volt switch.

#13: Zebstrika

Zebstrika is a purely electric type Pokémon first introduced in generation five in the Unova region. It is the final evolved form of Blitzle and comes with both sap sipper and lightning rod abilities.


As for its stats, it has a combined base stat figure value of 497. Zebstrika is has a zebra-based design, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is fast Pokémon. Zebstrika’s best attribute is its speed at 116, with attack closely behind at 100.

Zebstrika is a physical Pokémon that has mainly offensive attributes and lacks in the defense department, with defense and special defense being its weakest attributes.

#12: Pawmot

Pawmot is a relatively new Pokémon introduced in the latest generation, which is generation 9. It is the final evolved form of Pawmi. It is a dual electric and fighting type Pokémon.


As far as the stats go, Pawmi has a decent combined base stat value of 490. The spotlight of all its attributes is its physical attack at a value of 115 and speed which is not far behind at 105.

Pawmot is an excellent electric offensive choice for your team, which brings with it an incredibly diverse set of moves to choose from.

#11: Xurkitree

Xurkitree is an electric type Pokémon classified under the ultra beast category. It was first introduced in the Alola region in generation seven.


When talking about stats, Xurkitree has uneven stats, but it can hit hard. It has a total base figure of 570, but the attribute of the spotlight among is its special attack.

It has an abominably high special attack of 173, which means whenever Xurkitree uses thunder, it’s probably lethal.

Xurkitree is an offensive Pokémon, but it can’t take a hit because of its low defense and health points.

#10: Eelektross

Eelektross is a purely electric type Pokémon introduced for the first time in generation 5 in the Unova region. It evolves from tynamo by means of a thunderstone.


Eelektross is a unique Pokémon because its ability is levitate, which essentially neutralizes ground-type moves, and it results in Eelektross having no prominent weakness.

It has a total base stat figure of 515, the highlight of it being its attack at 115 and its special attack at 105. It’s a well-rounded offensive Pokémon which is a great electric addition to any team. The only department where it lacks is speed.

#9: Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko is a guardian deity Pokémon added to the Pokémon series in generation seven in the Alola region. It is the protector or melemele island and has unique electric and fairy typing.

Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko’s combined total base stat figure equals an impressive 570, with its speed being its best asset at a value of about 115. It has very evenly distributed stats.

Tapu Koko also brings with itself electric terrain, which is an added bonus if you have other electric-type Pokémon on your team.

#8: Vikavolt

Vikavolt is a bug and electric type Pokémon which was also introduced to the fans in the generation six games. It is called The Stag Beetle Pokémon and evolves from Charjabug.


Vikavolt has a total base stat figure of exactly 500. Of all its stats, its special attack is the highest, with a value of 143, but it also has a pretty good defense of about 90.

The one thing which Vikavolt suffers a lot from is its lack of speed. It is a slow Pokémon, and its low speed of 43 can be problematic.

#7: Galarian Zapdos

Galarian Zapdos is the Galar version of the traditional Zapdos. You may be wondering why it is on the list since it’s not even an electric type, while you may be true, but I have some pretty good reasons for putting it there.

The new Galarian Zapdos

First and foremost, because it’s an alternate version of Zapdos, secondly, it can still learn electric-type moves. And finally, because of its incredible stats.

It is an incredibly hard-hitting physical Pokémon with high speed and a great attack of 125 which makes its moves like wild charge incredibly lethal.

#6: Thundurus

Thundurus is one of the few legendaries to make this list. It was introduced in generation five and is part of the Forces of Nature.


With Thundurus, things are complex. It is an electric and flying type Pokémon, but it comes in two forms. The Incarnate Forme & The Therian Forme.

While both forms have a combined base total of 580, there’s incredible variation in the distribution of the total value across different attributes. What’s similar between the two forms is that they are both highly focused on offense and attack.

#5: Miraidon

Miraidon is another Pokémon from the latest generation, generation nine, on this list. It is an electric and dragon-type Pokémon and is a part of the paradox duo along with Koraidon.


It has a very high base stat total of 670 and excels in nearly every attribute, but its special attack of 135 paired with an equal amount of speed is especially prominent. It hits just as hard as it is quick and doesn’t lack in the defense department, either.

#4: Raikou

Raikou is an electric type Pokémon introduced in generation two and is part of the legendary beast trio resurrected by Ho-Oh after the burning of the brass tower.


Raikou has a combined base stat value of 580. Its best attributes are its speed and special attack, each with a value of 115, while its weakest department is defense.

Raikou is an adaptive Pokémon capable of fitting into most teams because of how well it makes use of its abilities.

#3: Regieleki

Regieleki is a legendary titan who debuted in Galar in generation 8 and became a fan favorite in its early days. It is a purely electric Pokémon and has a combined base total figure of 580.


Its attributes are distributed so uniquely that it has become one of the strongest electric types of this era.

It is perhaps one of the fastest Pokémon ever, with a speed of about 200, followed by an attack and a special attack of 100 each. It is often criticized for its low health, but it more than makes up for it by being lightning-fast.

#2: Iron Hands

Iron Hands is also a new Pokémon debuting just recently in generation nine. It is an electric and fighting type Pokémon which bears a striking resemblance to Hariyama.

Iron Hands

It has a base total of 570, and it has probably the highest HP on this list by far at 154. Its HP is closely followed by its physical attack at 140, while the defense isn’t far behind either at 108. It is incredibly slow, though, with a speed of only 50.

#1: Zekrom

And last but not least, it’s the most powerful electric type part dragon Pokémon across all games; Zekrom of the Tao trio.


I am sure nearly everyone saw this coming because Zekrom needs no introduction owing to its legendary status and a high base power value of 680.

The strongest of its attributes is its attack at 150 and so it can literally bolt-strike any Pokémon into oblivion. Everything about Zekrom is simply overkill.

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Final Verdict:

All Pokémon are unique in type and moves, but some are good in a certain situations while others are not so much.

After our careful ranking, we have successfully concluded that out of all the electric type Pokémon across nine generations, Zekrom of The Tao Trio from Unova is probably the most versatile.

Its Heavy-hitting, and strongest electric type Pokémon stat-wise. If you want to buff up your electric-type team, be sure to add Zekrom to it.

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