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Fighting is a very unique type in Pokémon. They are usually Pokémon which look strong and sinewy; they are muscle-bound and are often based on martial artists.

These Pokémon excel in the physical attack and defense category, making them some of the best-suited Pokémon for an offense-focused team.

They are physical and excel at close quarters of combat. Fighting type moves are super effective against five other types, which augments the offensive nature of these Pokémon as well.

There are plenty of fighting options for one to choose from, so one should know the good ones from the bad. In that regard, we are here to help. Here is the latest list in which 20 of the best fighting types are ranked in accordance with their attributes.

20 Best Fighting Type Pokemon In 2024

Here’s a list of the best Fighting type Pokémon, I have compiled this guide after thorough testing and also I have contacted some of the veterans of the Pokemon series, let’s just get started and I will explain everything along the way.

#20: Hawlucha

Hawlucha is unique, and it owes its uniqueness to its great typing. It was one of the original fighting-type birds introduced in the sixth generation. It is a wrestler Pokémon and has no pre-evolution or final evolution.

20 Hawlucha

It is a great physical attacker to have on your team and not that much of an unbalanced fighting type. It also has a great moveset, and with its move-like flying press, it is quite lethal.

#19: Lucario

Coming up on number nineteen is a Sinnoh favorite, Lucario the steel canine. Being one of the most beloved fighting types ever, it has been a common find among teams of most Pokémon players ever since its debut.

19 Lucario

Lucario is a great offensive Pokémon, one of the best of its kind ever since its introduction in Gen 4. When its attack ability is paired with moves like meteor mash, bone rush, or vacuum wave, not many Pokémon can endure the damage.

#18: Keldeo

Keldeo is a water and fighting type Pokémon introduced in generation five in the Unova region. A polymorphic Pokémon, it comes in an ordinary form and a resolute form, both having a combined base value of 580.

18 Keldeo

Unlike most fighting types, Keldeo’s stats are not focused on physical attack but special attack, which is its highest attribute at 129. It is a Pokémon that’s very quick and boasts a speed of about 108.

#17: Mienshao

Mienshao is an East-Asian-inspired fighting type Pokémon introduced in generation five in the Unova region and is known as The Martial Arts Pokémon.

17 Mienshao

It is a great offensive choice with a base combined stat figure of 510. The highlight of its attributes is its physical attack of 125 which is a common characteristic among fighting types, but its special attack & speed aren’t low either and boast a value of 95 and 105.

#16: Conkeldurr

Conkeldurr is a purely fighting type Pokémon which was also introduced for the first time in generation 5 in the Unova region. It evolves after trading Gurdurr and is what one might call a traditional, bulky, and strong fighting type.

16 Conkeldurr

It has a base combined stat figure of 505, 140 of which have been assigned to physical attack while the rest have been distributed between the remaining 5 attributes, with speed and special attack receiving the lowest shares.

15: Urshifu

Coming from generation 8, this Pokémon is probably one of the coolest, most badass-looking fighting types ever, and it comes in two forms which is like a cherry on top.

Urshifu 15

Urshifu is a dual fighting and dark type Pokémon which evolves from kubfu. Both of its forms have a combined total stat figure of 550.

A physical attack of 130 is the central focus of all its attributes, closely followed by a great speed of 97 and a defense of 100.

#14: Hariyama

Hariyama bears striking resemblance to a sumo wrestler, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is called the arm thrust Pokémon. Hariyama and its pre-evolution, Makuhita, were first introduced in generation 3 as pure fighting types.

14 Hariyama

Hariyama, in terms of stats, has a combined total of a fair 474, but it is a very unbalanced Pokémon with an uneven stat distribution.

All of its points go into increasing HP and physical attack, which makes it defensively weak and slow to respond.

#13: Pangoro

This daunting fighting and dark type Pokémon was introduced in the sixth generation in the Kalos region. It’s a Pokémon with a strong heart who doesn’t forgive those who pick on the weak.

13 Pangoro

As far as stats are concerned, Pangoro has a base stat total with a value of 495, which is more than Hariyama, but Pangoro resembles Hariyama in its stat distribution. It has high physical attack and health, but the rest of its attributes are below par.

#12: Virizion

One of the first mythical Pokémon to feature on this list is Virizion of the Justice trio. Virizion is a grass and fighting type Pokémon, also known as the grassland Pokémon.

12 Virizion

It has a total base stat figure of 580 which is pretty evenly distributed across all its attributes, though with a slight emphasis on special defense.

However, this doesn’t mean that virizion can’t be offensive; it’s a Pokémon that can retaliate very well to any danger.

#11: Infernape

When generation 4 was released, everyone was shocked by how good of a choice each starter was, and among them was Chimchar, whose final evolved form is Infernape.

11 Infernape

Infernape improved upon the fire and fighting type starter trend, which started with Blaziken and is able to beautifully counter its rock-type weakness by fighting moves like close combat.

It excels in close quarters, and being a fire type with a very cool design makes it a fan favorite too.

#10: Buzzwole

Buzzwole is one of the extra-dimensional entities in Pokémon known as ultra beasts with a code name UB-02 Absorption.

It is a Pokémon with a unique bug and fighting typing. As its name indicates, Buzzwole is nothing but a swole bug type with a base stat figure of 570.

10 Buzzwole

It is bulky with a good HP value, but the attributes in which it outshines most other fighting types are its physical attack and physical defense, both of which have a value of 139.

#9: Terrakion

Making an appearance on this list is another Pokémon from the justice trio of generation 5, and it’s the cavern Pokémon, Terrakion.

9 Terrakion

Terrakion is a rock and fighting type Pokémon with a base total of 580. Like all the other fighting types, Terrakion characteristically has a high physical attack (which is 129: but the thing which makes it better than most fighting types is its stat distribution, with the only bad stat being special attack.

#8: Machamp

Machamp is one of the original fighting type Pokémon introduced in generation 1. Machamp has aged like fine wine and continues to soar into newer heights of popularity.

8 Machamp

In terms of numerical figures, Machamp has a base stat total of 505. Like Pangoro and Hariyama, it has a high physical attack, but it is less bulky, which allows for more even distribution of stats across the remaining attributes. It is still a slow Pokémon, though, beware.

#7: Gallade

Gallade is a psychic and fighting type Pokémon introduced in generation 6 in the Kalos region. It is one of the two final evolutions of ralts, and a male kirlia, when exposed to the dawn stone, will evolve into Gallade.

7 Gallade

Gallade is a Pokémon with a total base point count of 518, which only manages to get it an average speed of 80.

It does have a great physical attack attribute of 125 and an incredible special defense of 115, which can be quite useful.

#6: Slither Wing

Silver Wing is a bug and fighting type Pokémon that is assumed to be an ancestor of Volcarona. Players are only able to catch slither wing near the ending phase of Pokémon Scarlet.

6 Slither Wing

Slither Wing is a paradox Pokémon which freely roams around the inside of the crater, which is called area zero.

It has great attributes and a stat distribution of such a kind in which two different attributes complement each other. It is a scarlet exclusive Pokémon.

#5: Iron Hands

Another paradox Pokémon making an appearance on this list is the much-beloved iron hands. Iron Hands is simply a more advanced and futuristic hariyama that still retains the original design.

5 Iron Hands

It is a favorite Pokémon for utilization in a variety of different raids. Iron Hands is quite lethal with its moveset.

You can use a belly drum to increase attack and then hit the enemy with a drain punch to recover all your lost health. Iron hands make for a tough opponent.

#4: Breloom

Breloom brings a great ferocity to Pokémon battles which one might not expect due to its unassuming mushroom look, but underestimating Breloom is a fatal mistake.

4 Breloom

As it debuted in generation 3, enough time has passed, and players have finally realized its importance.

It may not be the greatest attacker, but it can be great tactical support by making the opponent sleep or inflicting the enemy with poison. It can also defend itself with its signature Mach punch.

#3: Quaqaval

Quaqaval is a popular starter and is the final evolution of quaxly. Quaqaval is also known as the dancer Pokémon and has dual water and fighting typing. If you have Quaqaval on your team, there’s no need for another fighting type.

3 Quaquaval

Quaqaval is also a convenient Pokémon to use because it is able to learn a variety of fighting type moves just by leveling up. It’s typing also provides it with a quality moveset for it to hold its own in battle.

#2: Iron Valiant

Iron Valiant is a paradox Pokémon which bears a striking resemblance to Gallade and Gardevoir both, combining both their physical characteristics.

2 Iron Valiant

It is a fairy and fighting type Pokémon with great offensive capabilities because of its high attack and special attack of 130 and 120.

Iron Valiant is also an incredibly quick Pokémon with a speed of 116. The only department it’s a bit behind in is its HP, but otherwise, its stat distribution is great.

#1: Great Tusk

Finally, at number one, it is The Great Tusk. Great Tusk is also a paradox Pokémon of ground and fighting type with an appearance that makes it look like a darker, sinister version of the simple Donphan.

1 Great Tusk

It doesn’t have an exceptionally high base total, but the way it is distributed makes great tusk very fearsome.

Great Tusk can both hit hard and take a hit itself owing to its high physical attack and defense of 131 each. It is bulky with a good HP and, surprisingly, can still move with a decent speed of 87.

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Final Verdict:

In a Pokémon franchise which tends to be dominated by normal, fairy, and rock types, it is necessary to have a fighting type Pokémon.

Fighting-type Pokémon needn’t be utilized for type advantage only as they have other uses; fighting types can fill the position of a physical attacker on your team or could be the wall you need to defend the rest of your party.

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