20 Best Fire Type Pokemon In 2024 (Ranked)

Best Fire Type Pokemon Ranked

Fire types are one of the most beloved and preferred Pokémon types. They are preferred because of the literal heat that they bring to the battle, and their popularity has only seen a rise ever since their introduction in the first generation.

These flaming Pokémon have some of the coolest, most stylish designs, which makes them all the more appealing.

You may have another favorite type, but you can’t deny the potency which fire type Pokémon possess.

Fire type distribution is also very diverse, and this diversity is evident from the fact that from one of the starters to the rarest legendaries and world-dominating primal Pokémon, fire makes a part of all.

All these things make it necessary to have a fire-type team or at least a fire type ace in your team.

20 Best Fire Type Pokémon In 2024

Fire is one of the three primary Pokémon times, along with water and grass. At the start of every Pokémon game, you have the option to choose a fire type of Pokémon if it’s to your liking, and this list of 20 Pokémon will help you in deciding what other Pokémons you should add to your team.

#20: Salazzle

Salazzle is a dual-type Pokémon which made its debut in the Alola games, and getting it could be a bit of a challenge because only a female salandit evolves into a Salazzle, so look out for that gender sign.


The hassle has its rewards, however. Salazzle can do great in offense with its high speed of 117, which is also its highest stat, and its great special attack. It doesn’t have much in terms of defense.

#19: Incineroar

The first fully evolved starter to make an appearance on our list is the dual dark and fire type starter from Alola, Incineroar.


As its physique might have given it away, it is a physically strong Pokémon, with its highest stat being its attack of 115.

Incineroar can hit hard with the fire and dark types of moves it has in its arsenal and will perform very ably as long as its moves utilize physical and not special attacks.

#18: Chi-Yu

Chi-Yu is the first legendary to make an appearance on this list. It is a Pokémon that is a member of the Treasures of Ruin and has only become a part of the Pokémon quite recently. It is a fire type which looks most unlike a fire type because it is fish.


It is actually a dual type with a secondary dark typing and one which shouldn’t be underestimated because it can hit hard with its special attack of 135.

#17: Rotom (heat form)

Rotom is originally an electric and ghost type, but it has five different alternate forms, all of which debuted in generation 4. One of the alternate forms of Rotom is its heat form.


It is a Pokémon which is focused on defense, with its highest attributes being defense and special defense. Both have a value of 107. This focus on defense means that a timid nature can complement its abilities.

#16: Talonflame.

The introduction of Talonflame was simply awesome. It was amazing to see a regional flying Pokémon with a secondary fire typing where all the previous ones had been paired with a normal type. And Talonflame lives up to its hype and reputation.


It is a fiercely quick Pokémon with a speed of 126 and a flame body ability which can inflict burn on the opponent upon contact. It is terribly weak (4×: to rock type moves, and that should be kept in mind.

#15: Darmanitan

Darmanitan is a generation 5 fire type that finds extensive use in the competitive field. It’s highly preferred because of its Zen Mode ability which transforms it after its HP has reduced below half.


Normally Darmanitan is a hard-hitting (attack 140: bulky Pokémon (HP 105: with decent speed too at 95.

But after it enters Zen mode, its speed is reduced by nearly half, its defense and special defense both become 105, and now it utilizes a special attack of 140 instead of a physical attack.

#14: Moltres.

Moltres is another legend to make an appearance on this list. It is hard not to mention legendary Pokémon when ranking the best of a certain kind because they are simply cut from a different cloth, and Moltres is no different.


It is a part of the legendary bird trio along with Zapdos and Articuno and excels in special attacks with a value of 125. Its base physical attack isn’t far behind either at 100, so it can utilize quite a versatile moveset.

#13: Arcanine

Arcanine is probably one of the best and most well-rounded Pokémon on this list. It displays great versatility in attack and can efficiently utilize both special and physical attack moves because its attack is 110 and special attack 100.


It is also a quick Pokémon with a speed of 95, and this agility often comes in handy at times. It is decent in the defense department, too, and has both defenses of 80 points each.

#12: Houndoom

Following up with another canine-based Pokémon, we have Houndoom. Houndoom has remained a favorite ever since it was introduced in the Johto region as a new fire and dark type.


In fact, its popularity and usage have only seen an increase which has led to it getting a mega evolution as well.

It is a Pokémon with a great special attack attribute, due to which special moves like flamethrower are exceptionally effective, especially with STAB damage.

#11: Entei

Joining us from the legendary beasts is Entei. It is one of three Pokémons, along with Raikou and Suicune, which were resurrected by Ho-Oh as legendary Pokémon.


Entei was raised back to life as a fire type. Its incredible strength is much coveted. It has both physical attack and HP of 115, which makes it able to both hit very hard and take a couple of hits itself and not fall.

#10: Victini

Victini, or the victory Pokémon, is a psychic and fire type Pokémon first introduced in the Unova region in generation five.


It has a combined base stat figure of 600 and the evenest distribution of base points across attributes of any Pokémon on this list.

All of its six attributes have a base value of 100 which makes victini a jack of all trades and is literally able to play any role that you want it to play in your team.

#9: Heatran

Heatran, or the lava dome Pokémon is a fire and steel type Pokémon which finds extensive use in competitive play. It has a base stat figure of 600 and has a distribution across attributes which mainly complements its defense.


It’s defense and special defense have a value of 106, but it is also capable of retaliating with a special attack of 130 and an attack of 90. It has good HP too and only lacks in the speed department.

#8: Volcanion

Volcanion is a Pokémon which was introduced in the fifth generation. It was the last mythical Pokémon of its generation and certainly stood out among its predecessors by boasting one of the most unique typing combinations ever.

It is a dual fire and water type Pokémon with a combined base stat figure of 600, and the highlight of its attributes is its special attack of 130. It excels in all the other attributes as well, save for speed.

#7: Cinderace.

Another starter Pokémon finally appears to break the mythical Pokémon trend. Cinderace is the fire type starter for generation 8. This athletic bunny is often called the striker Pokémon.


It has a combined base stat figure of 530 and according to the distribution of its base points, we can classify it as a physical attacker due to its attack of 116. But its main attribute is its speed of 119, and it is undoubtedly one of the quickest fire types.

#6: Infernape.

Generation 4 brought some of the best starter Pokémon in the whole franchise, which still holds a solid reputation. One of them is Infernape which was an instant hit among fans even though it was a second fire and fighting type starter after Blaziken.


Infernape can beautifully counter its rock type weakness with its fighting-type moves. It also has great coverage with moves like thunder punch, rock slide, and even shadow claw.

Its high speed of 109 means that it most likely is going to strike first and 1 Hit K/O the opponent.

#5: Charizard

Here comes the mascot of all fire-type Pokémon or, rather, the second most famous mascot of the whole Pokémon franchise after Pikachu.


Charizard is probably the favorite fire type of the Pokémon fans, and hardly are Pokémon as iconic as this one. It is also one of the few Pokémon with multiple mega evolutions.

It is a tough Pokémon to take down, especially because it has great offensive capabilities, like its great special attack. It has a 4× rock weakness, but thankfully there are coverage moves it can learn for that.

#4: Blaziken

When it comes to the best fire type starters, blaziken is always mentioned in the discussion. Charizard might outrank Blaziken in popularity, but they’re comparable in battle strength. Blaziken was the first fire and fighting starter and started the trend of fire & fighting types.


Staying true to its reputation, blaziken is a Pokémon capable of ferocious strikes owing to its high attack of 120, and it only becomes more powerful after mega-evolving. Being a fire and fighting type gives it a lot of flexibility.

#3: Reshiram

The big three start with a member of the Tao Trio from the Unova region in generation 5; Reshiram. Reshiram is a legendary dragon and fire-type Pokémon with the ability turboblaze, which empowers its fire type moves.


It has a monstrous special attack and attack of 150 and 120, which allow it flexibility in determining an offensive moveset.

There’s not a single department in which reshiram lacks. Its high attack values, when used in combination with exclusive moves like fusion flare, can knock out any Pokémon.

#2: Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is the second last Pokémon on this list. This rainbow Pokémon is said to be one of the rarest, which only presents itself to only the most pure-hearted of all trainers.


It is a fire and flying type Pokémon first introduced in the second generation as legendary Pokémon who created the legendary beasts.

It has a combined base stat figure of 680 which is distributed mainly across its special defense and attack instead of special attack and speed. That doesn’t mean any of its stats are bad; none of them is below 90.

#1: Primal Groudon

Finally, we reach the end, and as you know by the heading, the strongest fire type Pokémon in all of Pokémon is Primal Groudon, and that too with a great lead in stats. It has a base combined stat figure of 770 which is 90 more than the previous Pokémon.


With its 180 attacks, every move it makes is total destruction, and if that wasn’t dangerous enough, its desolate land ability enhances its fire-type moves evermore. It’s one Pokémon you’d never want on the enemy side.

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Final Verdict:

Fire-type Pokémon are notoriously hard to come by in the early game, so to compensate for their lack, you can either start with a fire type starter or add a decent fire type to your team later in the game.

But it takes knowledge and experience to distinguish one fire type from another on the basis of team coherence and compatibility.

You should know a good fire type from a bad type, and it takes skill to perfectly integrate even a good fire type into your team, but I hope it has become easier for you to choose after this list.

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