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I am a veteran in the Call of Duty games, as I have been playing every single installment since the Original Modern Warfare hit the market. My family PC room was where I could always be found playing the game with my friends in multiplayer.

One thing that has come a long way in these games is the Gunplay and how customizable weapons have become in the latest adorations of these games.

The latest Modern Warfare 2 graces us with the latest Gun Smith 2.0 mechanic, allowing us to customize a weapon and fully make it ours.

The look and feel of a gun are totally in our hands; that is why I have always preferred this franchise over the battlefield games, which are always hit or miss.

One of my favorite weapons in these games is SMG due to my play style, where I prefer running and gunning my opponents. For this reason, when the game was released, I made all the SMGs my own by creating the perfect loadouts.

My latest project centered around the FSS Hurricane, which I am not ashamed to admit is my favorite SMG in the game. It has a lot of power compared to its small frame and has more bullets than I need making me reload every once in a while.

However, no weapon is without its kinks, and to resolve some of those, and I have written for you the best FSS Hurricane loadout in modern warfare 2. So sit back, and read on, as this will be long.

Best FSS Hurricane Loadout Modern Warfare 2

The FSS Hurricane is a weapon built especially for close-quarter combat, which gives you the freedom to run and gun and dominate your enemies by going up close and personal.

Best FSS Hurricane Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

However, you are not going wrong if you use this gun for long-range kills. All in all, this is the best SMG in the game; however, to make it even better, here are my loadout recommendations.

ReceiverFSS Hurricane
MuzzleXTEN Black Kite
BarrelFSS Cannonade 16″
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56
Rear GripXTEN Grip
OpticCronen Mini Red Dot

I start my loadout from the Muzzle, one of the weapon’s most crucial parrots. Here I have gone with the FSS Cannonade 16“, which I believe is a solid choice if you want to buff up the FSS Hurricanes’ long-range usage.

This attachment is going to be beneficial for increasing the damage range while at the same time buffing up the bullet velocity killing two birds with one stone.

Keeping the same theme of long-range capability, the Cronen Mini Red Dot is yet another solid option for the optic in favor of the iron sights in stock.

This attachment will allow you to target enemies using distance to their advantage and to use long-range weapons. I have even picked off a few snipers using the red dot in the FSS hurricane.

Recon is a weapon’s worst enemy, which I may be introduced to due to some attachments, which is why the FTAC Ripper 56 is my choice for the under-barrel. This attachment irons out some of that pesky recoil and makes the weapon a lot more stable.

SMG and mobility go hand in hand; however, you can never go wrong with getting more mobility factors in your weapons. For this reason, the XTEN Grip is my contender for the rear grip, which allows you more stability and buffs your mobility.

The last attachment in my loadout is the Muzzle, where I have chosen the XTEN Black kite as my contender. This fine little attachment will eliminate some of that recoil and, in turn, increase the bullet velocity.

Best FSS Hurricane Loadout: Perks and Equipment

Best FSS Hurricane Loadout Perks And Equipment

The FSS Hurricane is now being finalized as the primary weapon; let us now check out some of the perks and equipment that will complement this weapon very well.

Secondary WeaponX12
Base Perk 1Scavenger
Base Perk 2Battle Hardened
Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate PerkSurvivor
TacticalTear Gas
LethalThrowing Knife
Field UpgradeBattle Rage

The FSS Hurricane does well, even at close quarters and long ranges, dominating your enemies. However, your arsenal is incomplete without the perfect secondary weapon to complement it.

For that reason, I have chosen the X12 as the secondary weapon, as it is an excellent handgun to pick your enemies off at very close ranges.

Scavenger is my contender for the Base Perk 1, which allows you to take ammo and knives from dead enemies.

This will ensure that you always have a fresh supply of ammo without calling for an ammo drop. For the second perk go with Battle Hardened this will protect you from Tactical equipment.

Fast Hands is one of my favorites as the Bonus perk, as this perk allows you to reload your weapon faster, and if you need to change your weapon, that gets a speed buff as well.

The Survivor is my contender as the Ultimate Perk, as you will have the ability to revive yourself and your teammates at least once.

For the Tactical Equipment, I have chosen Tear gas which, once thrown at your enemies, will blur their vision and slow their movement. Throwing Knife is the Lethal equipment here due to its utility at close quarters.

Finally, battle rage gives you an adrenaline rush and allows you to regenerate your health which is why this is my contender as the Field Upgrade.

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How to Unlock FSS Hurricane In Modern Warfare 2

Here is how you will unlock the FSS Hurricane in Modern Warfare 2.

First, you will reach Military Rank 14, which will unlock the FTAC Recon. Once you have that unlocked, equip it until it reaches weapon level 16. Once that has been achieved, you will unlock the FSS Hurricane.

How To Unlock FSS Hurricane

If you want to try out the FSS Hurricane, open a private match to play against bots and try out my loadout there or create an alternative.

Final Verdict:

The FSS hurricane is one of the best SMGs in the game, and I had a ton of fun creating the perfect loadout for it. This weapon is going to serve you not only at close ranges but also allow you to dispatch those enemies who are hiding at a distance.

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