19 Best Ghost Type Pokémon In 2024 (Exploring The Top)

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Ghost is a rare and strong type in the Pokémon franchise, and it was introduced as early as the first generation games.

Ghost-type Pokémons lurk in shadowy, bleak areas and are often hard to come by. There are only 34 ghost-type Pokémon across all generations, which reflects their rarity.

Ghost is a type that had its share of troubles in the early generations, like the psychic immunity against ghost types and how all ghost-type moves were physical from generation 1 to 3, but it has aged and evolved into a fine, competitive type just as good as any.

A ghost-type Pokémon can really bolster the strengths of your team.

19 Best Ghost Type Pokémon In 2024

Ghost types, no matter their number or how few they may be across all generations, aren’t equal in more than a single attribute.

No two ghost types are the same, and not all of them are good either, so for you to choose the best of them, we have ranked them in ascending order.

#19: Alolan Marowak

Marowak was already a greatly appreciated Pokémon with good stats and a decent design, and Alolan Marowak just takes it to the next level.

19 Alolan Marowak

Wielding a firey bone, it looks nothing short of an island guardian, and it can back up its reputation with its good defensive stats.

It is immune against electricity, and electric attacks raise its special attack. Just don’t expect this version of Marowak to move swiftly and land first

#18: Ceruledge

Ceruledge is the Pokémon Violet counterpart of Aramarouge in generation nine. This scary-looking beast has got blades for arms, so it is unsurprising that its best attribute is its physical attack.

18 Ceruledge

Ceruledge with the ability ‘weak armor’ is very coveted because these can raise their speed by two stages at the cost of defense whenever hit by a physical attack.

It also has a great signature move, “Bitter blade,” which deals damage and restores health simultaneously.

#17: Flutter Mane

Flutter mane belongs to a group of inter-dimensional Pokémon called Paradox Pokémon. Flutter Mane is the paradoxical version of misdreavous and has a unique fairy and ghost typing.

17 Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane is an unstoppable train when it comes to the offense; its best attributes are its attack and special attack at a value of 135 plus a speed of 135 too.

It can hit hard, and it can hit fast, but at the cost of defense & HP. It has too low a stat value for these attributes.

#16: Marshadow

Marshadow is a ghost type that finds extensive competitive use on all levels of contest. Marshadow has a great base stat value which isn’t surprising for a Pokémon of its status, but what makes Marshadow unique is its stat distribution.

16 Marshadow

When looking at its stats, you will notice the elite values of its physical attack and speed, which is a deadly combo. Its ability technician can boost even its weak attacks in strength.

#15: Skeledirge

Skeledirge is the first final evolved starter to feature on this list, and like all fully evolved starters, Skeledirge also has good stats. It is a Pokémon that can hit hard with moves like shadow ball due to its sizeable special attack of 110.

15 Skeledirge

It is also tanky, with a defense of a solid 100 and an HP just above at 104. Overall it is a well-rounded Pokémon able to hold its own in battle.

#14: Bannete

Bannete is a pure ghost-type Pokémon introduced in generation 3. It is a monotype ghost Pokémon which means it has only 2 weaknesses. It is also a single-stage Pokémon which makes it comparatively weak, but its usefulness lies in its mega evolution.

14 Banette

Mega Bannete has a titanic physical attack stat which comes at the cost of other attributes, but it can still provide you with a boost in the offense.

#13: Aegislash

Being a ghost and steel type, Aegislash has resistances against many types by default, but what makes it really formidable is its ability to switch between forms.

13 Aegislash

In Blade Forme, Aegislash raises both its attack and special attack to a value of 150 at the cost of defense, while in the Shield Forme, it is exactly the opposite.

Aegislash performs stance change every time it uses a move which makes it a really tough Pokémon to defeat.

#12: Spectrier

Spectrier, the swift horse Pokémon was introduced in the Crown Tundra DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield. It was one of those Pokémon which became an immediate hit among the fans.

12 Spectrier

Spectrier has a high special attack along with a speed to match. Its HP stat is quite good, too, making it considerably bulky. Its ability Grim Neigh makes sure that the longer Spectrier stays in battle, the stronger it gets.

#11: Chandelure

Chandelure is a Pokémon that was introduced in generation 5 and found immediate success.

11 Chandelure

It is a beast in its special attack stat and becomes even more lethal with special moves like flamethrower and shadow ball in its moveset because of the added STAB damage.

It could’ve been a great sweeper of teams only if it had a better speed stat.

#10: Decidueye

Starters are the Pokémon that you can never ditch; they are unique and are meant to stick by your side for the entirety of the game; the same goes for Decidueye.

10 Decidueye

It is a ghost and grass-type Pokémon with solid stats across the board, which makes it a great option to have on your team.

It has a diverse arsenal of moves which you can utilize in a variety of movements. This gives Decidueye flexibility, and it has a handy ability that modifies its moves so that they don’t make contact.

#9: Lunala

Lunala is a psychic and ghost-type Pokémon from generation 7. It is the box legendary of Pokémon Ultra Moon, and so power comes by default.

9 Lunala

It has a total base stat figure of 680, with its highest attributes being its HP and special attack. Its physical attack isn’t far behind either, and to complement offense, it has a fair speed too, but it lacks in defense and can’t take much of physical attacks.

#8: Giratina

If there was ever a Pokémon designed to be truly feared, it is none other than Giratina. Giratina is the literal devil of the Pokémon world, which resides in its own dimensional space.

8 Giratina

It has a base stat total of 680 and comes in an Origin form and an Altered form. Both have HP as their best attribute, but the Origin form is offense-focused, while the Altered form prioritizes defense more.

#7: Gengar

Gengar is the original ghost-type Pokémon the final evolved form of Ghastly. The Pokémon of its evolutionary line were the only ghost types in generation one, and though they couldn’t find much use there

7 Gengar

It reached its limelight in the later generation, and now it is the ultimate face and mascot of all ghost types Pokémon and one to be feared as well.

#6: Cofagrigus

It is natural for a Pokémon hiding in a coffin to have high defense stats, and in that regard, Cofagrigus is nothing short of a wall. You can stonewall any opponent if you have Cofagrigus on your team.

6 Cofagrigus

It has a massive defense stat, and its special defense is nothing short of impenetrable, either. It causes severe problems for the opponents with moves like nasty plot and trick room. It is also a pure ghost type meaning it has only two weaknesses.

#5: Sableye

Sableye is the only non-legendary single-stage Pokémon on this list. Pokémon with no Pre or final evolutions usually aren’t good options for competitive gameplay, but Sableye stands out with its defensive capabilities.

5 Sableye

It is a ghost and dark type Pokémon with a single weakness to fairy types. Its ability Magic Bounce rebounds status moves, and it even has a mega evolution.

Mega Sableye is banned from many tiers competitively, and that should give you an idea regarding its strength.

#4: Mimikyu

Mimikyu is a Pokémon who crafted itself a Pikachu costume to look as lovely and be as likable as possible, but there’s a lot going on underneath it. Mimikyu is a shockingly useful Pokémon.

4 Mimikyu

Its ability; disguise allows it to take one free hit, and its unique combination of ghost and fairy makes it stand out even more among other options. Its arsenal is diverse, with many powerful moves plus added STAB bonus.

#3: Mega Gengar

Gengar was already a tough Pokémon to deal with, but with a mega evolution, it is an absolute menace for any opponent.

3 Mega Gengar

It has a nightmarishly high special attack of 170 in its mega-evolved form, which becomes even more lethal when paired with its high speed of 130.

Plus, it can trap enemy Pokémon and prevent the opponent from switching because of its ability to shadow tag. So if you are ever against a Mega Gengar, beware.

#2: Galarian Corsola

The Galarian Corsola is probably the best example of why not to judge a book by its cover. This little thing might look depressed and under the weather but don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating it.

2 Galarian Corsola

Physical Pokémon can be completely blocked by this Pokémon because its ability, “Strength Sap,” can heal the user with an amount equal to the opponent’s attack stat. And once its defenses get boosted, too, there’s nothing taking it down.

#1: Dragapult

Finally, at the top of our list is the pseudo legendary of Galar; Dragapult. Dragapult is a ghost and dragon type Pokémon with a base stat total of 600.

1 Dragapult

The highlight of its attributes is its speed of 142 which is one of the highest values around. In combination, it also has a great offense, which can make it a great sweeper if utilized correctly.

It can access a wide variety of moves even beyond the range of its typing, that’s dragon and ghost. It is truly a Pokémon to watch out for.

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Final Verdict:

Ghost type Pokémon is a rarer Pokémon variety when compared with other sinister types like Dark and psychic types, but it is a type which should be under your radar because ghost Pokémon have a lot of potential in them.

They can be literal match-winners if you know how to use them. Ghost is a very diverse Pokémon type, and in it, you’ll find offensive powerhouses like Gengar, team sweepers like Dragapult, and impenetrable walls like Corsola. The options are there, and it is but a matter of your choice.

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