22 Best Grass Type Pokemon (Updated Gen I to IX)

Best Grass Type Pokemon Ranked

Out of all the different types of Pokémon, there are three primary Pokémon which are perhaps the most common. These are fire, water, and, last but not least, grass.

The first Pokémon that you’re ever going to get will definitely be one of these three types. Grass types are so common that you cannot walk through tall grass for ten to fifteen seconds before you encounter one. The tall grass, jungles, and even the plains are teeming with them.

Grass type pokemon are the Pokémon that you’d expect to bring a bit of cohesion to your team, and it is true because many grass types tie the different Pokémons of your team together and can help in making your sense of battle more coordinated and team-focused instead of relying on individual Pokémon.

22 Best Grass Type Pokemon In 2024

There’s a wide variety of grass-type Pokémon, and you can find that the grass typing is present at levels starting from starter Pokémon and all the way to legendaries.

With such an extensive number of options, it is important to know which ones to choose. So without any delay, here is the list:

#22: Sunkern

Starting with the weakest Pokémon on the list, we have sunkern, also called the sunflower seed Pokémon. Sunkern is a Pokémon who was revealed in generation two and can evolve into Sunflora if a Sunstone is used on it.


It is a Pokémon with below-par stats and a combined stat figure of 180. Each one of its attributes has a value of 30, so its stats are useless but evenly distributed. It has five weaknesses.

#21: Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn is a grass and steel type Pokémon which is probably the most hated Pokémon among players who dislike defensive gameplay.


This is because Ferrothorn has a high value of defense and special defense and can literally become the wall that stands between the enemy and the rest of your Pokémon.

It has great access to a plethora of status moves like an iron defense which can raise its defense even more.

#20: Chikorita Line

Megumin is the final evolution in the Chikorita line and is not a popular grass type among players.

Many players avoid choosing Chikorita as a starter because it puts them at a great disadvantage when facing the early gyms, and that’s exactly the opposite of what one wants.

All Chikorita Evolutions

But it’s still a great Pokémon when fully evolved, even if its values aren’t spread around attributes that well. It is a slow Pokémon with unimpressive speed and similar attack but good defense.

#19: Vileplume

On its own, Vileplume is a great Pokémon that has good stats and can be used to plague the enemy team with harmful special effect moves, but Vileplume received the short end of the stick from the developers because it was introduced in the same generation as venusaur, a Pokémon superior to Vileplume in every aspect but defense.


Vileplume is still a versatile Pokémon, it can be used as a special attacker when you’re on the offense, but it can also become an excellent tank when you decide to go defensive.

#18: Ludicolo

Ludicolo is a water and grass type Pokémon which evolves from lombre after it has been exposed to a water stone. Ludicolo’s grass and water type combination is great as it has reduced its weaknesses to three than 5 when compared to pure grass types.


It has a combined decent base stat figure of 480, where its special defense shines at 100, and its special attack isn’t far behind at 90. Ludicolo is overall well-rounded and a satisfactory support Pokémon.

#17: Lurantis

Lurantis is a Pokémon which may have a base total that’s low in value when compared to most grass types, but that doesn’t mean it is useless.


It has above-average defense stats, which allow it to take hits, and its attack is also fair, which allows it to retaliate quite well as well.

Both of these attributes make up for its unimpressive speed. Its biggest asset is its contrary ability which raises its stats whenever it is hit by a stat-lowering move.

16: Appletun

Appletun is a grass and dragon type Pokémon which evolves from Applin after the use of a sweet apple. It was introduced in generation 8 and had a body reminiscent of an apple pie.


Stat-wise, it is one of the weaker dragon-type Pokémon with a total base stat figure of 485. HP is the best of its attributes at 110 and is closely followed by a good special attack of 100. But Appletun is slow and has a lot of weaknesses.

#15: Rotom Mow

Rotom is an electric and ghost-type Pokémon which has 5 alternative forms introduced in the Sinnoh games. One of those alternate forms is Rotom Mow.

Rotom Mow

Rotom Mow is an electric and grass-type Pokémon with the ability to levitate and an impressive total base stat figure of 520.

Its weak point is its low HP, while the defense, special attack, and special defense are its strong suits. It also has access to an interesting set of moves.

#14: Arboliva

Arboliva is one of the few generation 9 Pokémons on this list. It is a dual grass and normal type Pokémon and the final evolved form of Smoliv.


Stat-wise, it is an offensive Pokémon with a combined stat figure of 510 and 125 of which contribute to its special attack.

It also has good defense and special defense, but its speed is what holds it back. It is a very slow Pokémon with a speed of only 39.

#13: Abomasnow

Abomasnow is the frost tree Pokémon which made its debut in the Sinnoh games. It is an exceptionally well-rounded Pokémon. It has a combined base figure total of about 494, and it is very evenly divided across all its attributes.


It has an HP of 90, an attack and a special attack of 92, a defense of 75, and a special defense of 85. Despite all this, Abomasnow is still not popular among players because it has 7 weaknesses.

#12: Tsareena

Tsareena is a pure grass type debuting in generation 7 in the Alola region and evolves from steenee after it has learned the move stomp.


Tsareena has a good base total of 510 points and is classified as a physically offensive Pokémon due to its high attack of 120.

It also has a decent defense and special defense of 92 and HP and speed of 72. The only major drawback of Tsareena is the grass type curse of five weaknesses.

#11: Brute Bonnet

The brute bonnet is a new grass and dark type Pokémon introduced in Generation 9, which bears a striking resemblance to Amoonguss.

Brute Bonnet

As for its stats, it has an impressive combined figure of 570, a lot of which supplements its physical attack attribute, which has a value of 123 it also has great HP at 111, and both its defenses have a value of 99. But it lacks in speed and is plagued by weaknesses.

10: Exeggutor

Exeggutor the Coconut Pokémon is one of the 150 Pokémon who debuted in the original generation 1 game. It is a grass and psychic type but also has a grass and dragon type Alolan form.


As far as stats go, the combined base total for Exeggutor amounts to 530, with its special attack of 125 being the best of all its attributes. The rest of its stats are well-balanced except for its speed which is slow.

#9: Leafeon

No Pokémon list is ever complete without at least one eeveelution, and sooner or later, one will appear like Leafeon here. Leafeon is a pure grass type which evolves from Eevee after it has been exposed to the leaf stone.


It has a combined base stat value of 525, and its highest attribute is its defense at a value of 130, closely followed by its attack at 110.

It is also a quick Pokémon with a speed of 95, but the rest of its stats are below par, and it suffers from the traditional 5 grass type weaknesses.

#8: Grookey line

Grookey is the grass-type starter in Pokémon Sword and Shield and is known as the chimp Pokémon. It eventually evolves into Rillaboom, which is a Pokémon that can both hit hard and is bulky enough to take a few hits itself.

All Grookey Evolutions

Its stats total up to 530, in which physical attack has the highest value of 125, followed closely by HP and defense.

Its high physical attack combined with moves like hammer arm or ground-type moves like earthquake can inflict terrible damage.

#7: Calyrex

Calyrex, or the king Pokémon is a grass and psychic type Pokémon introduced for the first time in the Alola region. It has two alternate forms, but they are not grass types.


In its base form, Calyrex has a combined stat figure of exactly 500. It is an exceptionally well-rounded Pokémon with an HP of 100 while it’s every other attribute is at 80 points. It is 4 times weak to bug types, and that’s in addition to 6 other weaknesses.

#6: Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo is a grass and ghost type Pokémon which is said to carry spirits to the place they belong so that they can move on. Pumpkaboo is not a fully evolved Pokémon, and it can evolve into Gourgeist after it has been traded.


Gourgeist is a Pokémon which can be a tank against physical teams and is also able to retaliate with a good physical attack itself out of its total 494 base points, 122 belonging to defense and 90 to physical attack. It also suffers from the many grass type weaknesses.

#5: Eldegoss

Eldegoss, the cotton bloom Pokémon is another generation 8 Pokémon on this list. It is a purely grass-type Pokémon and evolves from gossifleur at level 20.


It has a combined base stat figure of 460 which at first may not seem impressive, but its distribution across attributes makes Eldegoss a sort of a bastion.

Eldegoss has high defense and special defense values of 90 and 120, and with access to moves like a cotton guard and aromatherapy, it is bound to be a headache for the enemy.

#4: Sceptile

Sceptile, with its great design, incredible move set, and unique stat distribution, is probably the mascot of all grass-type Pokémons. It is by far the most famous grass-type starter, and for good reason.


Sceptile had a base stat figure of 530, the highlight of which is its incredible speed of 120. It is a Pokémon that can also hit hard.

With their high special attack moves like leaf storm and solar beam, they are essentially one-hit KOs for any enemy Pokémon.

It also does well in the physical attack department with moves like dragon claw, earthquake, and iron tail.

#3: Kartana

Kartana is one of the several extradimensional Pokémon introduced in the Alola region, which came to be known as ultra beasts. If that doesn’t make Kartana look cool, then its stats definitely will.


Kartana has an absurdly high attack of 181. It is such an insanely high stat that no non-mega Pokémon has an attack this high.

It can take literally one shot any Pokémon, but it can’t take a hit itself because all of its stats go into bolstering into its attack, and its HP and defense are left below par. Kartana is the literal definition of a glass Canon.

#2: Shaymin (Land Forme)

Though it may not look like the best Pokémon to take into battle, but Shaymin is one of the most versatile Pokémon Even though it may not be as famous as the other Sinnoh legendaries like Palkia or Dialgia, but it has a combined stat figure of 600 and its stats are evenly distributed across all its 6 attributes.


It has 100 in all 6, so that makes Shaymin the jack of all trades and Pokémon, which can do everything but doesn’t really excel in a particular trait.

#1: Celebi

Celebi and Shaymin are alike in their stats. Celebi is also a jack of all trades which has a value of 100 across all attributes but no particular performance in a single category.


With an HP of 100, it is quite bulky, and an attack and special attack of 100 will complement its offense, and at the same time, it can be a decent wall or obstacle for the enemy team to remove due to its defenses of 100 & 100.

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Final Verdict:

There are plenty of reasons for you to have a grass type. They are strong against ground and water Pokémon, which are probably the most common types you’d come across in-game.

Plus, most grass types can learn healing moves like drain and giga drain, which gives you an upper hand in battle.

If that wasn’t enough, then there are a lot of poison-type moves in the arsenal of almost every grass type, which can also come in handy.

There are plenty of grass types to choose from, so I hope this list helped in your selection process.

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