20 Best Ground Type Pokemon Ranked (Best To Worst)

Best Ground Type Pokémon

There are many different types of Pokémon ranging from fire and water to grass and steel.

If you ask people which one among them is their favourite type, Ground may not be as popular an answer as Dragon or Fire maybe but that doesn’t mean it is an insignificant type.

Some of the best and most strongest Pokémon in the franchise are ground types and they find a lot of use in the competitive arena across all tiers. Ground type is also known for offering some of the most balanced and well rounded Pokémon.

It is a very diverse category filled with many versatile Pokémon ranging from fast & offensive powerhouses like Garchomp to the toughest physical walls in Steelix.

20 Best Ground Type Pokémon

Ground type Pokémon aren’t that rare or hard to acquire, and most of them you can get in the early stages of a game, but you need to decide which ground type to make a permanent member of your team between all the different options available & for that here’s our list.

#20: Alolan Dugtrio

Dugtrio was already a well known and beloved Pokémon when it was given a new form with shining blond hair in sun and moon. But where the original Dugtrio was simply a ground type, Alolan Dugtrio is a ground and steel type.

20 Alolan Dugtrio

This typing combination makes Dugtrio resistant to eight types. Alolan Dugtrio has an average base stat total, but it boasts good attack and speed and can do some damage.

#19: Sandslash

Sandslash is a ground monotype Pokémon from generation 1 which means it is immune to electric attacks and has only three weaknesses.

19 Sandslash

Sandslash doesn’t boast that high a base stat figure, but it does have a decent physical attack, which allows it to do damage.

It has below-average speed, which means it most likely isn’t going to attack first but to compensate for that, it has great defense at a value of about 110. It’s also its best attribute.

#18: Quagsire

Quagsire is a ground and water type Pokémon introduced for the first time in the second generation. It has a very interesting typing combination that neutralizes the electric threat and leaves only grass-type Pokémon as a threat.

18 Quagsire

It doesn’t have an excellent base stat total because the value is only about 430. The best of its attributes is its HP, so it can be the tank of your team, and in that, its ability ‘water absorb’ is useful because it allows Quagsire to heal.

#17: Golem

Golem is a dual rock and ground type Pokemon that has been in the franchise since generation 1. You can obtain it after trading graveler.

17 Golem

Golem has an average stat total, with its best attribute being its physical defense which is good because Golem is not a fast Pokémon.

Golem is also a Pokémon with the ability to hit hard physically, and its ability prevents it from taking recoil damage. Its biggest flaw is its typing which makes it weak to a lot of other Pokémon.

#16: Stunfisk

Stunfisk is a single-stage ground and electric type Pokémon which was introduced in the Unova games. Its typing makes it weak to Ice, grass, water, and ground, and it has a base stat total of 471.

16 Stunfisk

Stunfisk is not meant to be utilized as an attacking powerhouse, neither can it stonewall opponents. Stunfisk is a Pokémon best used as a utility Pokémon for the support of the team, so keep that in mind and decide its moveset accordingly.

#15: Seismitoad

Being conveniently ground and water type, it is not surprising that Seismitoad is one of the few ground-type Pokémon who find a lot of use in the competitive arena.

15 Seismitoad

It has only one weakness, and that’s grass. Otherwise, it is a very well rounded and balanced Pokémon with decent values for both attack and defense.

It is a formidable opponent in the rain because its ability swift swim doubles its speed from 74 to 148 when it’s raining.

#14: Gastrodon

14 Gastrodon

Gastrodon is a decent ground-type Pokemon as well, which was introduced in generation 4. It is one of the most reliable defensive Pokemons ever introduced because of its amazing abilities and reliable recovery.

Sticky Hold and Storm Drain are the abilities for the Gastrodon, while the Sand Force is the hidden ability. In Generation 4, Gastrodon has a base experience yield of 176, and in Generations 4-7, Gastrodon has a base Friendship value of 70. Last but not least, Gastrodon is weak against the Grass types of Pokemon.

#13: Mamoswine

Mamoswine is an Ice and ground type hybrid, but it has always been considered more of a ground type because of its greater inclination towards it.

13 Mamoswine

It even has more ground type moves in its arsenal than ice ones. Mamoswine is a battle tank with a mammoth HP of 110 and an even greater physical attack of 130.

This, along with the STAB damage, can make earthquakes lethal for the opponent. Mamoswine also has a decent speed of 80 for someone of such an enormous size.

#12: Excadrill

Excadrill is a ground and steel type Pokémon coming out of Unova. When generation 5 was released, the stats of Excadrill were seen as odd because it had higher special defense instead of physical defense, which was unlike most steel types.

12 Excadrill

However, like many other steel types, Excadrill also thrives off its bulk and has a base HP stat of 110. Excadrill can be used as a physical attacker because of its high physical attack. Set up stealth rock and spam Iron Head again and again.

#11: Golurk

Like Excadrill, Golurk was also introduced in generation five, and it is a ghost and ground-type Pokémon.

This typing makes it vulnerable to other ghosts, water, ice, dark, and grass-type moves but also makes it immune to electric and normal-type attacks.

11 Golurk

However, it has a way of countering its multiple weaknesses in its high attack stat and an arsenal of powerful moves like an earthquake, phantom force, and hammer arm. Its ability Iron Fist also increases the damage dealt by punching moves.

#10: Steelix

Steelix is undoubtedly the best physical wall in the game to stonewall your opponents. It has a ridiculously high defense of 200 base points which is nothing short of impenetrable, and if that wasn’t enough, this value is increased to 230 when Steelix mega evolves.

10 Steelix

The only Pokémon with a higher defense stat is Eternatus in its gigantamax form, but it isn’t catchable. Get a Steelix with a moveset like stealth rock, earthquake, toxic and gyroball, etc., to really trouble your enemies.

#9: Flygon

Flygon could’ve been a perfect dragon and bug type Pokémon, but it ended up being dragon paired with the ground, which isn’t that bad either and saves it from the ton of weakness that would’ve come with the former.

9 Flygon

Flygon is a very versatile Pokémon because of its very even stat distribution. Its best stats are its physical attack and speed at 100, while all other stats have a value of 80, and it also comes with an incredible moveset.

8: Hippowdon

Whenever we talk about ground type tanks and physical walls, a prominent name that keeps on surfacing is that of Hippowdon.

8 Hippowdon

It is a bulky and tough Pokémon with an HP stat of 108 and a physical defense of 118. It may have a bad speed stat value, but it doesn’t lack in offense and can retaliate very well with a physical attack value of 112.

Moves like earthquake and such coming from Hippowdon can be lethal because of its high attack stat plus added STAB damage.

#7: Krookodile

Krookodile was one of the best attackers from Unova, who was not a dragon but a ground and dark type.

7 Krookodile

With its high attack stat, an arsenal teeming with very damaging moves, and its ability to lower the opponent’s attack stat by a stage because of ‘Intimidate,’ everyone going up against it is likely to have a tough time.

It is both fast and bulky, and if you let it hold an item like a choice scarf, it can be the sweeper Pokémon which your team needs so badly.

#6: Ursaluna

Ursaluna is a normal and ground type Pokémon which evolves from ursaring when a pest block is used on it under the full moon.

6 Ursaluna

Ursaluna is a formidable opponent in close quarters as it has a physical attack of 140 which can likely KO opponents with moves like earthquake which get STAB as well.

It is also bulky with an HP of 130, and it’s defense isn’t bad either. All this comes at the cost of other stats, however, and leaves Ursaluna with a poor speed and special attack stat.

#5: Swampert

Being a ground and water type Pokémon Swampert is already a good choice for your team because it limits the number of its weaknesses to only Grass type attacks, and even against grass, it can learn coverage like Ice beam and ice punch.

5 Swampert

All that and it is the final evolution of a start which means you can get this very overpowered Pokémon early game and become dominant. It is an all-star competitor and a fine addition to any team.

#4: Landorus

Landorus is one of the few Pokémon who can strike fear in the heart of competitive players anywhere it makes an appearance.

4 Landorus

It has been one of the best choices in offensive gameplay ever since its introduction in black and white.

It has unique and excellent typing, a very diverse moveset, and the ability to alternate between two forms which are both more than good. It is a Pokémon that must be on your team if you aim to be a winner.

#3: Zygarde (Complete form)

Zygarde is one of the most complicated Pokémon in the franchise with a very confusing mode of acquisition, but if you somehow manage to acquire it without going insane or frustrated, you’ll realize that it was definitely worth it.

3 Zygarde Complete Form

It has a titanic HP stat of 216, and it’s legendary Pokémon, so it can’t help but be outstanding in other stats as well. You just need to watch out for its ice weakness.

#2: Nidoking

Nidoking is a Pokémon that has been a part of the Pokémon franchise ever since generation 1. It is a poison and ground type Pokémon, and due to its poison point ability, it can poison opponents if they make physical contact.

2 Nidoking

It has a base stat total of 505, and the highlight of its abilities is its attack of 102. The rest of its base points are distributed pretty evenly across its many attributes, so overall, it is a very balanced Pokémon.

#1: Garchomp

We have Garchomp as our number one ground-type Pokémon across all generations, and I think people you have gone up against Cynthia and her Garchomp can understand why.

1 Garchomp

Garchomp is a reservoir of offensive potential. It can dish out unbelievable amounts of damage at an astonishingly high speed.

It may be quadruply weak to Ice type attacks, but with the diverse moveset, it has, there’s a plethora of coverages it can learn to neutralize ice types.

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Final Verdict:

In the Pokémon world, you might have seen many trainers, mostly gym leaders and members of the elite four team, who use Pokémon of a single type.

They are monotype trainers, and if you are looking to become a monotype trainer and build a team of Pokémon with rock hard defense and killer offense, then ground is an excellent choice.

It is a very diverse type with a lot of options for offense, defense, and utility, and it will surely contribute excellently to your victories.

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