20 Best Ice Type Pokemon Ranked (2024 Updated)

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With your Ice type, Pokémon bring a frosty presence to the arena. Freeze over the heat of the battle with your frigid moves and be cold in every step.

Ice-type Pokémon are officially the rarest variety of Pokémon, with there being only 60 ice-type entries in the Pokedex.

Generally, ice types are known for being tanky and for stonewalling opponents, but their type weaknesses become a thorn for them.

Ice Pokémon are only resistant to Ice but are weak to four other types, including Fire, steel, rock, and fighting.

Ice type also has immunity to environmental effects like hailstorms; in which they do not take damage, and some status moves, e.g., They can’t be frozen.

20 Best Ice Type Pokémon In 2024

Ice type Pokémon may be the rarest of all Pokémon types, but that does not make any of them worth having.

It is worse to spend time and energy to catch a rare Pokémon that turns out useless. So to spare you the task of analyzing every ice to choose the best, we’ve made a list.

#20: Frosslass

If you’re looking for a unique ice type for your team, there’s probably no better option than Frosslass. Frosslass is a ghost and ice type, a combination that comprises of two of the rarest types in the Pokémon franchise.

20 Froslass

Frosslass excels in its speed of 110, which most likely means it’ll be attacking first. Teach it special attack moves because they are favored plus, with added STAB boost to moves like a blizzard and shadow ball, it can be troublesome for others.

#19: Frost Rotom

Frost Rotom is one of the five alternative forms of Rotom. It is an electric and ice type Pokémon with the ability to levitate, making it immune to all ground type moves.

19 Frost Rotom

Frost Rotom can be the wall of your team because its best attributes are its defense and special defense, with a value of 107. Frost Rotom is a wall but a wall with thorns. It can also retaliate very well with an attack of 105.

#18: Aurorus

You may be surprised to find Aurorus on this list of best Ice Pokémon because it is a tough Pokémon to train. It has bad defenses, worse speed, and a crazy amount of weakness, including two quadruple weaknesses to fighting and steel-type moves.

18 Aurorus

Despite all this, Aurorus can be useful. It has bad defenses, but to compensate for it, there’s a great HP stat. It also has a respectable special attack value of 99 and can add STAB to the blizzard, and ice beam, etc.

#17: Avalugg

If you are looking for a Pokémon who can both dish out and take in – but still stand, crazy amounts of damage, then you need to look no further than Avalugg. Avalugg has a base stat total of 514, and it is the final evolution of Bergmite.

17 Avalugg

Most of Avalugg’s stats are distributed across the attack, defense, and health; it is the perfect combination of tanky, strong, and bulk. Its titanic defense of 184 can block any physical attack.

#16: Walrein

Walrein became one of the most famous Ice types of its generation and has only ever increased in popularity ever since. It is a good Pokémon with a decent base stat figure, with its only subpar ability being its speed.

16 Walrein

This massive walrus is likely to get hit first in a battle, but to compensate, it has a high health attribute. It can then retaliate with its high special attack and use moves like Ice beam with added STAB.

#15: Glaceon

Any list of Pokémon is incomplete without the single mention of an eevelution. So to avoid incompletion, here’s Glaceon.

15 Glaceon

Glaceon is the Ice type evolution of Eevee with a decent base stat value, but its distribution is so that Glaceon has below par attack, HP, and speed.

This reduces the competitive use of Glaceon but doesn’t make it a bad Pokémon. Glaceon has a high special attack of 130, and so long as it is made use of, Glaceon will do fine.

#14: Mamoswine

Mamoswine is a ground and ice type Pokemon introduced in generation 4. It is a Pokémon that leans more toward its ground typing but is an ice type nonetheless.

14 Mamoswine

It is one of the best ice types in Sinnoh and can fulfill the role of a bulky physical attacker on your team. Its best stat is its physical attack at 130, and it is closely followed by its HP attribute.

It’s best to take advantage of its high attack with moves like blizzard and earthquake, which also get STAB.

#13: Alolan Sandslash

It is rare when a regional variant of a Pokémon is preferred over its original form, but that is exactly the case with Alolan Sandslash.

13 Alolan Sandslash

It changed from a ground type to an ice and steel type with an improved stat distribution, better design, and changes to type effectiveness.

The defense and special defense of Alolan Sandslash saw improvement but at the cost of its already low special attack. It can fulfill a good defensive role with immunity to poison and resistance to fairies.

#12: Weavile

Weavile is the perfect example of a glass cannon Pokémon. Weavile has a high physical attack stat and even and higher speed which makes it deadly in attack, but Weavile excels in attack and speed at the cost of HP and defenses.

12 Weavile

Plus, being an ice and dark type Pokémon Weavile has a plethora of weaknesses which has reduced its use, but it is still a deadly quick attacker.

#11: Galarian Darmanitan

Darmanitan was introduced as a fire type in generation five, but its Galar variant is a contrasting Ice type. Like the original, the Galar variant also has a standard form and a zen form.

11 Darmanitan

As it becomes an Ice-type in Galar, it trades two weaknesses of fire for three of Ice. In its zen mode, however, it becomes an ice and fire type and even acquires a quadruple weakness against rock types. Its greatest drawback is its poor learnset.

#10: Glalie

Glalie is a solid ice type Pokémon for any team because of its compatibility with other types. Glalie is highly adaptive because of its balanced nature.

10 Glalie

Glalie has a value of 80 for all stats from HP to speed, and while this doesn’t make it strong in a particular aspect, it does give Glalie versatility and the ability to become a jack of all trades.

Glalie has a more than desired amount of weaknesses, but it is still highly chosen because of its balanced nature and versatility.

#9: Cloyster

Cloyster is one of the coolest, most sinister-looking Ice types on this list, and if you expected Cloyster to have a high defense stat just because it is a Pokémon with a barbed she’ll, then you were absolutely right.

9 Cloyster

It has a base total of above 500, and the highlight of all its attributes is its monstrous defense of 180. In addition to this, it also has the ability called shell armor, which makes it impossible for Cloyster to receive a critical hit.

#8: Lapras

Lapras is one of the few single stage evolution Pokémon to be someone’s top choice in a battle. It is also the mascot of all ice types because of its unique design and popularity.

8 Lapras

It’s high health and special defense try to compensate for its lack of speed. Lapras has equal attack and special attack attributes and a diverse arsenal of moves. Lapras is traditionally utilized with a special attack moveset but isn’t limited to it.

#7: Abomasnow

Abomasnow is the final evolved form of snover and was introduced for the first time in the Sinnoh games. Abomasnow has a fair base stat total of 494, with its best attributes being its attack and special attack, both with equal values of 92.

7 Abomasnow

Abomasnow also has a mega evolution (In Pokemon X/Y) which drastically improves upon its stats and makes it capable of dishing out high damage.

#6: Articuno

Power and good stats come to Articuno by default because of its legendary status. Articuno is the most graceful looking of the legendary bird trio.

6 Articuno

It is a flying and ice type which was one of the strongest Pokémon ever at the time of its introduction and still remains a great option.

Its best stat is its special defense, but offensively it can deal great damage because of its high special attack.

#5: Alolan Ninetales

Like Sandslash, Ninetales also received a new variant in Alola as it made the shift from fire type to a dual Ice and fairy type combination.

5 Alolan Ninetales

It gained an immunity to dragon types because of its fairy typing, and its stat changes include an increase in speed, which became its best stat, at the cost of attack.

The Alolan Ninetales is faster when compared to its standard version, but where the standard was strong against steel types, Alolan Ninetales has a quadruple weakness.

#4: Ice Rider Calyrex

Calyrex is a fairly new addition to the game, being only recently introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is a Pokémon that might not stand out that much on its own, but it can combine with Glastrier and Spectrier to make an effective combo.

4 Ice Rider Calyrex

Combining it with Glastrier gives The Ice Rider Calyrex, which is one of the strongest Ice types ever. It is a psychic and ice type Pokémon with a massive attack stat of 165.

Its high defense stats make up for its lack of speed, and its signature move, Glacial lance, can do some real damage.

#3: Regice

The legendary Titans are one of the most coveted Pokémon ever; they find extensive competitive use in every tier and prove to be a great addition to any team. Regice, ever since its introduction, has remained one of the strongest Ice types ever.

3 Regice

Its consistency on that type says a lot of things about its abilities. Regice is literally an impenetrable wall with a base defense of 100 and a Titanic 200 special defense. Its slow speed isn’t a problem because this titan can literally tank anything and hit back with force.

#2: Iron Bundle

The advent of Paradox Pokémon with the introduction of Scarlet and Violet was a revolutionary event in the franchise. One of the paradox Pokémon is Iron Bundle, which is reminiscent of a delibird with a robotic touch.

2 Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle has a base stat total of 570. Its highest stat is its speed, and using quark drive, it can be further boosted by a 50% increase. Its only weak point is its many weaknesses.

#1: Kyurem

Kyurem takes the top spot because it is one of the most versatile Pokémon in the game. It has a unique dragon and ice type combination, and it can be fused with Reshiram or Zekrom to become Kyurem White and Kyurem Black.

1 Kyurem

These combinations give Kyurem even further flexibility. Although the number of Kyurem is weak is concerning, it can make short work of its enemies in battle before they get the chance to retaliate.

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Final Verdict:

Ice type Pokémon are some of the coolest Pokémon, literally and figuratively. They have great designs and abilities. Ice has suffered a reduction in its use, but there was a time when ice types were the bane of dragon types.

Ice type Pokémon are versatile, flexible and can make a good addition to any team. So I hope you read it thoroughly and have decided which ice type is most suitable for your team.

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