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Despite not being a fan of guns in real life, I have grown to adore them in Call of Duty games. Each gun packs a strong punch that can be felt even as I fire one in the game using my mouse toward an enemy that drops down with every shot I send them.

The latest adoration of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, introduced the Gunsmith 2.0 mechanic, making gunplay even more fun.

I opened up a private match against bots and tried different loadouts against them. I improved the weapons by changing their barrels and muzzles. This became so addicting for me that I started doing it with most of the guns in Modern Warfare 2.

My latest project was creating the perfect Loadout for the M13B. This assault rifle packs a strong punch, and I have had my share of fun with this weapon.

So to bring my findings to you, here is my piece on the best M13B loadout in Modern Warfare 2. So without further ado, let us get right into it.

Best M13B Loadout Modern Warfare 2

The M13B is hands down one of the best assault rifles the latest Call of Duty game offers. It packs a strong punch in every way. It has strong damage, a reasonable rate of fire, and a long range.

Best M13B Attachments in Modern Warfare 2

This weapon also does not suffer from recoil and is very stable to handle. However, it is still not perfect. For this reason, here are my recommendations to get the most out of this gun.

Barrel14″ Bruen Echelon
OpticCronen Mini Red Dot
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56
Rear GripD37 Grip

I will begin this discussion by first changing the barrel of the gun. The 14″ Bruen Echelon is my contender for the M13B. This barrel is going to give you better bullet velocity and damage range. This will also eliminate some pesky recoil and make the gun more stable to handle.

For the Muzzle attachment, I have chosen the Echoless-80, which will increase the weapon’s damage range. It will also help with long-range combat as it will increase the bullet velocity of the gun.

The recoil also gets somewhat smoothed out, and less sound comes out of the gun with this muzzle. The downsides here are that you will lose some aiming stability and aim down-sight speed.

For the Optic, I have chosen the Cronen Mini Red Dot, which will help you put down some enemies you cannot see at long ranges.

For the underbarrel, I have gone with the FTAC Ripper 56, which will buff the Hip Fire Accuracy, Recoil Stabilization, and Aiming Idling stability while you lose some walking speed.

Finally, for the rear grip, I have chosen the D37 grip, which is going to iron out some of that aim down sight speed and aiming stability that we have lost to the muzzle attachment. This Loadout is going to make the M13B a beast that is going to help you in all types of ranges of combat.

Best M13B Loadout: Perks And Equipment

Now that I have discussed the best Loadout for the M13B let us move on to the Perk and Equipment for this gun. Getting the right set of perks and equipment can go a long way in dominating your enemies in multiplayer. So let us get right into it.

Best M13B Loadout In Modern Warfare 2
Secondary WeaponX13 Auto
Base Perk 1Battle-Hardened
Base Perk 2Extra Tactical
Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate PerkSurvivor
TacticalFlash Grenade
LethalDrill Charge
Field UpgradeMunition Box

The X13 Auto is the secondary weapon I have chosen for the M13B assault rifle. This semi-automatic pistol takes no prisoner with its damage at close-quarter combat.

This weapon will help you when you are stuck with no ammo in your primary weapon. You can unlock the X13 Auto by upgrading the X12 semi-automatic pistol to weapon level 10.

For the base perk 1, I recommend going with the battle-hardened; it will reduce Flash and Stun grenade effects because these tactical get spammed in MW2, and you will find yourself getting flashed almost everytime.

For the base perk 2, I have chosen Extra tactical, allowing you to spawn with extra tactical equipment in your arsenal.

The Bonus Perk I have chosen here is Fast Hands, which will help you a lot by giving you a faster time to reload your weapon.

This will be very useful in close-quarter combat as every second will count in those situations. Apart from reloading, you can switch your weapon faster with this bonus perk.

For the Ultimate Perk. I have gone with Survivor, which will help you a lot in sticky situations. This will allow you to not only revive yourself at least once but also give you the ability to revive your teammates.

Now for the Tactical equipment, I have chosen the Flash Grenade, which, when you throw it at your enemies, will blind them to their surroundings, allowing you to dispatch them with ease.

For the Lethal equipment, I have gone with the Drill Charge, it’s one of the best things in MW2 as it will help you get those room campers out of the buildings.

Finally, for the Field Upgrade, I have gone with the Munition Box, which will help you replenish your ammo and equipment by calling out and asking to deploy.

More loadouts:

How to Unlock M13B In Modern Warfare 2

Here is how you can unlock the M13B. Unlike other weapons which ask you to reach a certain level, this weapon unlocks after doing a specific challenge.

To unlock this weapon, you will need to enter the Demilitarized zone or the DMZ, where you will need to head to the “Radiation Zone” and find the Chemist who wears yellow clothes.

How To Unlock M13B In Modern Warfare 2

You must kill the Chemist and pick up his gun (M13B) and get yourself Exfilled out of the map with the gun. Once you have done that, you will get the M13B unlocked in Modern Warfare 2.

Final Verdict:

The M13B has become one of my favorite weapons in Modern Warfare 2. This weapon packs a strong punch in all ways, and even at stock, this is a beat. But to make this weapon even better, I have given you this Loadout.

If you want to try out my Loadout, you should open up a private match where you can check out this gun and try other attachments to make your loadouts.

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