Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 In CS:GO (2024 Updated)

  • The best smoke spots on Dust 2 are Xbox, CT Ramp, Long Doors, B Tunnels, and Mid Doors.
  • Smoking off Xbox gives you control over the A site and cuts off a key choke point.
  • CT Ramp smoke prevents enemies from rushing A site and allows your team to take Long control.
  • Smoking Long Doors lets you safely cross to A site and plant the bomb.
  • B Tunnels smoke cuts off a common rush route and lets you safely enter the site.
  • Mid Doors smoke allows you to cross to B site undetected and catch enemies by surprise.
Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

Yo, what’s up my fellow gamers! If you’re a hardcore CS:GO player like me, you know that Dust 2 is THE map.

It’s a classic for a reason – those narrow corridors, open areas, and strategic choke points make for some epic firefights. But let’s be real, sometimes you just wanna chill and take a smoke break, ya know?

Well, I gotchu covered. I’ve spent countless hours (probably too many, if I’m being honest) scouring every nook and cranny of Dust 2 to find the best smoke spots. These are the places where you can take a breather, maybe even catch your opponents off guard.

So grab your lighter and let’s dive in – here are the top 20 smoke spots on Dust 2 that every pro needs to know. Trust me, these spots are straight 🔥.

All Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 In CS:GO

Dust 2 is one of the most favorite maps of CS: GO players. This map has been present in CS games since 2001, and after major revamps, it made its way to CSGO in October 2017.

Since then, many players have mastered their abilities to their fullest and have come to know about every corner of the map.

This is precisely why you also need to know about certain spots on the map that can help you gain a tactical advantage over your opponents.

Learning to use smoke bombs at the right time and place is the first step towards gaining an upper hand enemy. Making your work easy, I have compiled a list of The best smoke spots in Dust 2:


#1- Long Corner Smoke:

Long Corner Smoke Spot Dust 2 CSGO

The long corner is a familiar spot for smoking and battling it out with the Counter-Terrorists (CTs). It’s relatively easy to smoke this corner and can help block the view of CTs covering the Long Door.

You can then easily pass through the long doors as the CTs rush to find a new position, and before they know it you can eliminate them from the back. They really won’t see you coming.

#2- Long Cross Smoke:

Long Cross Smoke Spot in Dust 2

If you try to smoke the cross in A Site, it can help you prevent both Catwalk and CT spawning; however, it will require 2 smoke grenades to cover the whole area, and without proper execution, you might find yourself in big trouble.

I would recommend you use some assistance from your teammates to save yourself from a mishap.

#3- Long Doors Smoke:

Long Doors Smoke

Smoking this spot provides the necessary cover for your teammates and will allow them to advance on enemies undetected. It will effectively prevent rushes from opponents through the doors.

Opening fire amidst the smoke might also get you an easy kill; however, this only works if the opponent is new and relatively inexperienced.

You can also use this technique to bail out from challenging situations when low on HP. It will get you enough time to get that medi shot if you are in a deathmatch or Co-op Strike.

#4- Catwalk Smoke:

Catwalk Smoke

Catwalk smoke puts your defensive abilities to the test and is widely regarded as one of the best defensive smoking strategies. It completely blocks off the catwalk unless the enemies push further out.

The most effective way to exploit this strategy is to use it on the catwalk and then look out for enemies on long because it’s highly unlikely that enemies will push through the smoke with the uncertainty of what might be next.

#5- Short Default Smoke:

Short Default Smoke

Next, we have the default smoke spot on A Short; it is a familiar spot among players who like to push A Short.

This smoking spot will block the vision of the opposite team forcing them to change their position for a better view while giving your teammates an opportunity to attack the enemies and win the round.

You can perform this by standing in the corner between the white box and the wall, then you have to look towards the right of the short stairs and finally aim and throw.

#6- Stairs:


Head towards Palace Alley and make the first move. Then, turn right, and you will find a wooden box, hide behind it and wait for the ideal opportunity to smoke. When it arrives, all you need to do is smoke your enemy and surround them.

You just need to make sure that you and your friends are always vigilant at this spot because you never know when an enemy pops out.

#7- Short One Way:

Short One Way

Smoking here gives the advantage of seeing through towards anyone near the A Cross or the A Car. To perform this smoke, you have to walk towards the cage door and stand in its center.

Next, look towards the left wall, and position your crosshair halfway between the window and the wooden post above. Finally, throw your smoke bomb in a stationary position.

#8- A Short From Short Boost:

A Short From Short Boost

This smoke spot helps you block the A Short crossing near the short stairs. It will also help you spot the terrorists, no matter wherever they come from.

Your opponents will look for alternate routes and will most likely avoid pushing in these circumstances, giving you the advantage you need.

This smoke is readily executable by hopping on the smallest box at short boost, looking towards the top of the building on the left of A Short, placing your crosshair a fraction of an inch below the top-right corner of the building, and finally throwing out your grenade at the right moment.

#9- Long Doors From A Car:

Long Doors From A Car

This smoke spot is similar to one of the smoke spots mentioned earlier, “Long Doors; however, the position you have to perform this move is different. This time, you will smoke the place by standing near the A Car.

All you have to do is go to the car and stand near its right-hand side windows. Next, you have to look towards the signboard on the brown and blue building.

Then, line up your crosshair with the top right corner of the signboard and finally throw out your grenades.


10- Doors Smoke:

Doors Smoke

When you smoke the doors in B Site, it gives you a huge advantage and helps you secure almost the whole area around you.

Enemies tend to back off when they see smoke on the doors as they don’t want to take any risks in this journey to the unknown. There still might be some thirst plays or pushes in the zone, but regardless, you will always be at an advantage.

#11- Window Smoke:

Window Smoke

This spot is an all-time AWP-ers favorite; through the windows, AWP-ers can quickly peak and reposition themselves, thus increasing your chances to get shot in the head and fall straight to death.

Smoking B Window blocks off all AWP-ers’ angles, and if you combine this strategy with the tactic of smoking the B Doors, it becomes straightforward for you and your teammates to secure the whole site.

#12- Platform Smoke:

Platform Smoke

This is another one of the AWP-ers’ favorite spots; it provides a clear view to the B tunnels, and players with pretty good aim can get a quick kill or two at this location.

Smoking this spot blocks off most of the AWP-er’s angles, and an AWP-er might push towards you in frustration; however, if you stay alert, you will be the one victorious in the shootout.

This strategy has one final benefit to it: making the players at the Back Plat useless.

#13- Tunnel Smoke:

Tunnel Smoke

Up next in B Site, we have the tunnel smoke spot. It’s arguably the best spot for holding off enemies and buying you and your teammates some valuable time.

It is comparatively more successful than any other smoke spot because even if the enemies push towards you, they will be puzzled as they won’t know how and where you are positioned.

#14- Entry Through The Upper Tunnels:

Entry Through The Upper Tunnels

Last but not least is entry through the upper tunnels; this is an easy to execute move. All you have to do is reach B Entry and plot your smoke bombs.

It’s excellent for 1v1 situations and is best when you and your squad members take on a single player.

It is enough to confuse your enemy by the smoke, and then even if you and your team members spray all out, the opponent will most likely be dead.

Middle Area:

#15- Xbox Smoke:

Xbox Smoke

These AWP-ers’ spots don’t end, do they? The Xbox Smoke Spot is a common spot to smoke since it blocks AWP-ers’ shots from the double doors and allows you to cross to catwalk or tunnels without being detected.

When you come here, just check your surroundings for aggressive pushes and enemy players camping. Lastly, always make sure that you and your friends stick together in a tough spot like this.

#16- Left Side Smoke Mid:

Left Side Smoke Mid

Smoking the left side of the mid allows you to rotate between mid and A through CT Spawn. It blocks a large area, and enemies will have trouble spotting you.

Continuous rotation will help in tricking your enemies, and you can raid over them with the whole squad all at once, leaving the opponents no chance to survive.

Although it gives you a massive advantage over your enemies, you should be aware of the potential positions of your enemy at all times as you rotate from one place to another.

#17- CT Smoke:

CT Smoke completely blocks off the CT Spawn and allows you to rotate from Mid To B easily. It is a familiar and favorite spot for many players as it helps them in their movements; however, it is to be noted that you might be vulnerable to attacks from B Doors and Windows.

So, always be on the lookout for peekers and AWP-ers; I would advise you to assign any of your teammates to frequently check B Doors and Windows from range to eliminate a potential threat.

#18- Mid Doors Hinge Smoke:

Mid Doors Hinge Smoke

This is a spot that can get you killed most of the time, but if you master your skills repeatedly, you might be able to gain a hold of this spot.

It can cover a push from Catwalk onto A Short if there are any CT’s. You can also use this to cover if you want to late rotate through T Spawn.

#19- CT Top Box From CatWalk:

CT Top Box From CatWalk

Now this smoke spot covers the box on the mid entrance of CT spawn; it can be very helpful if you want to move between the ramp without getting detected, You can also use one more smoke to block the CT Spawn Mid Entrance completely

#20- Deep Mid Doors From CT Mid:

Deep Mid Doors From CT Mid

Smoking this spot blocks off the mid-door shooting angle and can help you rush towards lower tunnels. Moreover, it provides you with a safer passage to B Site. To perform this, stand close to the corner of the Top Box on your right.

Next, aim your crosshair to the left of the archway structure, and for the end product, perform a running throw and release your bombs.

Practice The Best Dust 2 Smoke Spots:

Just like the saying goes, “Practice Makes Perfect,” you will need to grind for hours in practice servers before you see in-game results.

There are numerous smoke line-ups for each spot on this list, and you should at least memorize one for each place.

After all this hard work, you will finally start to see the magic happening as you crush all the players who come up against you.

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The Final Verdict:

These were the best smoke spots in Dust 2 selected especially for you. I hope I convinced you to keep an extra smoke grenade with you at all times to take the enemy by surprise.

Be sure to let me know about your progress and any other recommendations in the comments section below. Go and have fun playing CS: GO. Happy shooting!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you smoke CT dust 2 from mid?

You go into the wall. And find this grey spot in the middle, then aim at this stock spot above the wall. And simply left-click through the smoke lands between the boxes and smokes the CT.

How do you smoke short from long Dust 2?

Look up and aim right here and then just left-click a smoke. Just like that that will smoke off B. Side the correct way to throw smoke to a cd spawn is by positioning yourself in the middle

How do you smoke cat Dust 2 2024?

You should go into the corner and jump throw to smoke.

How do you smoke B door 2 dust?

I have discussed multiple B smoke spots in this article.

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