Is Battlefield 4 Cross Platform In 2024? (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Battlefield 4 Cross Platform

I suppose there is no need for an introduction to the Battlefield franchise. After all, it is one of the most iconic and successful video game franchises of all time.

So back in the days when Battlefield 4 was expected to release in 2013, People were excited about this game, and the hype was off the charts.

Coming off fresh from the success of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 was released 2 years after its predecessor, and to no surprise, This game was an instant hit among all platform users.

Since it was 2013, the year this game was released. Initial platforms that supported this game were PS3 and Xbox 360, but with the launch of upgraded new-gen consoles, Battlefield was ported to PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox Series X.

Featuring various cities as the backdrop of action, the Battlefield featured highly tactical multiplayer PVP gameplay.

Not that its single-player campaign wasn’t met with critical acclaim, it’s the multiplayer mode that is loved and played all over the world that made everyone fall in love with the Battlefield franchise.

It’s an absolute blast and fun PVP competitive mode that is best experienced with friends. But if your friends are on a different platform than yours, Is there any way you can join them and start matchmaking in the same lobby? This raises the question of whether or not Battlefield 4 has a Cross Platform mode?

Is Battlefield 4 Cross Platform In 2024?

Cross Platform allows anyone to pair up with or against players from other platforms in the same match lobby.

This is more of a multiplayer aspect, and it is something that most people do want in many competitive games, especially an AAA title like Battlefield 4. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case here. There is no support for Cross platform, which can be a bummer.

Cross platform mode is desired by many people due to the competitive nature of multiplayer gaming and even if you are not playing something that pits players vs players. You would still appreciate playing with friends in PVE Co-Op games too.

gameplay image of battlefield 4

The potential of Battlefield 4 multiplayer is huge, and it shows because, to this date, people are still playing this game on unofficial modded community servers.

Developers do not endorse it, but rather it’s an attempt from fans to keep the flame of Battlefield 4 alive. Now imagine if there was cross-platform support where every player from any platform is free to join and queue up.

This significantly improves matchmaking times, especially when Battlefield 4 has game modes that can accommodate up to 64 players. More players mean more people are online, which leads to shorter queue times.

You can also invite your friends from other platforms to join you during heart-pumping battles without having to change your gaming setup entirely.

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If you own a PC, you can’t join the other players on consoles and vice versa. However, you can queue up with players on the same platform or the same generation of platforms.

Xbox one players can queue up with Xbox series X, and PS4 players are allowed to join PS5 matchmaking. PC is a single platform, but there are different clients that sell copies of Battlefield 4 digitally.

Players who own any copy of battlefield 4 on either client (Steam or Origin) are allowed to join another client user. This is the only form of cross-platform play available for players

campaign gameplay of battlefield 4

Cross-platform has its own advantages, and I am sure developers are well aware of them, but cross-platform isn’t something you can implement in your game overnight.

It’s a technical process that requires resources and hard work. And especially in a game like a battlefield 4 where your player lobby can reach up to 60 players, all from different platforms with different control settings, not to mention the latency and input lag issues.

Consoles compatibility is a major issue that needs individual focus because you don’t want your players to have any disadvantage in a game mode. PC players, without any doubt, dominate most PVP games due to mouse and keyboard movements.

There is hope that in the future, DICE considers enabling cross-platform in their older games, although this is highly unlikely because the battlefield 4 player base is active in community servers.

Official servers are closed for this game which is a sign that devs have moved on but looking at the passion of Battlefield fans; they might have a change of heart.

Final Verdict:

Battlefield 4 is no doubt one of the best installments of the Battlefield franchise. The epic scope of maps, options for players to choose between vehicles, and weapons according to their playstyle.

And huge 64 player lobby almost feels like it’s a battle royale, except it’s more serious and fun than any battle royale could ever be. There is a reason that to this day, even in 2024, people are passionate about this game, and they have started community servers for everyone to enjoy.

It would be a shame if this game dies along with their servers, a game with this much potential. The expansive multiplayer online mode of battlefield 4 is something that every gamer should try once in their life.

Enabling cross-platform means that in the future, this game will be available for launch on new generation consoles. Hopefully, developers realize and address the passion of fans in a positive way.

Official servers may return to this game or any kind of cross-platform mode that allow everyone to play in the same lobby regardless of what console they are on. It’s a dream, and maybe in the distant future, we might see some positive changes going into effect.

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