Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform In 2024? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Golf With Your Friends Cross Platform

In this era of loud, fast pace, multiplayer battle royales, MMORPG, and FPS shooters, Golf With Your Friends provide a very laid-back and chill experience. It is, of course, a niche genre in multiplayer gaming, but you can count this game in the sports category.

Where football, Cricket, and Basketball are hugely popular among video games fan. Golf is quite rare, and I can say it is an acquired taste. If you love it, you will have a wonderful time with your friends.

It is a multiplayer indie title made with love and passion by Australian game developer Backlight Interactive. You can tell that this project isn’t backed up by millions of dollars of financial resources and a whole lot of workforce. Backlight interactive started as a game development studio with only 3 brothers leading the whole production.

This game was released in 2016 as early access, and it took nearly 4 years to release as a complete game in 2020. PC, Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia, and Nintendo switch users can purchase this game on their consoles. The idea behind this game is quite simple, and it took 4 years for this game to release as the final product.

The game allows 12 players to join and compete through challenging 13 levels. Each level contains 18 holes to score, so the total number of holes to score is 234.

There are also customization options for your golf balls that you can earn gradually as you go and progress levels. Talking about levels, you can also use the level editor to make your custom mini-map to play with friends.

Since this is multiplayer, you can invite your friends to play ( which is obvious from the game title ). But can they join you if they are on different platforms? Is Golf With Your Friends cross platform or not?

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross Platform in 2024?

If I have To be precise and go straight to the point, the answer to this question is No There is no support for cross platform play with your friends as of writing this in 2024. It is quite disappointing that a game with such a sweet title like this has no crossplay that lets you play Golf With Your Friends.

If you are on the same platform, then sure, go on; there is no stopping you from having a good time, but for other folks that already own a copy of Golf With Your Friends on other platforms?

They cant join you, and the only option they got is to switch to the same console that you have if they are willing to play with you. Cross-platform is in high demand these days, and in nearly every AAA title, developers are trying to implement crossplay.

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That is what gaming fans want these days, and they are not wrong for demanding a platform where everyone can play the same, including their friends. And especially, if you are releasing your game on different platforms, then why not go for it?

Well, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It’s not a day’s work, it takes a lot of time and financial resources to develop unified servers. As I have mentioned above, Golf with your Friends was an indie project made by 3 people, and it was in the early access phase for 4 years before releasing to the public as the final product.

This shows that Devs were short on financial resources and workforce, so expecting cross-platform play from them can be a bit unfair.

gameplay of Golf With Your Friends

Console and PC have different game engine APIs, which makes them quite incompatible and therefore. You have to consider many factors like input lag, latency, and compatibility.

As a game dev, your main goal should be that every player should have equal and fair experience in-game. For smaller games, crossplay doesn’t benefit them because of the low player base. A low amount of players will never utilize cross-platform mode to its full potential.

Limited resources can affect a decision easily, and in this case, I won’t blame any devs for not introducing crossplay in this game because of the reasons I already mentioned above. But it would be nice to hear something from them regarding this issue.

Any update, or news, just to keep the player base informed. Communication between developers and gamers is highly important, and it creates loyalty and trust among fans.

It is a niche game with not many players, and I guess this is kind of the point because this looks like a game that I would be down to play with my friends when I am feeling tired or just looking forward to chilling time.

Some people love these types of games, so maybe devs might consider crossplay in the future but right now, no news or update.

Are There Any Chances For Golf With Friends To Support Cross-Platform Compatibility?

I can’t make any solid statement on behalf of devs. It is uncertain whether crossplay will arrive or not. There is no update from developers about this feature, so chances are looking pretty slim right now.

I can say one thing for sure, crossplay is getting a lot of attention these days, and the reaction is positive, with many gamers wanting this to be a standard feature on release.

Golf With Your Friends

Crossplay gives you the freedom to purchase a game on any platform, which is a welcoming sign for new players. And for even existing players, crossplay is a major plus point because they can play with their friends on any platform without any worry.

It adds a lot of benefit to the video game as crossplay invites players from every platform to play, which in total increases the number of players that regularly play your game. I hope developers take this issue to their notice soon. We all deserve a weekend of mini-golf games with friends.

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Final Verdict:

Now I have concluded, and to the fans of this game, I can only say that don’t be disappointed. I can imagine how crossplay can amplify a fun experience in a game, especially when it allows your friends to crash your lobby. It’s all about having a good time with your loved ones.

That’s what multiplayer gaming is all about. There is one darker side of multiplayer that is filled with highly professional and competitive players. And then there is this casual gaming where all that matters is having a good time.

Golf With Your Friends does not support any crossplay (though the title suggests otherwise), but that doesn’t mean your day is ruined.

Crossplay is a plus point in any selling title, but if it’s not available, that doesn’t mean that the whole game is ruined. You can still have fun or make new friends on the same platform.

I am hopeful that there will be some major update shortly that solves all problems but in the meantime, Stay positive and score some Aces.

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