Is Vigor Cross Platform In 2024? (PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, PC)

Is Vigor CrossPlay

If you have had trouble keeping up with the fast lane of gaming and now you’re wondering what cross platform gaming is, then all you have to do is read a little more. Games are prepared by developers to be released on multiple platforms like Console or PC or even switch.

The more platforms a particular game is compatible with, the better job it does in the sales market. With a higher number of sales comes an equally high number of players.

If the game in focus supports a multiplayer mode or if it is wholly a multi-player player, then it can either lack or have a cross platform match-up feature.

If the game lacks this feature, then out of all the people who bought the game you would only be able to match against players who share your platform.

But if that’s not the case and the game supports cross platform play, then you can match against anyone regardless of what platform they are on. You could be on your PC playing with or against a person who might be on an Xbox or PlayStation. The game I am talking about here is Vigor.

Vigor is an online free-to-play multiplayer shooter game, it has been around since 2018 but was fully released sometime around late 2019. It is both developed and published by Bohemia Interactive and is available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo switch.

Originally it was only released for Xbox One, Nintendo was the second platform to hold the title some two years later, and only a couple of months after that a PlayStation 4 and 5 port was added.

Now this game works on so many levels and that’s what makes it an entertaining feature but right now everything boils down to one question. Does Vigor have Crossplay?

For folks who are looking forward to gearing up and surviving the post-apocalyptic war-torn environment in-game, this is an honest and important question. They want to enjoy Vigor with their friends and there is nothing wrong with that. Let’s find out if this game supports crossplay or not

Is Vigor Cross Platform In 2024?

Yes and also no. The answer isn’t just that simple. Yes, there is cross platform play in vigor but then again there isn’t. It all depends on the platform you are using. Currently, at this very moment, there is cross platform play only between Xbox One and Nintendo switch players.

However, there is no cross platform play between Xbox one players and PlayStation players. So there you have it. According to them the overall implementation of crossplay has been a pleasant experience as it has achieved its intended goal.

Vigor In engine images

According to the official website, however, crossplay was added between the two platforms to reduce matchmaking time which it has purposefully achieved.

it has been a positive experience for the developers they would very much like to follow up with the introduction of crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation as well but right now there is no absolute answer to when. It is shrouded in uncertainty but not for long I hope

Bohemia Interactive is independent and for all, I know they will do it when they feel like it. Looking at the already present crossplay between Xbox and Switch it can be said that Vigor’s cross platform play is a lot less buggy than most games as malfunctions are at a minimum and on top of that, it has reduced the painful matchmaking times and served well to increase competitive gaming.

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While at the same time there have been complaints of hackers but in very rare cases. I can commend the developer’s efforts for introducing crossplay, hoping for positive effects and they succeeded on their part.

Crossplay benefits the game a lot more than anyone can think of and one of the major Pros of crossplay is less queue time during matchmaking

For now, Bohemia Interactive’s multiplayer shooter game Vigor is compatible with cross platform play but only Nintendo and Xbox players are enjoying this luxury right now.

Playstation players are on their own but I am hopeful that this wouldn’t stay the same for long. Sooner or later, there will be crossplay between consoles. Vigor is an amazing game featuring a thrilling environment with a focus on survivability rather than gunplay and PvP.

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Final Verdict:

Vigor is an amazing experience but it suffers from the curse of no crossplay. I mean it has crossplay but it has yet to be fully implemented. Developers took this decision to combat high queueing times and they deserve praise for this.

It shows that they care for their audience but Vigor is multiplatform. Crossplay is pretty much needed here especially between big consoles because that is where the real fun begins.

PS5 and Xbox are rivals and this rivalry goes down between their users too. So placing both groups of players in a survival game can be exciting and pretty chaotic. And not only that, you can play with your friends too because of crossplay.

Sooner or later, PlayStation players will receive the long-overdue crossplay update but when? This is a question shrouded in mystery until there is an official announcement from the developers

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