How To Get Dark Spiritual Orb In ASTD?

How To Get Dark Spiritual Orb Astd Cover

Are you aware of this thing called Anime or Manga? You must have seen something like that once in your lifetime because anime is super popular to the point that it has spawned several mediums of entertainment throughout the history of its existence. Live-action movies, games, toys, amusement parks, costumes, and whatnot.

Just like those things, All-Star Tower Defense is a Roblox platform title that is heavily inspired by anime. Not just it inspired, but there are items in the game that are directly pulled from many popular animes and mangas.

It’s like an Otaku dream game, and even if you are not an anime watcher, the game is pretty good on its own. One of the most popular items in this game is an Orb.

People love it, and they want it, especially a Dark Spiritual Orb. It’s brimming with negative energy and can be quite powerful in your hands. Let me be your guide on how you can actually get your hands on one of these dark orbs.

How To Get The Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)?

All-Star Tower Defense or more commonly known as ASTD, is an anime-based Roblox game. The game naturally consists of many items that can be equipped, one of them being Orbs.

Orbs can be equipped as of update 14 and provide certain advantages like lower deployment costs, etcetera.

There are many types of orbs with an even greater number of ways to obtain them. Most of the orbs can be purchased in the Orb shop with gems or with materials but not all. The remaining orbs can be acquired from beating raids or challenges, among other things.

You can equip only one Orb per unit slot and can have only one of any given Orb. There are more than 30 orbs in the game. The Dark Spiritual Orb is one of the most powerful orbs in the game, and it cannot be purchased.

Among the advantages, it awards to the players once equipped in the slot are slowing down enemies to the point of making them an easy target.

In the final upgrade, it is also able to deal damage to the air units. Enough talk about the Orb, and finally, talk about the method to acquire it.

astd dark spiritual orb stats

There are a handful of challenges in all-start tower defense, and as already mentioned, the dark spiritual Orb is not up for purchase and can only be obtained via challenge.

One of these challenges in all-star tower defense called Challenge 3 or ‘The Bleach Challenge’ is the one that needs to be completed to obtain the Orb.

It is called the Bleach challenge because the concept and the characters of this challenge have been based on the popular anime and manga series Bleach.

It is the third and final level of the game, so completing it might take some wits with courage involved. But not anyone is eligible for this challenge; only players with a level above 100 or equal can access this challenge. A little bit about the challenge since we are on the topic.

Challenge three, being the final challenge of the game, is naturally no easy feat, so brace for that. It has sixteen rounds, unlike the previously traditionally fifteen-round matches.

On challenge three, you will face enemies with special abilities and unique attack patterns, they are called the Elementals.

The elementals are a tricky enemy, these hostiles can’t be defeated using any method, but they only take damage from a particular set of manual abilities and such units. The mobs have greater endurance and health.

On the sixteenth wave, the Boss will appear, and as a heads up, we will tell you that anything that is not inspired by the Bleach anime will be stunned for a total of sixty seconds upon boss spawning, with a couple of exceptions.

enquired the dark spiritual orb in astd

As soon as the boss spawns, kill it. Time is key, and the quicker you do the deed, the better. Beat it and take your prize.

Final Verdict:

So here it is. My little guide for a little orb ( which is also a powerful item ) that is also a rare one to find. Once you get your hands on this Dark Orb, you can upgrade your Ikki unit.

It is also called Ichigo unit, taken from the name of the protagonist of Bleach anime. I hope this guide helped a lot, and for new players, getting this Orb can be a challenge.

That is why the criteria for doing this challenge is Level 100, right? Grind the game, be better and show what kind of gamer you are.

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