How To Get Jellystone In Slime Rancher 2?

How To Get Jellystone in Slime Rancher 2 Cover

Slime Rancher is an enjoyable game with a lot of emphasis on crafting. The Rainbow Island is packed to the brim with unique materials for you to harvest and turn into various upgrades so that you can get rid of various slimes, which can be very pesky.

Throughout your playthrough, you may have noticed small orbs that the game does hint can be harvested, yet you cannot do so by default. These small orbs are known as Jellystone, and you can find them as you traverse through cliffs and ridges.

However, new players may be somewhat hard-pressed to find out that they will have to find a specific tool that will allow them to harvest Jellystone.

So, to make this process easy, here is my guide on how to get Jellystone in Slime Rancher 2. Follow along with me as I make this very simple, so sit back and let us get right into it.

How To Get Jellystone In Slime Rancher 2

The Jellystone is a useful thing to have in your inventory that will allow you to craft specific upgrades in your base. These include the Pulse Wave, Yellow Home Portal, and the refinery link.

These upgrades are necessary to obtain, especially to go against various slimes, which are tougher to handle. Others may give you a fast travel option to return to base.

the requirements of the yellow home portal

You can find Jelly stones in various places throughout the map. They are not very hard to get, and you can respawn them when you need them by restarting the game.

However, harvesting them is not straightforward but warrants an upgrade for their vacpack, known as the Resource Harvester. The requirements to do this upgrade include 450 newbucks and 120 cotton plorts.

Newbucks are not much of a problem for you, but to get the cotton plorts, you will need to go west of the conservatory, where you will find Cotton Slimes, characterized by their rabbit ears.

You will need to feed them carrots and water lettuce. Once they have been fed, they will produce the plorts you need to craft the resource harvester. This also works with other slimes where you need plorts made of other materials.

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Once you have them with you, you will return to base and find the underground lab next to the Plort market, which houses the resource fabricator and refinery.

Deposit the Plorts into the refinery and go to the upgrade fabricator to select the resource harvester upgrade so it can be crafted.

Once you have the resource harvester, go back to where you have found the Jellystones, and you should now be able to harvest them.

Try looking in caves if you find it hard to get your hands on jelly stones. Exploring the grey areas of the map will also make it easy for you to find Jellystones.

the jellystone in slime rancher 2

Once you have gotten your hands on Jellystones, you will be able to craft a blueprint for very useful upgrades, which will help you a lot throughout your playthrough.

For example, the Pulse wave will help you create a distance between you and the slimes, or the yellow home portal, which will give you the option of fast traveling back to base.

Final Verdict:

The requirements for harvesting jelly stones may put off many players who are new to slime rancher 2; however, one does not need to worry as getting the necessary upgrades for it is not that difficult.

It is also worth getting Jellystones for the upgrades, which you will use throughout your playthrough. All you need to do is get the resource harvester with a crafting requirement of 450 newbucks and 120 cotton plorts.

Cotton plorts can be harvested from Cotton slimes which wander west of the conservatory on Rainbow island. Once you feed them some carrots and water lettuce, they will produce cotton plorts.

Take these Plorts to the resource fabricator in the base and create the resource harvester, which will result in you being able to harvest Jelly Stones.

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