How To Get The Error Glove In Slap Battles

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Roblox is a whole different world of gaming. It’s just so bizarre, and at the same time, something is charming about it I cannot figure out. But it’s popular and still one of the most used gaming platforms that offer tons of games and exciting experiences.

Just when I think I have seen everything, I stumble across another dumb and bizarre Roblox game that outdoes the previous one in every way possible.

Like this game, Slap Battles. The whole concept and gameplay revolve around slapping players. It’s a competitive face-slapping game. Who comes up with these crazy ideas?

I don’t know, but people seem to love it just cause of sheer hilarity. I gave this game a chance, and I find it very funny and enjoyable. I can now easily vent my frustrations by slapping people in-game. It’s like a dream come true.

The best part of this game is that you get to choose different gloves with different abilities, so you can inflict as much damage as you can with just your slaps. Error glove seems to be the most sought glove in the game so let’s see how you can acquire it in-game and its abilities.

What Are The Abilities Of Error Glove?

Error gloves possess some of the most unique abilities in-game that you cannot even wrap your head around and find reasonable logic behind. But hey, it’s a stupid game about slapping people left and right, so who am I to complain?

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Error Glove special ability is also a useless ability that can kill the user. Using an Error Glove sends the user or different players to the void.

You can also die by pressing the E button. This is useful in some scenarios, like farming for kills. People use this ability to abuse and farm, which is quite hilarious.

How Many Slaps Do You Need For The Error Glove?

Error Glove is not as easily acquired as you might think. Despite being a meme item, you may think that this can be unlocked without any grind, but I tell you what, it is one of the hardest things to unlock in this game. You need around 20000 kills to finally unlock it, but before that, you need to find where it is.

The best and most efficient way to do so unlock this absurd glove can be done easily with few friends. Just log in to the game with friends and start slapping each other.

20000 can take a lot of time; to put this into perspective, you need to farm for 10 hours to reach this milestone continuously. But you can do it one day at a time. No hurry

How Much Does An Error Glove Cost?

Just like any other glove in the game, Error Glove comes with a cost, a hefty one. Despite being such a dumb item in the game, this glove costs 20000 slaps. You need to slap people 20000 times to unlock this beautiful mess of an item.

Your best bet is to run through some Public Servers and just go for maximum violence. Start slapping anything that moves, anything that breathes. Or you can also farm with friends, which is kind of boring and get stale after afterwhile, but it is what it is, friend.

How To Get The Error Glove In Slap Battles?

You can unlock the Error Glove by slapping people 20000 times blah blah blah, but how? If you don’t have an Error Glove, then how can you unlock it?

For that, you need to find and acquire this glove in a locked state. Only then you can proceed and start your slap counter. It is kind of time-consuming for a single glove, but if you need it, you have to do it.

The Error Glove In Slap Battles

First of all, load into the Slap battle world. Error glove is hidden somewhere if you can find it, you can keep it. There is no paywall to acquire this stuff, so it’s a good thing. Once you are in the world, walk towards the easter island statue. You can see it between the red and yellow portal.

The error glove can be easily seen behind the Maui statue right beside the entry ramp. Once you have seen it, you can keep it but remember it is locked. This is not even the hardest part of the grind.

It’s just the beginning. GG for finding this glove, and now you can get going on the next step. 20000 slaps. Sounds fun, right? Don’t forget to use the slap multipliers in public servers. It definitely helps, and anything counts if it reduces the amount of grind.

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Final Verdict:

The Roblox world is super wild, and I am all for it. So many ridiculous ideas and interesting games on this platform are mind-blowing.

No wonder kids love Roblox. I can see myself playing Slap Battle with my friends at some point. It is entertaining and a mindless experience that doesn’t require that much brainpower.

Error Glove definitely enhances the over-the-top gameplay. This is our guide on How to get the Error Glove in slap battles, and I hope this was worth your time. It’s a straightforward method that is just asking couple thousand slaps. Fair enough, right?

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