How To Make Algae In Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 is a delightfully addictive puzzle game that challenges players to create increasingly complex elements and objects by combining basic starting ingredients.

One of the many creations to unlock is algae – those ubiquitous, microscopic organisms that form the base of many aquatic food chains.

Crafting algae requires some strategic steps, but the process is immensely satisfying for any Little Alchemist seeking to expand their world.

  • Algae is a craftable item that unlocks new combinations in Little Alchemy 2.
  • Creating algae requires combining basic elements like water, earth, fire and air.
  • The process involves making plants first, then combining them with water sources.
  • Algae has real-world importance as a food source and oxygen producer.
  • The game rewards creativity and logical thinking to unveil new items.
Make Algae In Little Alchemy 2

Benefits Of Algae In “Little Alchemy 2”

What are possible benefits that we can obtain from crafting algae? Algae hold importance to many species on earth. Many organisms depend on algae, especially sea creatures, where most fish consumes algae as their main food source.

Photosynthesis allows algae to provide oxygen to many oceans so just like in real life, algae hold immense importance in crafting items and it is a source of many other items to unlock.

For example, a combination of algae + the sun will craft oxygen and so does combining carbon dioxide with algae.

How To Make Algae In Little Alchemy 2 From Scratch

To build anything from scratch shouldn’t be a concept that is baffling to anyone who has ever played or known the mechanics of little alchemy 2.

Image of algae in Little alchemy two

After all, one has the ability to create right about anything with nothing but 4 of the basic elements. Once inside the game, you can see all the 4 elements on your right.

The next steps will guide you on how to utilize the elements to make algae

  1. On your right you can see a single droplet of water. Drag it twice into the main panel and combine both the droplets to form a puddle with a yellow rain boot.
  2. By adding water again to the puddle you will create a pond floating on which is a lily and a duck.
  3. Adding water yet again, the pond will become a lake surrounded by numerous trees.
  4. Flood the lake with even more water to create a raging sea.
  5. The raging sea when combined with earth will create the primordial soup.
  6. Let the primordial soup be for a while and then separately add fire + fire to make pure energy.
  7. Now combine the energy and the primordial soup to bring life into the world
  8. Add earth to live to procure soil.
  9. Let the soil sit and separately combine earth with earth to have some land.
  10. Add land to land to get a continent in the shape of Africa.
  11. Add continent to continent to constitute a planet and give the planet air for an atmosphere.
  12. Add water to the atmosphere to have clouds.
  13. Add even more water to the clouds to bring about rain.
  14. Let it rain on the soil you crafted earlier and plants will sprout from the underneath.
  15. Add water to the plants and there you have it, finally Algae.

How To Make Algae In Little Alchemy 2 If You Are New To The Game

Being new to something always invokes a sense of nervousness and undoubtedly inexperience can put a lot of people in a very precarious position while this may be true for a lot of things but when it comes to Little Alchemy 2 you can be sure that being nervous is the last state you’ll ever think yourself in.

Because in Little Alchemy 2 you’re the almighty creator and as they say “Earth, water, fire, and air will lead you to countless discoveries”.

Rest assured knowing that being new will not put you to any disadvantage because you build the world from scratch, you can keep mixing and mixing to even craft god (I am not joking you can actually do that) plus have got a whole in-game encyclopedia to help you out if all else fails not to mention you can get help from the hints too.

Algae is a creatable item in Little Alchemy 2 and it appears as three spherical volvox colonies. Now if you keep following the instructions you shouldn’t encounter any difficulty.

First, you all out of the 4 basic elements in your right panel chose water and combine it to make a puddle, once the puddle is made add more water to turn it into a pond but don’t stop there keep adding water until it turns into a lake and then from that lake into a sea.

sea in Little Alchemy 2

Once the sea is done add earth to turn the sea into the primordial soup. Leave it be for a while and turn to fire.

Combine fire into the fire to make energy and add that energy to the primordial soup which will then turn it to life. Add earth to live which will make soil. Let the soil sit in the corner for a while and turn to earth.

the soil in little alchemy 2

Combine earth to form land and add another earth to turn the land into a continent. Adding another earth to the continent will turn it into a planet which is lacking an atmosphere.

Add air to the planet which will give it an atmosphere. Now add water to the atmosphere to form clouds and add more water to make it rain. Add rain to the soil to get plants. Finally adding water to the plants will give Algae.

Four Element Combinations To Add The Algae To Your Collection

Algae in real life, are living organisms that provide numerous benefits to sea life. I am talking about living creatures in seas and oceans, those living off algae as it provides them with oxygen from sunlight. Algae is important to the marine ecosystem as it is the source of photosynthesis for marine life.

Crafting algae is possible in-game with the availability of four basic elements. It is a long way but you have to start somewhere.

#1- Plant Version Of Algae

One of the best and easiest ways to craft algae is going the plant route. You need to craft primordial soup and energy elements.

Idk how things work in real life, but in this game, the combination of primordial soup and energy will result in the creation of Life, an important material required to craft plants.

Here is hows the crafting goes:

  • Earth + Ocean will craft Primordial Soup.
  • Primordial Soup requires energy to create Life.
  • We combine Fire into Fire to give birth to Energy.
  • Now we can mix Primordial Soup into energy and the result will give us Life.
  • Life + Earth is Soil and when we combine Soil into Life, we get the Plant.

#2- Reproduce Algae In Water

After we have acquired the Plant, the only thing that is left to do is to add water to Plant and this will provide us with Algae.

Reproduce Algae In Water

Algae element resembles little greenish blobs with yellow dots in-game. You can also produce seaweed by using Plant and Oceans together.

Plant + Water = Algae

#3- Make A Habitat Suitable

Algae needs a bed of water to thrive and live. Organisms like these can be found in different areas where water is easily accessible and available. They need a wet atmosphere to survive so in this game we will make wet habitats by using elements of water

  • Water is depicted as a drop in this game so if you add the water into the same water element, you will get a puddle
  • Now add more water to the puddle and you will have a pond on your screen
  • Keep adding water and the size of the water bed will increase
  • Next, you will form a lake if you add more water to the pond
  • Lake + Water will result in sea
  • And at last, Sea will transform into Ocean and this is the last evolution of this element because there is no water bed bigger than Ocean

#4- You Can Also Make Algae With Grass

Some people also refer to Algae as “Sea Grass”, which is not wrong in any way. It is green and it is found in water beds like Sea. so yes it is possible to make algae with grass in this game, however, you need to acquire the Grass element first.

To craft grass in your collections, simply add earth or land element into the plant. You will have grass in your collections.

After this step, you can simply deduce yourself the rest. Algae is called Sea Grass, you have grass, the only thing left is to add some water element and you will produce algae.

It can either be:

  • Grass + lake
  • Grass + Pond
  • Grass + water

You will also create other elements like Reed or Dew if you combine grass with a lake or pond respectively. Simple water elements will only result in Algae creation

Final Verdict:

Little alchemy 2 is the perfect game to burn time and it shows how everything in the world is born from the smallest of things one couldn’t even imagine let alone see it with bare eyes.

Creating algae made me explore even further in the game and I get to know about many different elements that are related to plants in some way.

With more time you spend on this game, you will unlock many other elements, and believe me there is a lot more to this game than meets the eye

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you combine algae within Little Alchemy 2?

Algae is an element that can be acquired from some sources but mainly, there is one easiest and most simple method that works. You need to have plant and water in your inventory. Combining these elements will produce algae.

How do you make grass in Little Alchemy 2?

If you have crafted Algae then you have already acquired plant, which is a crafting element used to create grass. Just like in real life, grass needs earth or some kind of land to grow so add plant to earth or another similar element.

Plant + Earth = Grass
Plant + Land = Grass

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