How To Make Oxygen In Little Alchemy 2?

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Little Alchemy 2 is a new game that has created a name for itself in a very short period. With hundreds and thousands of players all around the globe, belonging to all age groups, Little Alchemy 2 has proven that a game does not need to be very complex or have high-end graphics and features to be a hit.

Little Alchemy 2 requires players to combine different elements in the game to produce new items. These items are usually earthly objects with some additional character packs that include some characters that usually do not exist in our world but can be fun to have in a game.

So today, I will be explaining to you how to create some amazing items in this game and enjoy Little Alchemy 2 to its fullest like thousands of other players are doing.

So stay with me till the end of this blog and learn some amazing tips and tricks that will come in handy throughout the game and help you unlock some amazing items.

How To Make Oxygen In Little Alchemy 2

There are a total of eight different ways of creating oxygen in Little Alchemy 2, and all of them include either mixing Sun or Carbondiocide with different types of plants such as trees, plants, grass, or algae.

Oxygen In Little Alchemy 2

Today I will be telling you about one of the eight ways of creating Oxygen.

  1. Combining two Earths will give us Land.
  2. Similarly, combining two Lands will give us a Continent.
  3. Two Continents combine to give Planet.
  4. Air and Planet, when combined, give us the Atmosphere.
  5. Combining Water and the Atmosphere makes Cloud.
  6. Cloud and Water, when mixed, give Rain.
  7. Combine two Waters to make Puddle.
  8. Two Puddles combine to make a Pond.
  9. Similarly, two Ponds combined give a Lake.
  10. Two Fires combined will give us Energy.
  11. Energy and Cloud mix and make Lightning.
  12. Lightning and Lake are then mixed to create Life.
  13. Mix Life with Land to make Animal and Soil.
  14. Rain and Soil when mixed will give us plants.
  15. Combining Air and Clouds will make Sky.
  16. Now combine Fire and Sky to create Sun.
  17. Finally, Plants and Sun combined will make Oxygen.

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Final Verdict:

Finally in the end you will get the required oxygen. Some other ways of creating oxygen include mixing Sun or Carbon dioxide with Plants, Trees, Grass, or Algae.

Although to create Carbon dioxide you will first need to create oxygen and then you can mix oxygen with other elements to create Carbon dioxide or vice versa.

Oxygen is a base-level element of the game and can be combined with hundreds of other elements to create tons of different new elements. I hope you find this blog helpful and have a good time playing the game.

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