How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy 2?

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There are about 700 distinct elements in Little Alchemy 2 which you can play around with and create things you will need to advance in this game. This point-and-click game will keep you busy for hours and hours as you start your journey from the big bang and go until the heat death.

One of the most fundamental elements you will need in this game is the Sky. This will help you create other things, from things as small as a telescope to things as mighty as Zeus himself. All in all, Sky is an essential element to have in Little Alchemy 2.

So, for this reason, I am writing this article which will explain how To make Sky In Little Alchemy 2 in simple and easy steps. So follow along as you make Sky from scratch.

How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy 2

There are four different combinations that are going to allow you to make Sky in Little Alchemy 2. First and foremost, you have Air combined with Clouds, which will result in the Sky’s formation.

all combinations of sky in little alchemy 2

Next, you have the Sun, combined with the Atmosphere, which will give you Sky once again. The Next combination is the moon and the Sun, which forms a Sky. The last combination is the Cloud and the Atmosphere, resulting in Sky.

I will be exploring the first combination, Air and Cloud, which is the easiest way to make Sky. Here is a step-by-step tutorial.

  1. First off, you are going to combine Earth with Earth. Earth is a fundamental element in your arsenal, and its combination will result in Land.
  2. Now that you have Land with you, combine it with Earth again, which will form a Continent.
  3. Drag two continents from the box and combine them, which will form a Planet.
  4. Now bring down Air into the mix and combine it with the newly formed Planet, resulting in an atmosphere.
  5. With the Atmosphere now being created, combine it with Water, which will give you a cloud.
  6. Finally, you have all the ingredients to make a Sky. Now just combine Cloud and Air, which will result in the formation of a Sky.

Final Verdict:

This is for the Tutorial on How To Make Sky In Little Alchemy 2. You need to remember four combinations to create a Sky in this game; however, the easiest of these is Cloud and Air, which can be used to create Sky from scratch.

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