How To Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare 2

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Every player who has been a fan of Call of Duty or any other competitive shooter game knows that they have to face a tedious grind to be a better player.

The task could be anything, your K/D ratio, maybe you want to unlock some operators, or you need to reach a certain rank level to join high-ranked PvP matches.

But in this scenario, the Call of Duty grind is either you want to rank higher and reach Prestige levels, or you want to unlock weapons and their attachments.

It could be both; my point is that after a while, it could get monotonous and boring. And it’s fine; that’s not a bad thing; however, you can shorten the grind and make your game enjoyable.

You can remove the long boring part of the grind and make it more efficient so you don’t feel tired at the end of the day (or a match ).

Here are some of the things you can try to increase your XP quickly in the shortest time possible. You cannot achieve everything in a day, but we can shorten it and make it fun.

How To Rank Up Fast In Modern Warfare 2

I am just here to inform you about efficient and less tedious ways to grind XP. These methods are not glitches or cheeses.

This is for new players who don’t know how to grind XP in Call of Duty, or they are doing it the wrong way. The following guide will clear some confusion and provide you with some insight on how to gain XP from different activities

#1- Use Double XP Tokens

Double XP tokens are self-explanatory, but I will simply explain them. Double XP tokens provide players with a limited period. Players don’t have to do anything unusual, they just play the game, and they will receive double XP points throughout the period.

modern warfare 2 double xp tokens

These tokens were rewarded to players on purchase of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition. Any player who upgrades to the Vault edition can also acquire these tokens, which are worth 10 hours.

#2- Play The Objective

Surprise, surprise, who knew that to gain XP, you need to play the game? Shocking, isn’t it? Not really, but this is quite an effective method if you consider that most players don’t even care for objectives. They are just playing to satisfy their bloodlust and gather some kills.

Search and rescue gameplay mw2

Kills does provide sufficient XP but completing team-based objectives + killstreak sounds much more effective. Team-based objectives grant passive XP, and you can shoot players while completing the objective. Yes, you can do both at the same time.

#3- Make Use Of Double XP Weekends

Double XP weekends are open and available for everyone, so make sure you are scheduling your busy timetable accordingly.

You want to play as much as possible during this time because Double XP weekends are occasional, and they can pop up anytime soon on the Activision calendar. Right now, there are no such signs of Double XP weekends, but sooner or later, you will see one. Gear up

#4- Complete Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are the fun little tasks that can be done while playing the game normally. Sometimes they require to use out of meta loadout but you gotta do what you gotta do. The good thing is that they are not hard to complete.

modern warfare 2 Daily challenges

Get 10 kills with LMG, Use shotgun in team deathmatch, win domination PVP match, etc., etc., you get the idea. Just the usual stuff that provides you with enough XP to go by. So give them a look before queueing up for a match.

#5- Complete Weapon Challenges

Weapon challenges are similar to daily challenges, but they are pretty much exclusive to weaponry. You don’t have to queue in specific game modes.

As long as you are playing PVP, you should be good. And the funny thing is, these challenges are not unusual. They are pretty fun to do. Use any sniper and get 5 headshots, get 20 knife kills, kind of like that.

Just the stuff you normally do in PVP matches. In many cases, you don’t even notice that you are completing these challenges as you are playing the game. So its free XP; hunt for it

#6- Play The Campaign To Earn XP Tokens

Call of Duty Campaigns is iconic and has become cult status among fans. Likewise, Modern Warfare 2 campaign is amazing, so it won’t hurt to play it.

campaign menu in modern warfare 2

You are also rewarded Double XP tokens for completing the campaign missions, so it’s a win-win scenario. Amazing campaign with a great storyline that rivals modern movies and tv shows. Use the tokens for your benefit until Double XP weekends arrive

#7- Playstation Party Bonus

Playstations players that queue the matches in parties receive a 25% XP bonus. This one is an exclusive method only for Playstation players, so PC and Xbox players won’t receive any benefits from this. This works cross-platform with PS4 players too

How To Level Up Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Fast

You need to understand that weapons upgrade only unlock if you gain the required XP for them. Leveling up is a chore, and you have to focus on your aiming skills.

Showing max level of TAQ 56 in modern warfare 2

Because in this scenario, you will benefit a lot from headshots and killstreaks. Kill-only game modes are your best bet here. The more people you find to farm for your weapon, the faster you gain levels and unlock weapon upgrades.

Don’t forget to use double XP tokens before heading toward PvP matchmaking. Domination is the best game mode you can play again and again. In very little time, your aim will improve significantly, so this should become easier the more you play

How To Level Up Modern Warfare 2 Operators Fast

Operators in Modern Warfare 2 have their progression system that provides you with benefits and goodies as you further progress. Operators have their challenges, but right now, they are unavailable.

So the best option for you to progress your character is to play objective-based game mode and finish your matches.

Do not rage quit just suck it up and move on if you get rolled on by the enemy team. Remember, XP is important. Play for your team, and revive your teammates if you can.

Play kill confirms and acquires as many allies tag as you can while collecting enemies’ dog tags at the same time. There is nothing you can do to speed up the process except play the game as it is intended.

Double XP tokens help, so gather them as much as you can. Once an Operator is fully maxed out, shift to the next one and repeat.

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Final Verdict:

You can get bored of all the grind and time-consuming challenges but hold on. Once you unlocked everything you wanted, you can have as much fun as you want.

Try using the methods mentioned above to reduce the grind so you have more time to have fun with your friends. After all, you can’t get everything on your plate in the beginning, right? Where is the fun in that?

Every right thing in this world that you desire should feel earned, and Call of Duty is a rewarding experience. So no worries here.

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