All Exclusive Pokemons In Scarlet


Evolved from Charcadet Armarouge is one of the brand new Pokemons in Scarlet/Violet, It's a Fire/Psychic Pokemon it is easily one of the Pokemon in the game.


Koraidon is one of the Legendary pokemon in Scarlet, it is a Fighting Dragon type pokemon, and it also serves as your conveyance in the game.


Stonjourner a big Rock pokemon with some really good stats and move-set, it's another pokemon that just came out with the release of Scarlet/Violet.


Tauros (Paldean) this one here is a returning pokemon, the Tauros in Scarlet is a Fire+Fighting type mon, and trust me when i say it's a heavy hitter.


Oranguru was first introduced in Pokémon Sun/Moon and now he's back, he's a Normal/Psychic pokemon and a good addition to the team as well.

Deino, Zweilous & Hydreigon

Next up we have a Dark/Dragon Pokemon, Deino evolves into Zweilous and Hydreigon is his final form, it's really awesome pokemon and he's back in Pokemon Scarlet.

Stunky And Skuntank

Stunky which evolves into the Skuntank is a Dark/Poison type Pokemon available in Scarlet, it was first introduced in Diamond & Pearl but since then he had come in many games.

Skrelp & Dragalge

Next up we have Skrelp which at level 48 evolves into Dragalge, it's Poison/Dragon pokemon with some pretty good moves and stats plus it looks insanely awesome.

Drifloon & Drifblim

Drifloon is a Ghost/Flying Pokemon which at level 28 evolves into Drifblim, first introduced in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum now he's/she's back in Pokemon Scarlet.

Larvitar, Pupitar, & Tyranitar

Larvitar (Rock/Ground) evolves into Pupitar then it evolves and becomes a titan-like Pokemon Tyranitar (Rock/Dark), it's one of the best mons in the game.