Sandbox VR: A Futuristic Virtual Reality Experience

A futuristic virtual reality experience where you can freely move anywhere without the worry of breaking anything.

A pure co-op or a party place where players up to 6 can play with the greatest immersive experience and can test their nerves.

A unique real-time motion-capturing technology that is the future of gaming is just serving the latest generation with their best equipment.

Explore different virtual worlds and help each other to play better in the games. Get more success by playing together.

Players are equipped with a VR headset, a haptic vest, motion sensors, and a backpack. Get yourself ready like a military soldier.

Guests choose from any six exclusive immersive experiences:

- Deadwood Valley - Deadwood Mansion - Curse of Davy Jones - Amber Sky 2088 - Star Trek: Discovery - UFL: Unbound Fighting League

Sandbox VR is now operating in 25 locations located in five different countries. The headquarter is based in San Francisco.

Don't know about the investors? Well, the main investors are Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Will Smith, and Kevin Durant.