Best Finishing Badges 2K21 (To Boost Your Game)

Ever dreamed of dunking like LeBron or weaving through defenders like Steph Curry? Well, in the virtual courts of NBA 2K21, that dream edges closer to reality.

Players who have played NBA 2K21 for a long time can learn special skills called finishing badges. These badges help them become great at dunking the basketball. Even if you are new to the game, you can use these finishing badges to control the game and play well.

So, let’s dive into the world of NBA 2K21 finishing badges, where every point counts and every badge can make or break your game strategy.

  • Focus on Finishing: Investing in finishing skills significantly boosts performance in the paint, giving players a competitive edge.
  • Badge Basics: Finishing badges in NBA 2K21 enhance specific aspects of gameplay, such as dunking and layups, helping players overcome defenders and score.
  • Top Badges to Consider: Essential badges like Slithery Finisher and Relentless Finisher are crucial for maintaining momentum and avoiding physical confrontations on the court.
  • Strategic Selection: Choosing the right badges based on your play style can lead to more successful and dynamic gameplay.
Best Finishing Badge 2k21

What Are Finishing Badges In NBA 2K21?

The recent 24th update of NBA 2K21 was the most awaited one which came out around December 2021. Of course, the hard-core fans of the game are always looking for a way to make their MyPlayer better.

But, the only way to get better in this game is when you can outshine your opponent on the court and make your team win.

image of Badges in NBA 2k21

To make you ace the game, NBA 2K21 has some badges that give your player an ability boost. The four badges are finishing, defense, shooting, and playmaking. But, we will talk about only the best finishing badges 2K21.

The players earn these finishing badges through the shop. These badges can make MyPlayer super talented during the match.

How Finishing Badges Work In NBA 2K21

The badges work marvelously to increase the success rate of your player when you are on the court and when you dunk or dive towards the basket for a layup.

These badges aid you in helping your team to reach the top of the scoreboard. These badges will lead your MyPlayer towards finishing at the rim, surging through shot-blocking attempts and body contact.

When you buy finishing badges from the shop, you can equip them before starting the game and show game spirit to everyone.

Best Finishing Badges 2K21 To Boost Your Game

You might be thinking now that the dunks and dodges are the best things that the badges could do, but no, there are far better things you can achieve with different kinds of badges. You can choose the best guard for a layup like Kyrie Irving or James Harden.

However, if you are looking to create a player specializing in dunking, driving, jumping, and layups, you must focus on these qualities with the following best finishing badges 2K21.

Once you add the badges to your player, he will rise above other players. But, what are the best finishing badges? Let’s find out.

#1- Slithery Finisher

This badge allows you to slither past your opponent in such a manner that you avoid getting bumped into them, beat up by them, or getting injured on your way to the goal.

This badge should be your choice if big players are practically flying around through the air. Slithery finisher will help you avoid any player’s attempt to physically hurt you and keep you on your feet until you finish at the rim.

Info of slithery finisher in nba 2k21

It doesn’t matter what kind of physique your character has. If you don’t equip this badge, you can get a lot of bumps and body checks when you are about to put the ball in the basket.

Especially if you are playing at the hall of fame, you will dunk more than usual, and then this badge will aid you in staying your ground.

#2- Relentless Finisher

There are times when your stamina becomes low in the NBA 2K21, and that is where the Relentless Finisher comes in. the players who get down or get fatigued by time or during the game should try out this finishing badge.

finishing badge the relentless finisher

This is also a great option for aggressive players because this badge makes you reach the paint in top shape. This happens because the badge provides you great energy and is active and activates every time you finish in the paint.

While playing NBA 2K21, you must equip only the best badges like Relentless Finisher because winning or losing greatly depends upon your stamina. So, to avoid weak animations, it is important to do something about catering to your energy.

#3- Contact Finisher

This badge is ideal to receive more contact dunks. Your character will still need to focus on the action’s timing, but the badge can still lead to unwanted layups’ contact. Even if the defense is great, you will be able to carry out the most aggressive dunks like a beast.

The contact finisher badge in nba 2k21

The Contact Finisher will improve your slashing skills to greater heights. If you plan to jump into the lane, which another team will block, that will lead to a foul and blocked shot.

#4- Fancy Footwork

This badge can’t compete with other finishing badges that I’m about to discuss, especially after slithery and contact finisher. But, it is an affordable option for the players interested in hop steps, euros, and spins in this NBA 2K21.

finishing badge fancy footwork

Therefore, if you want to make your player work like James Harden, then try out this badge. You will get a free pass to move past defenders to get a clear shot towards the rim.

However, the most important part of the game is when the players gather around the basket. There this badge will help you with great techniques.

#5- Consistent Finisher

This badge is one of the most amazing finishing badges in 2K21. So, even when you aim to make your goals with the perfect release timely, there is a big chance that you will miss the mark.

The consistent finisher badge in nba 2k21

The Consistent Finisher will make up for the gap for all the mistiming. This badge will increase the chances of your player missing out on the poor timing or missed chances.

So, you can increase your layup skills and improve the scores more consistently by reducing all the penalties for the badly timed goal.

Try using the badge to silver tier only because it works fine at this setting, and an advanced setting is not required unless you have a really hard time.

#6- Acrobat

If you are interested in performing fancy tricks like reverse layups or euro steps, then the Acrobat Finishing badge is a must-have badge. The badge will ensure that all your layups will be successful in the end.

info of acrobat badge in nba 2k21

I am recommending this badge to you because once you incorporate this badge into your slashing routine you will become a little unpredictable the reason is opponent doesn’t expect you to go for a reverse layup. So you will get the advantage of the element of surprise at your hand.

The best advantage you will get by using this badge is the element of surprise as it will get you out of such things and be able to get to the basket even if there is contact with members of another team. Therefore, it is recommended that you use this badge in the gold tier to make the most of the game.

#7- Giant Slayer

This badge is defined by its name, and the giant slayer is ideal for those whose players have a short height. But there are also some issues with the badge because going against a huge-built player is not a great situation. But even if you are stuck in such a situation, you can use this badge to get out of the situation.

the giant slayer badge in nba video game

This way, you will get saved from getting blocked or hurt by the other team members. The giant slayer will clear all the differences between you and your opponent.

But, the effect is not a lot because the badge works when the difference is at least 5’-6’. I also won’t recommend the badge above the bronze tier because it has limitations.

#8- Backdown Punisher

This badge increases the chance of your player to play successfully as backing down their opponent. It will allow your player to succeed more than usual for backing down the defender in the paint.

Backdown Punisher Finishing move in NBA 2k21

In addition, it will assist you down low as it will bully your component in the game and turn it in your favor. The badge is usually used by bigger players but can also be used by other players when they want to win a mismatch.

#9- Lob City Finisher

Lob City Finisher badge is the second last badge on our list, and it helps the player in successfully completing the alley-oop layup or alley-oop dunk.

It improves the ability of your MyPlayer to finish what you have started successfully. However, the condition is that it should be taken before the opponent lands on their feet.

The Lob City Finisher badge

The badge boosts both the receiver and the passer of the ball to increase your team’s chance of winning. This badge is highly recommended to anyone who is struggling to make their team win.

#10- Pro Touch

The final badge I would like to discuss is a great finishing badge, 2K21. If your goals or layups are late or too early, you should not use this badge because it works well when layup timing is not a big deal for you.

Pro Touch nba 2k21

With this badge’s aid, you can succeed with the layups, which means your team will get more scores from you. So, if you are already a pro at well-timed layups, then this badge will give you leverage over your and your opponent’s attempts to goal.

It is recommended that you use this badge in its gold tier form because then you can effortlessly score with your timed shorts.

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Final Verdict:

These were the best finishing badges 2K21 to equip when playing the NBA. Without these badges, you might not ace the game or win the matches with flying colors. In addition, all these badges aid players in various game fields; some help improve their physical strengths, while some help them become smart mentally.

Hopefully, the guide to these finishing badges will prove useful to you, and you will find the absolute best one to play with. But, first, ensure that you build your character according to your exact field requirements to achieve the best scores.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best finishing badges?

Everyone has different priorities, so everyone likes different kinds of finishing badges. But, in my opinion; the best finishing badges 2K21 are: “Slithery finisher”, “Contact finisher”, “Relentless finisher”, “Fancy footwork”, “Acrobat”, “Giant Slayer”

These badges provide different abilities to the players on the field, which eventually lead to your MyPlayer scoring points for your team.

What is the first finishing badge you should get 2K21?

The first finishing badge you should get in 2K21 should definitely be slithery and contact finisher. That is because these badges give you great leverage over your opponents.

For example, a slithery finisher allows you to avoid any injuries caused by bumps or attacks. It allows you to slip past your opponent smoothly. And the contact finisher gives you great and consistent contact with your layups. This means both these badges will allow you to goal and win more easily.

Is consistent finisher a good badge?

Yes! One of the best finisher badges, 2K21, will reduce your penalties for the miss-timed layups. And it also allows you to make your layups more consistent. This makes it the most effective counter to the intimidator.

Is slithery finisher good for contact dunks?

Yes, it will help you in evading the contact. This is what makes it perfect for attacking the rim. This badge is more beneficial than the contact finisher because it helps in dunk layups.

How do you activate fancy footwork in 2k21?

To activate the fancy footwork badge in 2k21, you should attempt cradle, spin, euro step, hot step, and the half-spin gatherers.

But, the availability of the badge depends on the arch-type of your character and it will only be available to you if it is a primary level arch type. It has 4 tiers: half of fame, gold, silver, and bronze.

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