Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses (Strengths & Resistances)

Flying Type Weakness Cover

Are you a budding trainer that wants to know about everything there is to learn about various Pokemon types?

Then you are in luck as I have done a lot of painstaking research about all eighteen types of Pokemon and am now writing a series of articles explaining each one.

In the world of Pokemon, you have different types of creatures distinguished by their features and attributes, giving them their abilities.

In this article, I will give you a run down about flying type weaknesses and everything you need to know about them.

What Is A Flying Type Pokemon?

Flying-type Pokemons are Pokemons that are categorized and distinguished by their looks which resemble a bird. As the name suggests, these Pokemon can fly, making them very sought after.

Image of Staraptor Pokedex Entry in Scarlet

Flying-type Pokemon have been in the series since generation 1. These Pokemon are usually found paired with normal Type; however, pure flying type Pokemon exist, and they are few and far between.

Best Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses

If you find yourself going against an adversary from the flying Type, you have a few options you can use to combat it effectively.

You can use Electric Type, Rock Type, and Steel Type Pokemon, which can effectively damage Flying Type Pokemon.

Flying Type Weaknesses

When going against a Flying Type Pokemon, an electric type Pokemon will zap it to the ground making its wing useless, thereby effectively constricting its movement. This will allow the electric Pokemon to take it on the ground.

Similarly, rock-type Pokemon can also significantly damage flying-type Pokemon. Their hard exteriors render the flying type attack useless and make it vulnerable, giving the rock type a solid victory.

Finally, Steel Type Pokemon can also render the flying Type moves useless due to their hard steel shells. Flying Type Pokemon are also vulnerable to Ice type Pokemon.

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Flying Type Strengths and Resistances

Even though a flying-type Pokemon has some weaknesses, it is strong against a few types of Pokemon

Any Pokemon that is of the Bug Type, Grass Type, and Fighting type is useless against a flying type Pokemon. Your Flying Type Pokemon will effectively damage them, ensuring your victory.

When it comes to resistances, Flying type pokemon are resistant to fighting type, bug type, grass type, and ground type.

Any attack that comes from these types of Pokemon onto the flying Type will cause only half damage and thereby be useless.

Best Counters For Flying Type Pokemon

If you are up against a flying type Pokemon, here are a few Pokemon that will give you an easy victory if you pull them out in battle.

Best Counters For Flying Type Pokemon

The first Pokemon on my list is Raichu which is an electric-type Pokemon. It is an evolved form of Pikachu and is a very sought-after Pokemon.

It has a stat total of 485. Due to its electric typing, Raichu will effectively damage any Flying-type Pokemon.

The next Pokemon on this list is Glaceon, an Ice Type Pokemon. This Pokemon can cause double damage to any flying type Pokemon. Glaceon has a stat total of 525.

Finally, The last Pokemon on my list is Gigalith, a Rock-type Pokemon. Its stat total is 515. This Pokemon will also ensure your victory against any flying type Pokemon.

Final Verdict:

This was everything that you needed to know about Flying Type Pokemon. To summarise, Flying type Pokemon are weak against electric, Ice, and rock-type Pokemon. On the contrary flying-type Pokemon are super effective against Grass, Fighting, and Bug-type Pokemon.

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