Is Borderlands 2 Cross Platform In 2024? (PS5, PS4, Xbox & PC)

Borderlands 2 Cross Platform

Borderlands 2 is one of the best games and a rare sequel that outshines its predecessor. Released in 2012, the game is available to play on various platforms such as PC, Playstation, Xbox consoles, Android, macOS, Nintendo switch, and Linux

Borderlands 2 was developed by Gearbox Software, and soon after its release, it became an instant blockbuster and gained critical reception from all game critics.

Mainly, the game’s setting is futuristic, having set in a distant future in 2864. The game features high octane battles, and you can call this game a “looter-shooter.” It excels in its department, and very few games come close to what Borderlands 2 achieved, not to mention a massive improvement from its predecessor.

The game utilizes First-person mode with RPG and Co-Op elements; if you are a fan of these kinds of games, you will get pretty familiar with Borderlands 2 in no time.

There are only 4 characters that are playable, and they all come with unique abilities and personality traits. Pretty standard stuff, but how these characters play out throughout the campaign is the real deal.

There is no multiplayer PVP of any sort, so it’s kind of a bummer that you can’t play against other players with these unique abilities, but it is a Co-Op game. With 4 characters, one for each player.

And tons of utility to help you fight through the gnarliest and biggest enemies. Now the word Co-Op seems exciting and familiar, but does it mean that Borderlands 2 supports cross platform features?

If I were to play with my friends (since this game allows 4 players to join throughout the campaign), can I invite them to my lobby if they are on different platforms?

That’s what cross platform is for, eliminating any platform restrictions from the game so anyone can join and have fun. But let’s dig deeper to find out whether or not this game has a cross-platform mode for you and your friends?

Is Borderlands 2 Cross Platform In 2024?

There is no doubt that this game’s replayability factor is high. You can play this game again and again without getting bored and if you have friends on your side. You are in for a good time. But here is the question. What if you are unable to join your friends because they are on different gaming platforms?

This is where cross platform features come into play which is, unfortunately, missing from this game. Borderlands 2 doesn’t support any type of crossplay, which means you are most likely stuck with your platform.

If you are on PC, you can play with PC friends, of course, but your friends on console cant join you, and neither can you. No cross platform mode creates this boundary that restricts players from interacting with each other, and this is something that is frowned upon in the gaming community.

gameplay image of borderlands 2

Cross platform mode demand is getting higher these days, and most people are expecting newer games to adapt to this mode, and they do. Recent AAA titles are embracing cross platform, and there are numerous games that allow crossplay between different platforms, even Nintendo switch.

I have to make a case for borderlands 2 here. This is an old game, a decade old. So back then, when people were getting into gaming, especially online games like CSGO, DOTA, and Call of Duty.

The gaming community wasn’t familiar with crossplay and the resources it takes for developers to create a unified server for all different platforms.

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It’s a lot of hard work that requires dedication and focus. Very few games adopted this method of multiplayer gaming, with final fantasy XI being the first online game to do so back in 2009.

Borderlands 2 developer also stated that they are avoiding crossplay, so each player has a level and equal ground in-game.

Most of the time, console players get overshadowed by PC players in many games due to skill gaps. In some cases, toxic players can use this power to their unfair advantage and ruin the game for everyone else.

Having similar experience in-game is necessary, and it is the responsibility of the developer to provide the best gaming experience to their dedicated gamers.

Developers were unaware that their first game was going to be a sleeper hit, so after the success of borderlands, they acquired a budget of 40 million dollars to develop the sequel, so it’s safe to assume that they had a limited budget to oversee the whole production of the game.

Adding crossplay would have required more financial help and time, which is something not everyone can afford. Even if the devs are willing to introduce a crossplay mode, financial issues can hold them back from executing the idea.

Final Verdict:

Borderlands 2 is a fun and vibrant game that caught positive reactions from people all over the world. And to this date, it is hailed as one of the best CO-Op fps shooters of all time. But it’s a shame that this co-op shooter doesn’t allow players to interact with each other if they are on separate consoles.

I am not saying that this issue undermines the potential and goodwill of the game in any way, but it is a major plus point, and I would go as far to say that this is a major selling point of any game.

Cross-play adds that sense of teamwork, that sense of competition that is missing from solo playthrough. . Where is the fun in that? You are not gonna take all of the damage from enemies all by yourself? Let your teammates suffer along with you. It is even better if they got your back during boss battles.

I am positive that people are demanding cross-play for this 10-year-old game to this day, and this is a testament to the game’s charm.

There are still dedicated thousands of players out there playing this game today. Borderlands 3 was just released a few years ago, and finally, this year, it is getting cross-play support for all platforms.

Maybe this is a silver lining for old borderlands 2 veterans. We might see some news or progress toward cross-play, at least for Xbox and Playstation consoles (they are quite similar in how they work), but this is just optimistic guesswork from me. Take it with a grain of salt.

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