Pokemon Masters Tier List (The Ultimate Updated Guide)

pokemon master ex tier list

Since the release of the Pokémon franchise in 1996 in Japan, Pokémons have widely become popular with people of all ages.

Furthermore, the series and games of this franchise have been improving since their release, and now, in the 21st century, it has become one of the most loved games and series to be watched by kids and adults. 

Pokémon Master is a popular game that contains dozens of Pokémon that you can collect, upgrade and play with. The game contains a Pokémon Masters Tier List, which is super useful when you decide to play the game.

The list will help you learn more about the Pokemon that interest you. You can learn about their strengths, weaknesses, resistances, and upgrades. 

The qualities of the Pokémon are otherwise difficult to find and remember if you don’t have the Pokémon master ex-tier list. So, our guide is dedicated to giving you the tier list knowledge. 

Pokémon Masters Tier List: Everything You Need To Know!

The one thing about the Pokémon tier list you should know is that it can always change. The game is always upgrading, and hence the list is also always changing.

This is why my suggestion to you is that you use our guideline for your guidance so that it always keeps you up to date about the tier list. 

The Pokémon Master game will divide your synced pairs into different roles, including support, physical, tech, and special. Each of these roles will operate your avatar differently. So let’s get started on our list. 


The S-tier list is the list that can help you turn your lost battles into won battles. If you are competitive, I strongly suggest that you try to get your hands on S-tier as soon as possible because it contains some amazing sync pairs. 

Let’s take a look at some of those pairs.

Cynthia & Mega Garchomp

Using this dynamic sync with the Acerola and Palosand tech sync will become practically undefeated. Palosand can create one of the strongest storms and boost your party’s attack to an incredible rate. Mega Garchomp will also insinuate shattering damage to the opponent.

Cynthia and Mega Garchomp

If you want to unleash hell on your opponent, you must pair your Cynthia and Mega Garchomp with the Acerola and Palosand team.

Apart from this, the ideal situation to use this sync duo is in sandy terrain. With this team, you will realize that you have an AoE killing machine that can take on many enemies.

Max statistics:

  • HP: 561
  • Defense: 177
  • Attack: 409
  • Special defense: 145
  • Speed: 334
  • Special Attack: 131


  • Earthquake: it can cause damage to all opponents and has 100 to 120 power.
  • X Attack: it raises the attack sharply.
  • Slash: it raises the chance of a critical hit and has 50 to 60 damage
  • This match is too fun: this turns the whole game around. When you are in a sandstorm, the damage rate gets higher.

Passive Skills: 

  • Fast Track 2: this raises the chance of raising Pokémon’s speed when they are done with a move. 
  • Surging Sand 5: powers up all kinds of moves while the sandstorm is happening
  • Ground shift: all normal moves become ground-type moves.

Sync Move: 

  • Earthquake of ancient lore: the Pokémon becomes the Mega Garchomp until the battle finishes. It has 160 to 192 power.

Gloria & Zacian

This sync pair will arrive late in the game because of its high stats and versatile power. When the right team is supporting Zacian, then no foe can stand up to them because of the unbeatable power of Behemoth Blade.

Gloria and Zacian

The Pokémon can cut anything into two by only one strick, and that is why it is also known as the “Fairy King’s Sword.” They look adorable together but are deadly to their enemies. 

Max statistics:

  • HP: 561
  • Defense: 162
  • Attack: 390
  • Speed: 395
  • Special Defense: 162
  • Special Attack: 252


  • Move Gauge Boost: it increases the power of the gauge by three
  • Behemoth Blade: Your power will increase if your target has a sync buff. It has 144 to 172 power.
  • Laser-Sharp Focus: this move reduces the countdown of sync by 1 number. The attack also raises and becomes critical for the opponent. 
  • Play Rough: the target’s attack has a chance of getting lower. Its power is 111 to 133. 

Passive Skills: 

  • Refresh 4: your move is always successful 
  • Fierce Entry 2: the attack is raised when the Pokémon goes into the battle 
  • Move gauge: when the move is successful, there is a chance that the user’s move gauge gets charged by 1.
  • Sync Burst 1: it heals 1 MP when you use the sync move for the 1st time. 

Sync Move:

  • Glorious Behemoth Blade: if the target has a sync buff, then the move’s power increases. It has 200 to 240 power.

Hilbert & Mightyena

This is a dark-type sync pair of the early game. You will see that this pair has a high HP, but there is still potential for reaching an even higher HP. They can be your perfect damage option. 

Hilbert And Mightyena

Mightyena will keep getting better as the game progresses, and it will cause even more damage to the opponent. This is why this pair is a better option than many other sync pairs.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 745
  • Speed: 267
  • Attack: 350
  • Special Attack: 230
  • Defense: 123
  • Special Defense: 123


  • X Attack: it will sharply raise the attack
  • Rawr: If the status condition affects the user, it dramatically increases the speed. It also raises the hit rate critically and lowers the defense and special defense. 
  • Crunch: it will lower your target’s defense and has 99 to 118 power
  • Double Edge: you can take 25% of the damage that this move causes the target.

Passive Skills:

  • Spur On 4: it charges your move meter with four powers every time a Pokémon faints on the field (of the opponent)
  • Dark Shift: all the normal moves become dark moves.
  • Carry On 1: it raises the attack every time someone’s Pokémon faints on the field.

Sync Move:

  • Bump in the night Crunch: it raises your critical hit rate with a 250 to 300 power.

N & Zekrom

This physical strike sync pair has Zekrom, similar to Garchomp but is more advanced in causing damage. His single damage is enough to make the other Pokémon faint.

N and Zekrom

The best place to use this pair Is in the electric terrain where more damage is possible. You can expect this Pokémon to scorch the area with lightning, and with it, you are sure to win the battle.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 611
  • Defense: 157
  • Attack: 414
  • Special Attack: 336
  • Special Defense: 157
  • Speed: 204 


  • Bolt Strike: by using this move, there is a chance that your target gets paralyzed. It has 189 to 226 power.
  • Ideals will prevail: it will sharply raise the user’s speed. It also raises the user’s accuracy and lowers their defense. However, there are no sync buffs, and the powers also support the super effective attacks. 
  • X Attack: it will raise the user’s attack sharply. It has 115 to 138 power.
  • Outrage:  it will leave the user confused. 

Passive Skills: 

  • Entry Freebie: When the Pokémon enters the battle, it doesn’t let the user use the move gauge. 
  • Piercing Blows: The opponent won’t be able to endure an attack, it won’t let the opponent protect against the critical hits, and it ignores the skills that reduce the damage of attacks.
  • Sync Freebie: it doesn’t let the user use a moving gauge after a sync move.

Sync Moves:

  • Bridging Bold Strike: it targets all the opponents. And it has 250 to 300 power.

Steven & Mega Metagross

This pair contains massive power. There is practically nothing more powerful than this duo (apart from some of the legendary Pokémons).

Steven and Mega Metagross

Steven and Mega Metafross have the highest attack stats in the game, and if you combine them with MP refresh and good healing power, your attacker can ensure any opponent. So if you want to damage your opponent devastatingly, go for this duo.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 487
  • Defense: 190
  • Attack: 428
  • Speed: 246
  • Special Defense: 186
  • Special Attack: 137


  • Iron Head: the target will slightly flinch. It has 92 to 110 power.
  • Bullet Punch: it doesn’t have many different effects.
  • X Attack: it raises the user’s attack sharply.
  • Best There Is: it raises the user’s defense and ensures that the next hit will be more critical. Once your Metagross is mega evolved, the user will be able to endure the next hot.

Passive Skills: 

  • Impervious: the stats cannot be lowered
  • Power Chain 3: the move is powered up when the unity bonus is effective.

Sync Moves:

  • Solid Steel Meteor Mash: with this, yours can become Mega Metagross until the end of the battle.

May & Swampert

This is a tech sync pair that has an amazing Water AoE output. The attack will be deadly, depending on the weather.

May and Mudkip

Swampert will take advantage of the Sync Grid of May. They will provide your team with many winning moments if properly played.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 705
  • Defense: 194
  • Special Attack: 322
  • Special Defense: 194
  • Speed: 189
  • Attack: 255


  • Muddy Water: the target’s accuracy can be lowered a bit. This move has 116 to 139 power.
  • Earth Power: there is a small chance that the Special Defense gets lowered. It has 99 to 118 power.
  • Rain Dance: this move will make the weather rainy.
  • Ready for this? It will charge by 2 points and raise your Special Attack and the critical hit rate.

Passive Skills:

  • Raging Rain 3: This will power up your moves in rainy weather.
  • Racing Rain 2: the move gauge quickly charges during rain
  • Dizzying power: the more the accuracy of the target is lowered, the more power you will get in the moves.

Sync Moves:

  • Best Buddy Muddy Water: becomes a mega Swampert till the end of the battle, and the power of this move is increased when there is heavy rain.


The teams in this tier are super strong and have the potential to take full charge of any battle. The Pokémon and trainers of this list are not as powerful as the teams of the S tier list, but they are still strong, smart, and amazing. Let’s take a look at some of the A-tier teams.

Hala & Crabominable

This is an ice-type sync-pair available for all the players who go for spotlight scout. Hala is known to be the grandfather of Hau and as the Kahuna of the Island Melemele.

Hala and Crabominable

Hala is paired with Crabominable, and they can unleash hell on their opponents when they work together. They can also reach six* when they perform well. The ideal situation to use this pair is in icy landscapes. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 737
  • Defense: 202
  • Attack: 343
  • Special Attack: 136
  • Speed: 126
  • Special Defense: 186


  • Ice Hammer: it will lower the user’s speed. It has 194 to 232 power.
  • Make ’em Holla: it raises the user’s accuracy and attack and gives them the ability to endure the next attack lightly without losing HP.
  • Dire Hit+: it raises the hit rate of the user.
  • Brick Break: it removes the special and the physical damage from the opponent’s play. It has 35 to 42 power.

Passive Skills:

  • First Aid 6: this skill improves the HP of your Pokémon during the battle when it feels exhausted.
  • Slow Windup 1: when the user’s speed is lowered, the moves are powered up by this skill.
  • Headstrong: the attacks cant be lowered.

Sync Moves:

  • Abominable Ice Hammer: it has the same effects as the ice hammer.

Iris & Haxorus

Haxorus does not have any decent statistics. If it had any good stats, it would be in the S-tier. Its moves are all about themselves because they are only sufficient for self-buffs.

Iris and Haxorus

Iris is a great and super strong Pokémon trainer because of her background of living with the Dragon Pokémon.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 491
  • Defense: 156
  • Special Attack: 75
  • Attack: 295
  • Speed: 190
  • Special Defense: 117


  • Dragon Claw: it doesn’t have any additional damage on the opponent. Its power is only 50 to 60.
  • Outrage: this move will leave your opponent confused. Its power is 115 to 138.
  • X Attack: it will sharply raise your attack. 
  • You’re going down: this will raise your speed and critical hit rate. 

Passive Skills:

  • Power reserve 2: this will power up all your moves in a second. 

Sync Move:

  • Dragon Sage Outrage: this attack has no extra effects on the opponent.

Maxie & Groudon

Groudon is the epitome of land. There are many legends available regarding Groudon and Kyogre fighting against one another to earn the power of the land. But, judging from the power, we can say that Groudon got more power than Kyogre.

Maxie and Groudon

On the other hand, Maxie is the leader of Team Magma and has high hopes of creating a perfect world for humans. He is willing to do anything and make as many sacrifices as needed to achieve his dreams. 

Max Statistics:

  • HP: 689
  • Defense: 124
  • Special Attack: 336
  • Attack: 414
  • Sped: 297
  • Special Defense: 115


  • Dire Hit+: it will raise your critical hit rate
  • Precipice Blades: there is no additional effect of this move
  • Solar Beam: press this move once, and you will start preparing for the attack. Press the move again, and you will release the attack on the opponent. If the weather is sunny, the attack won’t take time to prepare, and you can attack straight away. It has 150 to 180 power.
  • Expand the land: it will raise the user’s attack and special attack and lower your special defense and defense. The accuracy of the attack is at its peak when the weather is sunny.

Passive Skills:

  • Hoenn Pride: will power up your physical attacks and cause more damage when any of your team members launch an attack. On the other hand, your maximum damage will be reduced by 31%.  
  • Solar Surge 3: it will quickly charge your move gauge and power up the moves during sunny weather.
  • Sunburst: makes the weather sunny when your Pokémon first enters the field.
  • Drought Alert 5: it will prolong the sunny weather.

Sync Moves:

  • Groundbreaking Precipice Blades: no extra damage to the opponent. 

May & Mega Lopunny

This is a power pair that has amazing support and strike combo. They can clean out the mess of your opponents in a matter of seconds.

May and Mega Lopunny

They can fight back even when they have endured intense damage, and their threat is something you shouldn’t take lightly. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 630 
  • Defense: 155
  • Special Defense: 167
  • Attack: 356
  • Special Attack: 167
  • Speed: 292


  • Headbutt: there is a slight chance that the target will flinch. The move has 53 to 63 power.
  • X Defense All: it will raise the defense sharply of all the allied synced pairs. 
  • Potion: restore your ally’s HP by 40%
  • Hippity Hoppity: raises the speed of all sync pairs and your evasiveness. 

Passive Skills:

  • Sync Morph: it will change your sync move types when using it for the first time.
  • Solo fanfare 6: drastically raise the user’s attack when used for the first time.
  • Revenge Boost 5: will charge the move gauge when hit with an attack.

Sync Moves:

  • Heart Thumping Normal Impact: you will become Mega Lopunny until the end of the battle. The move can become a fighting type when used for the first time. 

Olivia & Lycanroc (midnight form)

Lycanroc comes from the original series of Pokémon Moon/Sun. It is a very well-made Pokémon by the original developers. But he is also one of the Pokémon, which are easily abused because of their strong attacks.

Olivia and Lycanroc

However, the issue arrives when we see the accuracy level of Lycanroc. The only trainer that can solve this issue is Olivia at the wheel.

The best thing is that the critical hit faints the opponent’s Pokémon and helps your Pokémon get a boost, so the longer your fight is, the better.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 584
  • Defense: 162
  • Attack: 445
  • Speed: 272
  • Special Defense: 162
  • Special Attack: 88


  • Rock throw: it doesn’t have any additional effect on the opponent
  • Hard as Diamond: it will raise your accuracy and the hit rate. Apart from this, it will also lower your Special defense.
  • X Attack: it raises the attack of the user
  • Stone Edge: it hits land more effectively.

Passive Skills:

  • Amped Up 1: this skill raises the speed of Pokémon when a critical damage attack hits it. 

Selene & Decidueye

This is a great pair for a physical strike. They are super flexible and self-sufficient, but they fall short when we compare them to other pairs.

Selene and Decidueye

Although their stats are not as amazing as a pair from the S-tier, they can still take and deal with a lot of damage and are a good pick for many battles.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 585
  • Defense: 138
  • Special Defense: 150
  • Special Attack: 349
  • Attack: 359
  • Speed: 254


  • Spirit Shackle: causes strain effects on the target.
  • Leaf Blade: critical hit is more effective. Its power is 80 to 96
  • X Attack: it raises user attack
  • Stare ‘Em Down: it raises your hit rate, defense, and special defense and provides the ability to heal yourself.

Passive Skills:

  • Hold Hostage: it powers up the moves when an opponent is strained 
  • Critical Speed 5: when the move is a critical hit, there is a chance that your speed will increase.
  • Hold and Hit 5: Your move gauge will charge when your attack is successful against your opponent.

Sync Moves:

  • Moonlight Leaf Blade: all critical hits are more effective.

Steven & Alolan Sandslash

This is one of the best A-tier Pokémon pairs. But, this Is also a very weird pair because they always require using the game’s weather system. Alolan Sandslash is buffed to a great degree whenever that system is used.

Steven and Alolan Sandslash

When used during hail and invigorating hail, the pair can turn enemies into ash, but they don’t ‘burst damage.’ Sandslash can run on the snowy fields at high speed because it has sharp claws that can help plow the snow. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 630
  • Defense: 176
  • Special Attack: 115
  • Attack: 424
  • Special Defense: 147
  • Speed: 224


  • Icicle Spear: attacks the opponent in a row 5 times.
  • Icicle Crash: can make the target flinch (30% chance). It has 105 to 126 power.
  • X Attack: it will raise your attack by two moves.
  • Coolest there is: raises your critical hit rate and your hit accuracy and raises the hit rate by 2 when there is a hailstorm. 

Passive Skills:

  • Hail Bringer: after using this move, there will be a hail storm
  • Invigorating Hail 5: powers up your moves during hail storms.
  • Snow shelter: it will protect you from hailstorm damage

Sync Move:

  • Too cool icicle crash: this doesn’t have any additional damage on the opponent

Sygna Suit Grimsley & Mega Sharpedo

Sygna Suit Grimsley and Mega Sharpedo

This is another striker pair that is based on speed. The team has great potential and performs well, but there are a few drawbacks like not damaging the opponent until late in the match and the constant need for healing that Sharpedo needs now and then. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 661
  • Defense: 156
  • Attack: 393
  • Speed: 514
  • Special Attack: 358
  • Special Defense: 156


  • Liquidation: there is a small chance your opponent’s defense will go down. It has 99 to 118 power.
  • Aqua Jet: no additional damage to the opponent.
  • X Attack: it raises your critical attack sharply.
  • Sink or Swim: it removes all your status conditions and raises your slipperiness and hit rate. The damage this move causes is equal to 90% of the HP. 

Passive Skills:

  • Double Down 5: it powers up your sync moves which cause the most damage.
  • Fast track 2: has a 50% chance of raising your Pokémon’s speed if used after a move. 
  • Power Flux 5: the more power in the move gauge, the higher the power of this move will go. 

Sync Moves:

  • High-stakes Liquidation: you become Mega Sharpedo until the battle ends.

Blue & Mega Pigeot

This pair has a special attack that becomes compatible with Charizard. They also have a lot of ways to become buffed themselves and shred their enemies like paper. They can pierce the heavens with their amazing stats.

Blue and Mega Pigeot

However, their damage-causing ability during the early game is a bit low, so they are in the A-tier. Nevertheless, this is one of the cutest duo of Pokémon Master ex Tier.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 569
  • Defense: 186
  • Special Defense: 186
  • Attack: 142
  • Special Attack: 508
  • Speed: 407


  • Air Cutter: critical hits are more finely cast with 43 to 51 power
  • Hurricane: never misses the target when there is rain. It also leaves the opponent confused. With 126 to 151 power.
  • X Special Attack: it raises your Special Attack.
  • Smell Ya Later: raises your accuracy, critical hit rate, and evasiveness.  

Passive Skills:

  • Acuity: it lowers the accuracy of the opponent.
  • Haste: speed cant is lowered by any means.

Sync Moves: 

  • World Swallowing Hurricane: you become a Mega Pidgeot until the end of the battle.


The Pokémon and their trainers in this group have even lesser power than those of the A-Tier list. However, the pairs are better than the C-tier list, which we will discuss later. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best B-Tier list Pokémon.

Bea & Sirfetch’d

This is a fighting type, striker sync pair which can tier up any rival with their teamwork, determination, and chivalry. In addition, they can easily have an offensive setup. This means they can reach their maximum offense potential without taking much time. 

Bea and Sirfetch’d

As soon as they walk into the field, their critical hit rate reaches +2 and max out with the grid. But, this team’s biggest drawback is their average bulk. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 628
  • Defense: 124
  • Attack: 380
  • Special Defense: 122
  • Special Attack: 226
  • Speed: 227


  • Meteor Assault: this does not have any different effects on the opponent.
  • X Speed: it will raise your speed
  • X Attack: it will raise your attack
  • Hold Strong: it will raise your defense and evasiveness. It will also help in healing.

Passive Skills:

  • Critical Strike 3: if the move is a critical hit, this skill will power them up.
  • Steady Aim: the critical-hit rate will not get any lower
  • Sharp Entry 2: it will raise your critical hit.

Elisa & Zebstrika

This team can cause damage to the opponents while also taking damage to themselves. This pair, when working together, can ensure that their next hit is always critical.

Elisa and Zebstrika

They can also heal themselves after damage and raise their attacks. Furthermore, Zebstrika can also paralyze its opponents very effectively. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 876
  • Defense: 115
  • Attack: 342
  • Speed: 369
  • Special Defense: 115
  • Special Attack: 189


  • Spark: has a small chance that your enemy will be paralyzed with 42 to 50 power.
  • Wild Charge: you will also get hit by this attack while inflicting damage to your target.
  • X Attack: this will raise your attack
  • Electrifying: it restores some parts of your HP and ensures that your next hit is a critical hit.

Passive Skills:

  • Lithe: it prevents Pokémons from becoming paralyzed
  • Fast-Track 2: has a small chance of raising your Pokémon’s speed after using a move.

Sync Moves:

  • Shining spotlight wild bolt: no extra damage caused to the opponent.

Guzma & Golisopod

Guzma is the leader of the Alola group’ Team Skull’ he is kind yet super strong, which is why Golisopod is the perfect pairing Pokémon for him. Golisopod can cause severe damage to the enemy.

Guzma and Golisopod

This mechanic-inspired pair is also ideal for co-op play because they have some of the highest stats in the game. In addition, they are a very interesting physical striker pair with amazing power.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 490
  • Defense: 209
  • Attack: 449
  • Speed: 222
  • Special Attack: 171
  • Special Defense: 123


  • Pin Missile: attacks the opponent 3-5 times in one go with 16 to 19 power.
  • First impression: this move will not work if you have already used any other move. 
  • Dire hit+: it will raise your critical hit rate.
  • Beat ’em Down: this allows you to use three slots of move gauge, and then based on the amount used, it can increase your defense or attack by four ranks.

Passive Skills:

  • Danger dodge 2: raises your evasiveness when the HP falls below half meter.

Hilda & Emboar

This support and striker pair has a useful role in each setting. They can cause physical offense to any opponent. Hilda is a young, hot-blooded Pokémon trainer.

Hilda and Emboar

She loves Pokémon battles and is always looking for ways to make her battles and outcomes better. Emboar is the perfectly strong Pokémon for Hilda. This pair has one of the highest HP in the Pokémon ex-tier list.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 934
  • Attack: 397
  • Defense: 101
  • Speed: 167
  • Special defense: 103
  • Special Attack: 159


  • Flame Change: it will raise your speed by 30 to 36 power.
  • Flare Blitz: it will unfreeze you and cause you damage when you attack your enemy. It has 123 to 147 power.
  • Potion: restore your ally’s HP by 40%
  • Try and stop us: if your speed rises, this move will increase your attack by x2.

Passive Skills:

  • Antitoxin: it saves your Pokémon from getting poisoned 
  • First aid 4: restores your Pokémon’s HP by 40%

Korrina & Mega Lucario

Korrina and Mega Lucario

This physical striker pair has a good damage output with a great chance of increasing the critical hit rate. If you keep working on them, then you can have a strong team at your disposal.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 498
  • Attack: 461
  • Speed: 232
  • Special Attack: 359
  • Special Defense: 117 


  • Power-up punch: raises your attack by 30 to 36 power.
  • Dire Hit: raises your critical hit rate.
  • Skate on thought: raises the user’s speed and attack.
  • Close combat: lowers the Special Defense and Defense of the user.

Passive Skills:

  • Unflappable: this prevents your Pokémon from flinching.

Sync Moves:

  • Give it all: become a mega Lucario until the end of the battle.

Lyra & Jigglypuff

This is a summer sync pair, which can be called the first Fairy-type sync pair. The pair is adorable, but don’t go on their appearance as they can cause physical and special attacks on the enemy.

Lyra and Jigglypuff

They can also buff the offensive stats. The best way to get this pair is via the summer event. Be ready to be bewitched by Jigglypuff’s melodies.

Max statistics: 

  • HP: 757
  • Speed: 186
  • Defense: 132
  • Special Defense: 132
  • Special Attack: 380


  • Dazzling Gleam: this has no effects on the opponent
  • Play Rough: this has a small chance of lowering the opponent’s attack.
  • Solo act: charges your move gauge by two and four if they are asleep. 
  • Dire Hit+: raises your critical hit rate.

Passive Skills:

  • Clock out: puts the opponents to sleep when a sync move is successful.
  • Mind Swell 2: it has a 50% chance of raising your special attack when Pokémon makes a move.
  • Mad Strength 2: it has a 50% chance of raising your Pokémon’s attack.

Sync Moves:

Cute factor: this doesn’t have any extra effects on the opponent.

 Nate & Braviary

This is one of the only Pokémon and trainer groups whose trainer is a fitness and legendary icon. On the other hand, Braviary is the icon of world-class power.

Nate and Braviary

So if you want to become a real Pokémon master, then getting Nate and Braviary is a must. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 562
  • Speed: 287
  • Defense: 134
  • Special Attack: 182
  • Attack: 273
  • Special Defense: 134


  • Aerial Ace: never misses the target with a 45 to 54 power.
  • Be Brave: it raises your accuracy and attack. 
  • Dire Hit+: it will raise your critical hit rate
  • Fly: with this, you can fly for a specific time. After that time, you can attack the opponent and will also be able to perform other actions while flying. 

Passive Skills:

  • Quick Combo 3: has a good chance that a user can use quick moves many times if the other moves are successful. 
  • Power flux 3: the fuller your move gauge is, the more power your moves will have.

Sync Move:

  • Bravest brave bird: this doesn’t cause any extra damage to the opponent.

Bruno & Machamp

Bruno is the 2nd member of the Kanto Elite Four club as he trains and raises the fighting Pokémon. He loves to challenge only the best Pokémon trainers.

bruno and machamp

Since joining the club, he has had many Pokémons, but his best and signature Pokémon will always be Machamp. Bruno loves to shout ‘Hoo Hah,’ which gets him pumped up.

Machamp can grasp the enemy with four arms and then twist them in a tight hold. This move makes the enemy vulnerable and easy to defeat.

Max Statistics:

  • HP: 648
  • Speed: 203
  • Defense: 138
  • Attack: 343
  • Special Attack: 199
  • Special Defense: 119


  • Dire Hit+: it will raise your hit rate.
  • Karate Chop: all critical hits will land quickly with 16 to 19 power.
  • Hoo Hah: it will raise your special defense and attack
  • Cross Chop: Critical hits are easier (by 100 to 120) with this.

Passive Skills:

  • Critical Strike 2: if the attacks are critical hits, they become more powerful. 

Bugsy & Mega Beedrill

This poison-type sync pair is effective on the ground and psychic levels. In addition, the three poisonous stings on Beedrill’s tail and forelegs can help them continuously jab the enemy.

Bugsy and Mega Beedrill

Bugsy is a bug-type Pokémon lover (hence his name). He is also the youngest gym leader of Johto. But, they are in this tier because of low defense.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 506
  • Defense: 94
  • Attack: 384
  • Speed: 359
  • Special Defense: 119
  • Special Attack: 135


  • Fell Stinger: it knocks out your enemy and raises your attack with 44 to 52 power.
  • Tweedle: it attacks the enemy twice in one attack and also has a small chance of poisoning your opponent.
  • Behold my research: raises your evasiveness and speed
  • Sure Crit: ensures that your next attack is a critical hit.

Passive Skills: 

  • Critical Strike 2: will power up your attack if they are critical hits.

Sync Moves: 

  • Bug Expert: become a mega Beedrill until the end of the battle.

Kris & Feraligatr

This is one of the oldest sync pairs in the game. Kris is one of the strongest trainers of this tier because she can endure damage and her bulkiness.

Kris and Feraligatr

But, her paired Pokémon is not a good match with her because it doesn’t cause much damage. Kris is an all Pokémon lover. She treats all the Pokémon with great kindness.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 688
  • Speed: 329
  • Defense: 140
  • Special Defense: 127
  • Special Attack: 
  • Attack: 285


  • Waterfall: there is a small chance of making your enemy flinch, with 45 to 54 power.
  • Mega Kick: no extra effect on the opponent
  • Pick up the pace: it will raise the user’s speed and ensure that your next move is a critical hit. 
  • X Attack: it raises the user’s attack.

Passive Skills:

  • Endurance: when the user enters the battle with a full HP, this skill will give it an enduring effect.
  • Water shift: all the normal moves become Water-type moves.

Marshal & Conkeldurr

Conkeldurr is a fighting-type Pokémon who always stood by its trainer even when he was invested in other Pokémon. It can smash things easily with his strong hands, giving him leverage over other Pokémon.

Marshal and Conkeldurr

Marshal is a part of the Unova League Elite Four club. He knows that it is difficult to become strong, but he still works hard to become strong. 

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 584
  • Defense: 140
  • Special Attack: 134
  • Speed: 139
  • Attack: 341
  • Special Attack: 134


  • Rock Smash: there is a 50% chance that your opponent’s defense will be lowered by 46 to 55 power.
  • Drain Punch: it will restore your HP based on the damage you can endure and how much you caused damage to the opponent. With a 91 to 109 power.
  • X Attack: sharply raises your attack
  • It’s all down to this: increases your move gauge by two and raises your defense.

Passive Skills:

Gritty 5: if the Pokémon is affected by the status condition, it will power up your moves.

Sync Moves:

  • Way of the Warrior: no additional effect on the opponent.

Molayne & Dugtrio

Molayne is super curious about everything, and that is why he runs an observatory at Hokulani and manages a PC box system of Alola. Dugtrio is an earth Pokémon that can trigger earthquakes and burrow to 60 miles underground.

Molayne and Dugtrio

They have a triple head that is attached to one body. Dugtrio is extremely powerful if used in a land setting because they can dig the land and attack the opponent unexpectedly. 

Max Statistics:

  • HP: 427
  • Defense: 156
  • Special Attack:220
  • Attack: 344
  • Speed: 418
  • Special Defense: 161


  • Metal Claw: there is a 30% chance of raising your attack by 21 to 25 power.
  • Iron Head: has a 50% chance of making your opponent flinch by 92 to 110 power.
  • Bend but don’t break: raises your speed, special defense, and defense.
  • X Attack: it sharply raises your attacking ability.

Passive Skills:

  • Arresting Glare 1: has a small chance that your target will be slowed when they are hit with a physical attack
  • Backfire 2: This skill will lower the opponent’s attack and special attacks before you faint. 

Sync Moves:

  • Supernova: this steel move doesn’t have an additional effect on the opponent.

Morty & Drifblim

Morty is a ghost-type leader who trained secretly at Ecruteak City, allowing him to see what other trainers cannot see. This is a ghost-type Pokémon pair that can cause great damage to the opponent when they use phantom force.

Morty and Drifblim

Since they have a phantom appearance, many moves are useless to them. But, a sync move can fade their phantom presence. They are a great usable pair, but other ghost attacks from other Pokémon can defeat them.

Max Statistics:

  • HP: 776
  • Speed: 336
  • Defense: 114
  • Attack: 383
  • Special Defense: 114
  • Special Attack: 315


  • Shadow Ball: there is a small chance that your opponent’s special defense will be lowered.
  • Phantom Force: you will take the phantom presence stance, and after some time, the presence will fade, and you will be able to attack by 160 to 192 power
  • Dire Hit+: it will raise your hit rate.
  • Pierce the veil: it raises your attack if a status condition hits you. Raises your evasiveness, attack, and special attack.

Passive Skills:

  • Benefactor: transfer the stats of this pair to another sync pair which will switch.
  • Shook 2: it will raise your speed when your HP goes down in the battle for the first time.
  • Last word: your Pokémon will use explosion before fainting.

Noland & Mega Pinsir

Noland is a grumpy young man who can’t deal with losing a battle very well. He is a factory head and has great knowledge of Pokémons.

Noland and Mega Pinsir

On the other hand, Pinsir is a bug Pokémon who is afraid of flying but is very strong. It grips the enemy by its pincers and then splits them in half. Its weakness is cold weather.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 622
  • Speed: 338
  • Defense: 157
  • Attack: 411
  • Special Defense: 157
  • Special Attack: 91


  • Fury Cutter: It will increase power if you use it in succession. With 8-9 power
  • X-Scissors: no additional damage to the opponent
  • X Attack: it will raise your attack
  • Bring it on: it will restore a part of your HP and raise your speed.

Passive Skills:

  • Unhindered: This skill helps ignore the damaging effects when the opponent hits you.
  • Impervious: the statistics cant be lowered.

Sync skills:

  • Factory Head X-Scissors: become mega Pinsir till the end of the battle.

Roxie & Scolipede

Roxie is a popular Unvovaian. A centipede inspires Scolipede. It is a bug and poison type Pokémon with quick movements and can quickly chase its enemies because of its feet.

Roxie and Scolipede

Its biggest asset is its horns, ideal for attacking until the enemy prevails. This Pokémon is super aggressive and can pierce the enemy with its claws to poison them. It is introduced in generation 5.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 528
  • Speed: 413
  • Attack: 361
  • Special defense: 136
  • Defense: 177
  • Special Attack: 132


  • Poison Tail: there is a small chance of poisoning the opponent.
  • Poison Jab: has a small chance of poisoning the opponent.
  • X Attack: it raises the attack of users.
  • Time to Rock: it raises users’ hit rate and special defense.

Passive Skills:

  • Fast Track 2: there is a 50% chance of raising the speed of the user’s Pokémon after a successful move.


This list contains the trainers and Pokémon, the weakest or doesn’t have impressive stats. However, since these sync pairs are not as amazing as the others we discussed, they don’t have specific moves, passive skills, or sync moves. So, let’s look at some c-tier Pokémon and their trainers.

Hapu & Mudsdale

Hapu is a kahuna who wanders around Alola island . She has a great love for her Pokémon Mudsdale, who is like a horse.

Hapu and Mudsdale

The Pokémon has a low chance of winning because it doesn’t have strong moves or impressive skills. Its best skill is ‘Clearheaded,’ which prevents the user from getting confused. It has a very low special defense.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 549
  • Defense: 204
  • Speed: 176
  • Attack: 278
  • Special Attack:272
  • Special defense 91

Kahili & Toucannon

Toucannon is inspired by a toucan. During the battle, the beak of this Pokémon heats up, and the temperature can go up to 212 degrees.

Kahili and Toucannon

It can severely burn the opponent; it is a flying Pokémon with a fear of ice. Kahili is a genius golfer who likes to go worldwide for golf games and to battle with Pokémon trainers. She is an active member of the Elite four club.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 582
  • Speed: 271
  • Defense: 176
  • Attack:339
  • Special Defense: 174
  • Special Attack: 162

Norman & Slaking

Norman is a friendly professor of Pokémon from Lumiose City. He loves to research the mega evolutions of Pokémon. Unfortunately, his partner Slaking is one of the laziest Pokémon in the Pokémon master tier list.

Norman and Slaking

All it cares about is food. As soon as no food is left near him, he moves to a new place with food. This is the only reason this pair is in the C-Tier.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 615
  • Defense: 156
  • Speed: 144
  • Attack: 386
  • Special Attack: 43
  • Special Defense: 156

Roark & Rampardos

Roark and Rampardos

Roark stumbled upon Rampardos when he was just a child, and Rampardos was just a fossil. It was one of the first Pokémon to be restored to life from a fossil in Oreburgh City. This pair comes from the original series.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 952
  • Defense: 117
  • Speed: 229
  • Special Defense: 115
  • Special Attack: 116
  • Attack: 388

Sygna Suit Brock & Tyranitar

Brock is a funny, romantic Pokémon trainer who is also the best friend of Ash and Misty. The three of them from the original series can be seen making rounds on the game.

Sygna Suit Brock and Tyranitar

Brock is a solid Pokémon trainer and a Gym Leader who helps and supports young trainers. Although Brock is trained and polished to do anything, his Tyranitar is a rock-based Pokémon that can rock anyone and destroy them.

Max Statistics:

  • HP: 577
  • Speed: 157
  • Attack: 289
  • Special Defense: 90
  • Special Attack: 137
  • Defense: 201

Tate & Solrock

This is another adorable sync pair which is a sun-based pair. Solrock is a solar and rock Pokémon that gets its power from the sun and is super strong during the morning. Whenever this Pokémon spins, he shines.

Tate and Solrock

It is afraid of the dark and also has psychic abilities. On the other hand, Tate is a telepathic Gym Leader who is a pro at fighting battles with his sister Liza. Unfortunately, this pair doesn’t have any special move against an opponent.

Max Statistics: 

  • HP: 569
  • Speed: 184
  • Special attack 117
  • Special Defense: 143
  • Attack: 384
  • Defense: 205

Wulfric & Avalugg

Wulfric is a family man who loves ice Pokémon. He is a huge man but is a big softie. She cried while watching the Brycen-Man movie). Avalugg is an ice Pokémon with an ice-covered body that is harder than steel.

Wulfric and Avalugg

It can crush anything that comes in its way without a second thought. Their most useful attack is ‘Avalanche,’ which gives the user the opportunity for a counter-back attack. 

Max statistics: 

  • HP: 577
  • Speed: 118
  • Special Attack: 46
  • Special Defense: 116
  • Defense: 136
  • Attack: 366

Pokémon Masters Tier List Pokémon Master Criteria Overview

The whole point of separating the Pokémon and their teams was to list the strongest Pokémons to the weakest in the Pokémon master tier.

So, it doesn’t matter if the player gets to those Pokémon or not because they will still be a part of the overall game. This is the criteria for separating the lists of the Pokémon. The Pokémon we discussed are all maxed, providing the best team support.

  • With these Pokémon, the teams become: 
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Relevant and compositionally strong
  • Peak performance in the Pokémon’s optimal environment
  • Self-sufficient and the ability to role densify  

Final Verdict:

Pokémon Masters is one of the most advanced, close to the actual franchise, and fun Pokémon games where you can enjoy playing as a trainer if it was your childhood wish to be a Pokémon trainer. If you don’t own a PC or don’t play games on PlayStation, this is the closest you will get to being a trainer.

This concludes our guide to Pokémon Master and the Pokémon Masters Tier List. Hopefully, now you will have a clear idea of how the pairs work, their strengths, and what advantage you can get if you use a certain Pokémon training pair. 

If you ever feel like getting stuck in the Pokémon Masters game, you can come back to our guide. Good luck, Pokémon trainers!

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