Best EBR-14 Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

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I have had a lot of fun with Call of Duty Modern Warfare, especially with testing some weapons added to the game. I have spent countless hours in private matches fighting against robots and trying to make different weapons the best versions of themselves.

The EBR-14 is one such weapon where I had some of the best fun in the game. This weapon, even at stock, packs a punch and allows you to dispatch your enemies with minimal effort.

However, no weapon is perfect, and there are various kinks you need to work out with them. So to iron out these issues, I am bringing you the Best EBR-14 Load-out in Modern Warfare 2.

I will also be discussing the best perks and equipment that go with them, and finally, I will tell you how you will unlock this weapon. So without further ado, let us get right into it.

Best EBR-14 Loadout Modern Warfare 2

Best EBR-14 Class In Modern Warfare 2

Here is the best EBR-14 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2.

Barrel22″ Boremaster Barrel
Rear GripCronen EM55 Grip
StockSO R55 Adapter
OpticCronen Mini Pro
Ammunition7.62 Overpressured +P

The EBR-14 is a great weapon that is suited for mid-counter combat. This weapon offers you a lot of mobility due to its size; however, it is powerful enough to dispatch your enemies even from a distance.

To optimize this capability more, I will use the 22″ Boremaster barrel as the attachment of my choice here as this gives the weapon more recoil control, high levels of stability, and increases the velocity of the bullets. This makes the EBR-14 quite a lethal weapon, especially in the hand of a skilled player.

While testing it in stock, I have had some issues with the EBR-14 stability. To iron out those kinks, I have chosen the Cronen EM55 Grip as my rear grip. This increases the weapon’s stability, where you can pick off your enemies without flinching.

The EBR-14 in stock offers a lot of mobility, and I believe amplifying this capability with the SO R55 Adaptor stock is the best course of action.

This will allow you to increase the sprint speed of your player and get right into the action at close quarters if you want to do so.

For the Optic, I have gone with the Cronen Mini Pro, as this has a good viewfinder that can help you detect and pick off your enemies with relative ease.

Finally, the 7.62 Overpressured +P is the ammo I have decided to load up in the magazine, which offers the player the ability of one shot, one kill, especially if you go for the head.

Best EBR-14 Loadout: Perks And Equipment

Now that I have given you my thoughts on the perfect Loadout for the EBR 14 let us discuss some of the perks and equipment.

Best EBR 14 Loadout MW 2 Perks

Your primary weapon alone cannot put you in a situation to dominate lobbies; therefore, the perfect mix of perks and equipment is required.

Secondary WeaponExpedite 12
Base Perk 1Scavenger
Base Perk 2Overkill
Bonus PerkCold Blooded
Ultimate PerkHigh Alert
TacticalFlash Grenade
LethalMolotov Cocktail
Field UpgradeDeployable Cover

The EBR-14 is an excellent mid-range weapon; however, you may sometimes find yourself right in the middle of the action, where you will need a good secondary weapon.

The Expedite 12 is my companion weapon, a powerful and versatile shotgun. This weapon allows you to go for a one-shot, one-kill approach and is exceptional at close counters.

Scavenger is my pick for the Base Perk 1, as it is an excellent perk for mid and close-counter guns. This perk allows you to get weapons and throw knives from the enemies you have dispatched.

As the base perk 2, I am using Overkill, allowing you to carry a shotgun as a secondary weapon for close-quarter gunfights.

Best EBR 14 Loadout

I have gone with Cold Blooded for the Bonus Perk, as this perk allows you to remain undetectable from your enemies’ gadgets.

Finally, as an Ultimate perk, I have chosen High Alert, which pulsates your vision just as soon as you are detected by an enemy away from your Field of view.

Flash Grenade is my contender for the tactical equipment of choice. Once you throw one of these bad boys toward your enemy, they will be blinded, and a ringing sound will play inside their head, allowing you to dispatch them quickly.

The Molotov Cocktail is my equipment of choice for the lethal category. You can throw this toward your enemies, where they will be burned as soon it explodes.

Finally, Deployable Cover is my pick for the Field Upgrade as they offer you a cover from your enemies, a boon for a gun designed for mid-counter combat.

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How To Unlock EBR-14 In Modern Warfare 2

I have good news for those who can’t wait to play with the EBR-14 in MW2 multiplayer, as this weapon is unlocked from the get-go, and you do not need to put in any further effort to unlock it.

However, to complete the Loadout I have recommended, you will need to level up as many attachments need to be unlocked.

To try out my Loadout without leveling up, you can launch a private match where all the attachments are already unlocked and play against bots testing different Loadouts.

Final Verdict:

This is my discussion on the Best EBR-14 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2. Despite not being under a level lock, this weapon is one of the best in-game.

However, like every other weapon, this also has some kinks which need to be resolved before you commit to dominating lobbies. I believe the Loadout I recommended to you is the best for the EBR-14 situation.

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