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Angler Slimes are among the fascinating designs among all the new slimes added in Slime Rancher 2. These adorable aquatic-inspired critters, which live in tide pools and congregate around Sea Hen nests, are an excellent addition to your Conservatory.

It takes some digging to find the brand-new Angler slime. Players can gather and farm slimes, which ravenous animals walk.

Slimes are not only adorable, but they also leave behind plots that ranchers may sell for newbucks, the island’s currency.

The Conservatory is ideal for erecting corrals, gardens, and other structures needed to operate a bustling ranch filled with various slimes.

While certain slimes can be found in great numbers immediately, others, like the Angler slime, have more secluded environments.

There are many slimes in the second game, besides the first Slime Rancher slimes. Angler slime, a little blue slime with a yellow-orange bulb on its head.

This guide contains all the information players require to find the fishy slimes and raise them in Slime Rancher. Continue reading to see how to get Angler Slimes in Slime Rancher 2.

How To Get Angler Slimes In Slime Rancher 2

The setting for Slime Rancher 2 is Rainbow Island, a large, vibrant environment rich with life and materials that players can explore.

Many recognizable features and gameplay techniques are returned in the soothing sequel, but players will also discover some entertaining surprises.

To craft the Water Tank in Slime Rancher 2, players need the Plorts of Angler Slimes, a species that inhabits the giant coral reefs of Ember Valley.

As implied by their name, angler slimes are aquatic slimes. They are blue and resemble anglerfish in some ways, including the antenna light that glows from their head and a pair of fins.

Angler slimes are cunning predators in the wild because they can stun their prey and other slimes with their antennae.

They can even surprise other Angler slimes thanks to their solid and stunning abilities. In the game, they gather near bodies of water, yet, they don’t exist in Rainbow Fields. Angler slimes can be found on Rainbow Island in two locations:

  • Ember valley
  • Starlight Strand

To access both areas, gamers must take a few more steps than wandering around the island.

Ember Valley:

One of the initial areas on Rainbow Island that players can access is Ember Valley. Its most noticeable characteristic is its volcanic environment, home to various rare materials and slimes, the Angler slime.

If you are a fan of the last edition, you must be familiar with Gordos as the giant Slime equivalents who hide a passage or reward for Beatrix.

To be removed from these sentient barriers, the Gordo must be fed enough of its favored food type until it pops, revealing whatever it was hiding.

pink gordo blocking a passage

Ranchers will encounter Gordos, which are enormous stationary slimes, as they travel the area. The route to Ember Valley begins at a Pink Gordo slime on Rainbow Field’s northwest edge. The slime’s preferred diet, which in this case is everything edible, must be fed to it till it bursts.

When the slime has been eliminated, a geyser sprays water that leads to a secret cliff route with a device at its end. After engaging with the device, a gateway of dazzling light that transfers you straight to Ember Valley appears.

Location of angler slime in ember valley
Location of Angler Slimes #1

The caves and tunnel network at the center of Ember Valley are home to angler slimes, so move in that direction and look for a tunnel entrance. Follow the cave until it ends at a pond with Angler slimes and a few other species.

Straight Strand:

When you first enter the world of Slime Rancher 2 and travel through Rainbow Fields, you won’t find the Angler slime anywhere. Instead, you must travel to Starlight Strand. It’s here that you’ll encounter your first group of Angler slimes.

Traveling to Starlight Strand to locate Angler slime is quite comparable. First, find the cotton Gordo slime in Rainbow Fields’ southwest region.

Location of cotton gordo

With a teleporter that activates the doorway to Starlight Strand, the Cotton Gordo is perched in front of a cave. Water lettuce or carrots are ideal for causing this slime to erupt because it only consumes vegetables.

Because the Sea splits Starlight Strand in half, many coasts and wetlands exist. The plant life also exhibits this division, with one side covered in red and the other in blue. Angler slimes are widespread in Starlight Strand because of its extensive coastline.

Location of angler slime in starlight strand
Location of Angler Slimes #2

An up-and-down sweep is prepared to turn up a few because they are common and are plenty in the tide pools all around the area.

Raising Angler Slimes

Ranchers can bring Angler slimes to the Conservatory after sweeping them up. With the Air Net, High Walls, Port Collector, Auto Feeder, and other features, corrals can be upgraded for Newbucks. Since angler slime consumes meat, hens and roosters will be doing it.

Ranchers should feed them Sea Hens that may be found in the wild close to Angler slimes on the coasts. To provide them with a broader diet, it is advised to make Largos with another slime.

A slime becomes a Largo slime and takes on the physical characteristics of the other slime when it consumes the plorts of another species. It is a good idea to equip High Walls and the Air Net to restrain them.

A Largo slime will transform into a cannibalistic Tarr slime and multiply to wreak havoc on the ranch. You are visiting Starlight Strand if you’re particularly hunting for Angler Slimes.

They have a much higher spawn rate in this area, so if you have no luck in Ember Valley and have access to this ethereal location, then you should be able to bring one or two home.

Although they can be found in both places, based on our observations, they are more likely to be found at Starlight Strand.

They are common along the water throughout the region, but your best option will be to head south, where you can find Honey and Rock slimes.

The Angler Slimes can be distinguished from the others by the little light that stretches from them in the shape of an angler fish.

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Final Verdict:

You can also get a lot of mileage from the returning crossbreeding mechanic, which combines two types of slimes to create exciting and often ill-advised combinations.

Even though there are only three places available for now, they are all stunning and different, and the UI, music, sound effects, and lighting make everything easy on the eyes and ears. As a result, it felt like something other than an early-access game.

I hope you have a good time playing this game.

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