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Most players who have completed the game’s early levels know that the appearance of certain Slimes, known as the Tarr Slimes, presents a risk to even Slime Rancher 2’s peaceful planet.

These slimes attack not only nearby players but also eat other slimes and destroy anything nearby players have farmed.

Additionally, they continue to multiply when they eat other Slimes, making them a powerful force. Luckily, Tarr slimes are water-resistant, so you can use a hydro turret or water to flush them out.

Slime Rancher 2 offers a variety of upgrades. Some are useful for traversal, while others excel in high-tension combat situations.

The Water Tank is convenient for players in higher-level settings who need a quick way to kill enemies. Read on to discover how to access the Water Tank in Slime Rancher 2 if you want to learn more.

How To Unlock The Water Tank In Slime Rancher 2

Anyone playing slime Rancher 2 already knows water is the main weakness of the dangerous Tarr Slimes, the same as in the first Slime Rancher game.

Although this procedure is ineffective and time-consuming when applied on a big scale, they might be sucked in at the end of the Vacpack and then dumped in the water.

Installing devices like the Water Tank and the Hydro Turret—intended to drive away hordes of Tarrs—is thus the most effective approach to protect your home base against these notorious Slimes. A basic description of how to get a water tank is provided below.

Getting the Water from Fabricator

The Fabricator has access to the Water Tank upgrade. The Refinery and Fabricator are located in the underground laboratory near the Plort Market.

Begin by interacting with the Fabricator. Click the Fabricator and select the Upgrades tab. The Upgrade for the water tank is located here. The following materials are required to construct the Water Tank:

  • Newbucks x450: Plorts could be sold at the Plort Market, and Treasure Pods can be accessed.
  • Angler Plorts x10: Pick up their plorts and feed the angler slimes. To get double as many plorts, feed them sea hens!
  • Puddle Plorts x10: On the map, look for them in waterways. You can construct a pond in your Conservatory and place them there if you’d like.
  • Deep Brine x10: Get the Resource Harvester, then search the area around Rainbow Field for blue geysers.

You’ll get the Water Tank once you put everything in the Refinery and complete this improvement. You can now move water around the map using your vacuum pack.

You can use the Water Tank to vacuum water from any water source and then unleash it on the Tarrs to drive them out of your lands.

As you already know, you can also upgrade the water tank capacity in Slime Rancher 2, and Booster implements storage improvements in increments of 10; purchasing this Upgrade will result in a ten-fold increase in the water Tank’s capacity.

Players can hold 30 goods or monsters per slot after the initial installation. This enhancement adds four spaces, bringing the total from 80 to 120, which is considered significant for foraging, exploration, and Conservatory management.

Water tanks are considered important in Slime Rancher 2 When facing Tarr Slimes, one of the game’s most dangerous enemies. The Water Tank can be functional

The tank sprays water, the Tarr Slime’s vulnerability, which melts the threats in their tracks. This is crucial for higher-level players because one Tarr Slime is enough to spell the end for the player and their Slimes.

Players will discover that their VAC’s storage tank is short as they travel through and explore their planet. Additionally, to expand the slots available in vac even further, players should create an extra tank right at the start of the game.

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Final Verdict:

In general, Slime Rancher 2 has a minimal number of features. Around a dozen hours into your exploration, you can feel like you need something else to do after coming across some unfinished or closed-off regions.

Growing slimes, gathering materials to develop your ranch, and discovering what areas you can reach are exciting activities that you will spend more time maximizing your farm and seeking mysteries.

Protecting the Conservatory or your home base against Tarr Slimes is much simpler once you have access to these two devices.

The Hydro Turret is as valuable, despite the Water Tank’s somewhat greater adaptability and utility, as it is automated as opposed to manual like the Water Tank. Consequently, the two’s accurate positioning will ensure a higher level of safety.

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