Best Sakin MG38 Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

Best Sakin MG38 Class Setup

The Call of Duty games were some of the first games in the market which bought the boots on the ground action-packed war adventures to the video game market. I know that war should never be romanticized or celebrated, and our armed forces are the real heroes who go through some of these horrors in real life; however, from a fictional video game perspective, these games keep your adrenaline up while you try to experience some of the action from the comfort of your couch.

The latest installment in the Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 2, a reboot/remake of the original Modern Warfare 2, had been hyped up to oblivion, and it is safe to say that it has held up to the promise of giving the fans what they wanted.

Modern Warfare 2 has given us some great new weapons to play with, and thanks to GunSmith 2.0, we can customize those weapons to make them very capable by ironing out some of their issues. The Sakin MG38 is one of those weapons that has been a fan-favorite light machine gun, and with the correct Loadout, this weapon can easily obliterate your enemies.

So, without further ado, let us create the best Sakin MG38 loadout in modern warfare 2 so that you can dominate your matches using this gun.

Best Sakin MG38 Loadout Modern Warfare 2

Light Machine Guns (LMGs) are notorious for their weight and slow fire rate, making them very hard to carry around.

Best Sakin MG38 Class Setup

The Sakin MG38 is no exception and has the same kinks typical of LMGs, so we need to create the best Loadout to iron out some of these issues. Here are some of my recommendations.

ReceiverSakin MG38
StockCheetah STM Stock
Ammunition7.62 High Velocity
Rear GripBrunen Q900 Grip Wrap
OpticCronen Mini Pro
Barrel20″ Bruen Silver Series

As I mentioned earlier, the weight of Sakin MG38 makes it difficult to carry around, and you cannot sprint, especially in close quarters.

To make it lighter to carry around, which will increase the sprint speed of your character, I have chosen the Cheetah STM as the attachment for the stock.

This will not only make the weapon lighter but also give you better aim, resulting in hordes of your enemies obliterated.

To dispatch your enemies with as many little bullets as possible, I needed to give this weapon bullet that would pack a punch.

For this reason, I have chosen the 7.62 High-velocity bullets to be the star of today’s show in the bullet department. These little bad boys are deadly bullets, especially due to their damage range and high velocity.

I have chosen the Brunen Q900 Grip Wrap for the rear grip as the attachment. This attachment has stats that decreases the recoil of the Sakin MG38 while at the same time increasing its accuracy as it becomes a lot easier to hold.

Being a Light Machine Gun with enormous power, you don’t need to use an attachment for the optic and work using its iron sights.

However, if you want to do so as a personal preference, I have chosen the Cronen Mini Pro as an optional attachment for the Sakin MG38 as the optic. This attachment is going to help you accurately aim at long ranges.

Finally, as the barrel, I have gone with the 20″ Brunen Silver Series as the last attachment. This buffs up your bullet velocity and accuracy, making the gun more deadly than it should be, resulting in the absolute domination of your adversaries.

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Best Sakin MG38 Loadout: Perks And Equipment

The Sakin MG38 is a powerful weapon, yet it is incomplete without the perfect blend of perks and equipment. This will ensure all the right things are in your arsenal to help you dominate your enemies.

Best Complete Sakin MG38 Loadout

Here are some of the best perks and equipment tailored to the Sakin MG38.

Secondary WeaponJOKR
Base Perk 1Double Time
Base Perk 2Battle Hardened
Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate PerkQuick Fix
TacticalSmoke Grenade
LethalMolotov Cocktail
Field UpgradeBattle Rage

I can preface this enough that it took me quite a while to think of a weapon that would make sense with the Sakin MG38.

However, after a long session of trying out different weapons, the weapon that complimented the LMG most was the JOKR.

The JOKR, as advertised, is a “fire and forget” launcher. This will allow you to easily dispatch enemy vehicles and UAVs and make you a juggernaut.

The Sakin MG38, a heavy weapon, costs you a lot in your sprint speed. This is the reason why I have chosen the Double Time perk as my choice for the base perk 1.

This perk will allow you to increase the sprint duration of your player. Keeping up with the same theme, Battle-hardened as the base perk 2 will keep you somewhat immune from grenades.

As you will be firing tons of bullets at your enemies, it makes sense that you have Fast Hands as your bonus perk to help you reload your Sakin MG38 fast.

Finally, as the Ultimate Perk, Quick Fix is my choice, as this perk will allow you to regain your health as you fire at your enemies.

You may sometimes find yourself in a sticky situation that may warrant a retreat. For this reason, I have chosen the Smoke Grenade as the tactical equipment that will block the vision of your enemies and allow you to run to safety.

Staying true to the explosive nature of the Loadout, the molotov cocktail is the best choice for the Lethal equipment.

Finally, as the Field Upgrade, I have gone with Battle Rage, which allows you to regenerate your health by giving you an adrenaline rush.

How to Unlock Sakin MG38 In Modern Warfare 2

The Sakin MG38 is one of those weapons available to you from the get-go as you get into the multiplayer. You do not need to jump through hoops to get your hands on these weapons, which is good news, especially for players like me.

However, the Loadout I have given you will not be available from the get-go. First off, you need to reach military rank 4 so that you can unlock Gunsmith 2.0.

Once that has been done, you will need to unlock the various attachments, which will take some time to perfect this gun.

If you want to check out my Loadout before committing to unlocking the various attachments I have mentioned, fire up a private match that will allow you to try it out against bots. You can also check out some other guns, which will also be unlocked there.

Final Verdict:

The Sakin MG38 is a powerful weapon; however, it slows you down a lot which makes you vulnerable to those players who are running and gunning.

That is why you need to create the perfect Loadout for it to increase your speed as you carry this gun around with you.

That is exactly what my Loadout is tailored around, and as a bonus, it also makes the gun somewhat more deadly by increasing the damage of the bullets.

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