How Does Gunsmith 2.0 In Modern Warfare 2 Work?

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With no surprise, Gunsmith has arrived with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but this time, the Gunsmith got a new upgrade. Gunsmith, or as we call it, Gunsmith 2.0, is the new revamped version of the older Gunsmith from the Call of Duty franchise.

A gunsmith is an excellent and integral part of the Modern Warfare series as it allows players to go deep into customization and bring out their best weaponry on the battlefield. Gunsmith 2.0 is the same but better, and by better, I mean a vast improvement.

This complete overhaul actually improves and fixes a major issue and makes the gameplay more rewarding by completely removing the tedious grind.

You still have to grind a lot, but this time, it feels worth it. Let’s have a detailed look at what this exciting new addition to the Call of Duty franchise has to offer

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith 2.0 Explained:

A gunsmith is one of the major features of the Call of Duty franchise and the one that makes Call of Duty stand out among other PvP titles. The freedom to customize any weapon allows players to have equal and, at the same time, unfair advantage in PvP.

What makes gunsmith 2.0 different is now the addition of weapon platforms in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Weapon platforms are collections of weapons categorized into one group. Any weapon in the specific platform shares the weapon attachment pool.

For example, the M4 weapon platform has 5 receivers, 2 assault rifles, one light machine gun, one battle rifle, and one sub-machine gun.

All M4 Platforms In Modern Warfare 2

These weapons belong to the same weapon platform, so every time you unlock a receiver on a single weapon, you can use the unlocked attachments on another weapon without having to grind it again. This is different from universal attachments because receivers are only limited to their own weapon platforms.

This allows players to easily swap between different weapons and therefore adjust their playstyles quickly, rather than grinding a weapon again from the start.

This is the part that eliminates the tedious grind and offers players a better chance at quickly catching up and upgrading their arsenal.

M4A1 has a receiver in its upgrade path at level 13, so unlocking level 13 while using M4A1 will unlock the M16 receiver. So you can apply any attachment you have unlocked on M4A1 on the m16 assault rifle.

And you can use these receivers’ attachments benefits alongside universal attachments too. They have their own designated slots. You still need to grind your favorite weapons and unlock other weapons platforms, but it is not repetitive anymore.

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Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith 2.0: Weapon Tuning Explained

Gunsmith 2.0 features a lot of customization for every weapon players can get their hands on. But with the rework, Gunsmith 2.0 brought back another feature into Modern Warfare 2. Weapon tuning, that’s right.

Weapon tuning allows players to get crafty with their weapons and their attachments. You need to fully unlock the attachment to the maximum level to access this feature.

Showing how to find tuning option mw 2 2022

What weapon tuning does is, provide you an option to further increase the benefits of attachments while also balancing it with a negative stat.

For example, a barrel stabilizes the recoil of your gun, but at the same time, it gives you high aim speed. Now, if you want to further improve the gun’s recoil, you can but at the cost of lower aim speed. This applies another way around, too, higher aim speed will negatively affect the gun’s recoil.

Showing the Barrel tuning option in mw 2

This is just a rough example, but you get my point. The best part is that with the revamped version of Gunsmith 2.0, You have the option to further enhance the stats but with a little compromise. Kind of like a give-and-take scenario isn’t it?

How Do Weapon Blueprints Work In Modern Warfare 2?

Weapons blueprints are one of the most sought-after things in Call of Duty. Blueprints are modifications of weapons that come along with pre-existing bonuses and specific stat boosts. It is certainly good for giving new players a starting point in the game.

Drops as a loot item, equipping a blueprint on a weapon gives you a significant headstart against other players in PvP. You can still further play and unlock the weapon customizations but using a blueprint is better than a base weapon with no stat benefits. Makes the grind less punishing.

TAQ 56 Beta Frontal Impact Blueprint

Some blueprint requires in-game purchases while others are acquired by completing multiplayer challenges and tasks. To equip a blueprint, go to the armory and select your choice of weapon you want to use.

If you own a blueprint of that specific weapon, you can equip it. M4A1 is an iconic assault rifle in the game and its blueprint “XRK M4” is one of the best modifications you can use on this weapon. Definitely a fan-favorite modded version of any gun in this game. It improves the already exceptional performing M4A1 a lot.

Final Verdict:

The New Gunsmith variant is getting praise and positive reception from all players. This new system benefits every kind of player, especially the newer ones.

At first, it can be a little confusing seeing all these icons and attachments on screen, but all you had to do is play it for a while and you will get the hang of it.

Gunsmith 2.0 is an all-around improvement from its previous variant that actually persuade players to spend time with the in-game customization mechanic.

The more careful and precise your weapon customizations are, the more you will wreak havoc in PvP. I have seen players going a rampage with a sniper, while some are using shotguns and notoriously camping for prey. It can be a little wild but in the end, that’s the beauty of Call of Duty, and Gunsmith 2.0 definitely enhances it.

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