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The STB 556 is a devastating assault rifle that excels at close to medium range in Modern Warfare 2. You will need a proper loadout to make the most of the potential that comes with this weapon. For each weapon, I’ve put together some excellent loadouts that can give you an advantage over your rivals.

The STB 556 is one of the most undervalued AR alternatives available, yet it is starting to gain recognition as the monster of a weapon that it is.

In Modern Warfare 2, the STB 556, the AR variant of the AUG, has a great loadout. The AR has excellent accuracy, damage range, and fire rate.

Additionally, it features some of the MW2’s sharpest iron sights, giving players a choice to forgo using an optic. Having the edge over the competition is essential for achieving success.

Here are some top Modern Warfare 2 STB 556 loadouts to help you rule the battlefield. Pick one of these loadouts to start prevailing; they are all strong and very effective in certain circumstances.

Best STB 556 Loadout Modern Warfare 2

Best STB 556 Class Modern Warfare 2
ReceiverSTG 556
Barrel18″ Bruen Guerilla
MuzzleHarbinger D20
UnderbarrelVX Pineapple
CombFTAC C11 Riser
OpticCronen Mini Pro/SZ Holotherm

The STB 556 has proven to be the assault rifle on the market that is both the most dependable and has the lowest recoil.

I have improved the STB 556’s capabilities by equipping it with the following loadout, transforming it into a lethal weapon that exhibits a startling lack of recoil and can compete with opponents at ranges often reserved for Marksman Rifles.

The STB-556 Assault Rifle may be inspected in further detail on the Gunsmith screen of Modern Warfare 2. The range and velocity of the bullet fired by the Harbinger D20 and the STB 556 will significantly increase, while the STB 556’s recoil will significantly reduce.

A massive muzzle suppressor, sometimes known as a bastard of a silencer, will cause the user to carry extra weight. When combined with the 18″ Bruen Guerilla Barrel is a pretty entertaining game.

You may already beam opponents in the skull at 30 meters or farther distances because of the recoil’s outstanding controllability.

I modified my STB 556 by adding the VX Pineapple Underbarrel attachment, which transformed the rifle into a laser-guided machine gun. This allowed me to depend less on the hipfire accuracy of the weapon.

Due to the significant increase in weight that this modification has brought up in the rifle, the FTAC C11 Riser Comb, which boosts your ADS and Sprint to Fire speeds, has been employed to speed things up the control backup.

Since the STB’s iron sights are not at all strong, your desired optical device should be added at the very end.

It will be much easier for you to blitz opponents at mid-to-long range with a 2x optic like the clear and crisp SZ Holotherm than it would be with the basic Cronen Mini Pro. Because of this, I would recommend getting a 2x optic for this AR.

Best STB 556 Loadout: Perks And Equipment

Best Perks To use with STB 556 MW2
Base Perk 1Overkill
Base Perk 2Double Time
Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate PerkBird’s Eye
TacticalFlash Grenade
LethalFrag Grenade

It’s not surprising that the benefit most likely to be chosen initially is also the one that serves as its own label. With Overkill, you may bring another primary weapon in addition to the STB 556, providing you with a far more flexible setup for your class.

After that, it’s highly recommended that you get the Double Time perk so that you may speed up during tactical sprints.

This benefit is especially helpful if you plan to use an assault rifle like the STB 556, which requires a certain stance for optimal performance.

Fast Hands is the greatest bonus perk for this loadout since it minimizes the time you have to wait before you can fire again and speeds up the already fast reload time of the STB 556.

If you want to see more of the battlefield and better understand where your enemies are, the Bird’s Eye ultimate perk is the way to go.

The STB 556 is a formidable weapon for clearing out big spaces, especially when paired with a standard and reliable frag grenade to force foes out of cover and a flash grenade.

You possess a potent mix of classes that makes you a prime contender to use the STB 556 for reliable mid-range sniping.

How To Unlock STB 556 In Modern Warfare 2

Obtaining the STB 556 in Modern Warfare requires you to be at least Level 41. If you’re primarily concerned with progressing in the multiplayer mode, this shouldn’t take too long. If you can get your hands on this lethal AR and level up, you’ll be able to dominate every game.

A weapon called STB 556 becomes available once you’ve finished playing Endgame. This weapon can be earned quickly, but you can do a few things to unlock it sooner. Making sure your rank is level five or greater should be your first priority.

Bruen Bullpup weapon platform in MW2

You will receive more tools and weapons that you can use in Endgame. Get 75 kills with STB 556 to unlock it as well.

Finally, if none of these solutions work, try again later because sometimes it takes a game 24 hours to unlock a weapon. After 48 hours, they should be usable in Endgame if they haven’t already been unlocked.

Final Verdict:

Due to its strong damage output, constant fire rate, and low recoil, the STB-556 has one of the greatest all-around builds in the game.

Identical to the real-world Steyr AUG weapon system, the STB 556 in MW2 is a starting armament that can be upgraded to the HCR 56 light machine gun and the MX9 submachine gun. The Bruen Bullpup platform includes this feature.

A closed-bolt rifle developed around modularity and accuracy, excellent for mid to long-range combat, describes the STB in the game. The STB 556 will be a comfy weapon to rank up and wield for fans of the AUG in earlier Call of Duty games.

If the Hurricane FSS is the SMG in the SMG class that most closely resembles an Assault Rifle, then the STB 556 is the SMG in the AR class.

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