Rock Type Pokemon Weaknesses, Strengths, And Resistance

Rock Type Weakness Cover

I started watching Pokemon when I was little as I was very much fascinated by the little creatures and critters; however, I did not understand much about them. All I could see were their abilities, which were very interesting to me.

One of the best moments in the show was when I would see a Pokemon evolve into something better and become more powerful right in front of my eyes.

But as I started to play the Pokemon games, I realized how much thought went into these creatures. They all had types of elemental natures, and they all had attributes.

These attributes allowed them to overpower some Pokemons while others left them biting the dust.

Anyways, I am trying to make the point that if one wants to be a good trainer, they need to know their Pokemon well.

So for that reason, this article will be discussing Rock type weakness and everything else you will need to defeat these types of Pokemon. So let us get right into it.

What Is A Rock Type Pokemon?

Rock Type Pokemon can be categorized by appearance, as most look exactly like rocks. These are some of the hardest-to-hit Pokemons as they are made of Rock.

However, some of these Pokemon can be mistaken for Ground type Pokemons due to their appearance.

image of Stonejourner In Pokemon Scarlet

Due to their weight and Rock Composition, Rock type Pokemon are some of the slowest Pokemon in all the games. However, they have very high defensive stats, which aids them well in battle.

This does not mean that they do not have any weakness, as Rock-type Pokemon are weak towards a plethora of Pokemon. They are explained in the next paragraph.

Best Rock Type Pokemon Weakness

If you find yourself fighting against a rock-type Pokemon in the wild or against a trainer, you do not need to worry, as these Pokemon can be dealt with easily, provided you know what I am about to tell you.

Best Rock Type Weaknesses

Despite their defensive stats, Rock Type Pokemon are weak towards five other types of Pokemon, as explained. Water Type Pokemons are known to even slow down Rock Type Pokemons even more, making them extremely vulnerable.

Steel Type Pokemon are also Super effective against Rock Type Pokemon, as they are known to damage them greatly.

If you find yourself against a Rock-type Pokemon, pulling out a Fighting Type Pokemon is also a good bet, as a few punches onto it will push them to the ground.

Finally, Grass Type and Ground Type Pokemon are also known to be super effective against rock-type Pokemon.

Quick look at all the Rock-type Pokémon weaknesses:

  • Water-type
  • Steel-type
  • Fighting-type
  • Grass-type
  • Ground-type

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Rock Type Strengths and Resistances

Now that I have given you a blueprint about the weaknesses of the Rock-type Pokemon, let us discuss some of their strengths and resistance against various other types of Pokemon where the Rock type can be categorized as Super effective.

Image of Tyrantar In Pokedex of Scarlet

For starters, you will not have any difficulty going against any Normal Type Pokemon as their attacks will not impact the hard exteriors of the rock-type Pokemon.

The next type of Pokemon that is no problem handling for a rock type Pokemon is a flying type. These Pokemon are dealt double damage when against rock-type Pokemon.

Poisoning a rock is impossible; Poison-type Pokemon find themselves helpless against rock-type Pokemon. Rock Type Pokemon can also squish bug-type Pokemons with ease.

Finally, if you are up against a Fire Type Pokemon, you should not worry as your rock type will be able to withstand its high-temperature flames and send it packing thanks to the damage it will be able to inflict.

A Quick look all Rock type Pokemon strengths and resistances:

Best Counters For Rock-Type Pokemon

Now that the strengths are covered, what are some of the best counters for Rock-type Pokemon? You can use These individual Pokemon to fight any rock type Pokemon and come out at the top.

For starters, a legendary Pokemon, Kyogre, is an excellent bet against all rock-type Pokemon. Its water-type moves will deal super effective damage against all rock-type Pokemons, which will send the rock-type hard shell packing back to oblivion.

Next up is Kartana, which is Super effective against a Rock-type Pokemon due to its dual Grass/Steel Tying. This dual typing is a weakness for a rock-type Pokemon, which will be dealt with highly damaged.

Venusaur is a grass/poison-type Pokemon. Even though the Poison-based attacks won’t be much help, the grass attributes will allow you to deal double damage towards these Pokemons.

Final Verdict:

This was all I had in store for you in this article on Rock Type weakness. To summarise, Rock types are weak towards Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water Type attacks.

However, if the shoe is on the other foot, you can use rock-type Pokemons against Fire Type, Flying Type, Bug Type, Ice Type, Normal Type, and Poison Type Pokemon.

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