Ice Type Pokemon Weaknesses, Strengths, And Resistance

Best Ice Type Weakness

Are you someone that is new to the Pokemon games and feels overwhelmed by the multitudes of creature types in the game?

Well, do not worry because I have your back, as in this article, I am going to be explaining the Ice Type Weakness in complete detail.

The Ice Type Pokemon are one of the eighteen types of Pokemons which are roaming on and about in the world.

Just like other types of Pokemons which roam about, these types of Pokemons also have their strengths and weaknesses.

This article will educate you about everything that you need to know about Ice Type Pokemons and how effectively you can use them in battle, and, if you find yourself in a battle against an Ice type, how to defeat them.

So, without further ado, let us get right into the topic.

What Is An Ice-Type Pokemon?

Ice Type Pokemon are some of the rarest Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe. As of now, only sixty Ice Type Pokemon have been released by the Pokemon company.

These types of Pokemon are also some of the toughest Pokemon you will encounter, and if you manage to get one in your arsenal, these Pokemon are going to be super effective in your fights.

If you spot a Pokemon that has an Icy appearance with blue and white designs, then you are in the company of an Ice Type Pokemon. These Pokemons usually resemble the animals which reside in the coldest regions of the earth.

Best Ice Type Pokemon Weaknesses

If you are up against an Ice Type Pokemon, the best course of action would be to pull out your fire-type Pokemon, which is going to melt all of the attacks that are going to be coming from an Ice Type Pokemon. This is obvious, however, there are also some more weaknesses that Ice-type has.

Using fire type typhlosion against ice type glalie

The next weakness is the Fighting type which can deal double damage to Ice-type Pokemon. Fighting Type is going to be a very tough opponent for Ice Type. Steel type is also super effective against Ice type as Ice is frail enough to be broken by Steel.

However, if you do not have Fire, Fighting, or Steel Type in your arsenal, the next best thing would be to throw a Rock-type Pokemon into battle against an Ice-type Pokemon.

The ability of Rock to break Ice in itself is very important, however, I am not going to be able to call rock super effective against Ice Type.

Quick look at all effective types against Ice-type Pokemon:

  • Fire-types
  • Fighting-types
  • Steel-types
  • Rock-types

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Ice Type Strengths and Resistances

Ice Types are rare Pokemons, and there are many attributes that also make them very much sought after.

However, one of the things that are unique about them is that Ice Types are immune to only their own typing, and all other Pokemon can cause normal or double damage to them.

This might feel like a huge weakness, however, do not let that persuade you from going for an Ice-type Pokemon.

These Pokemon are extremely effective against Pokemons, which are usually hard to beat, and such are Dragon, Ground, Grass, and Flying types.

Best Counter For Ice-Type Pokemon

If you find yourself in a battle against an Ice-type Pokemon, let me give you a list of some of the best Pokemons which can be highly effective against them.

image of ice type pokemon glalie

The first Pokemon on my list is Machamp which is super against the Ice type to its fighting type attribute. The stats on this Pokemon are good, and can take down an Ice type with relative ease.

Next Up is Poliwrath, which is a water/fighting hybrid. This Pokemon is also Super effective against the Ice type as it only takes half damage from them and inflicts double damage onto them.

Finally, Chandelure is a great Pokemon to pit against Ice Types. It is a Ghost/Fire hybrid, which can inflict double damage toward Ice-type Pokemon.

Final Verdict:

This was everything that you needed to know about Ice Type Pokemons and their weaknesses. To summarise, Ice types are some of the rarest Pokemon, and only 60 exist in the universe.

These Pokemon are only immune to Ice-type attacks and are dealt normal damage by other types of Pokemon. Ice Type Pokemon are weak against Fire, Fighting, Steel, and Rock Type Pokemon.

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