Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses And Strengths

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Eighteen typings of Pokemon call the Pokemon Universe their home. These typings have different strengths and abilities, which are distinguished by their elemental natures.

Some Pokemons may have dual typing, which includes two elemental characteristics to which it owes its strengths and weaknesses.

As a new trainer, learning about all these eighteen typing types can be somewhat overwhelming as they all have different strengths and weaknesses that distinguish them from each other, and only experience and dedicated study of these Pokemons teaches you about everything you need to know.

So, in this article, I will give you a run down about the Water type weakness and everything you need to know about these Pokemon. So without further ado, let us get right into the topic.

What Is a Water-Type Pokemon?

Water Type is one of the starters Pokemon you get in the Pokemon games; however, that does not mean that these Pokemon are worth glossing over. With enough practice, you can make a water-type Pokemon a beast that can be a force to be beholden.

image of Quaquaval Pokemon in scarlet pokedex

When it comes to its defining characteristics, water types are distinguished by their features which resemble aquatic life forms and are colored in shades of blue.

These Pokemons usually exist mostly in dual typing, making them highly effective against a plethora of Pokemon types; however, those of single typing can also pack a lot of punch with enough practice.

Best Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Even though water-type Pokemons are some of the most powerful Pokemon to battle with, this does not mean that there are ways that they can be handled.

Best Water Type Weaknesses

So if you face a water-type Pokemon, any electric or grass-type Pokemon will be enough to handle them.

As water conducts electricity, water types facing an electric type that zaps them with a high voltage of current will make minced meat out of them in minutes.

Almost every attack that comes from an electric type will cause double damage toward a water-type Pokemon, making them their biggest weakness.

Similarly, grass-type Pokemon are also highly effective against water-type Pokemon. Their strengths lie in the fact that grass has the ability to absorb water and use it as its food.

Therefore water-type Pokemons are dealt double damage when faced with a grass-type Pokemon.

Quick look at all the water-type Pokémon weaknesses:

  • Electric-type
  • Grass-type

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Water Type Strength And Resistances

Now that I have discussed the weaknesses of a water-type Pokemon, let me tell you which Pokemon are these effective against.

showing water type pokemon strength

You may have a water-type Pokemon and wonder about its strengths, so wonder no more, as these few paragraphs are dedicated to the strengths and resistances of water types.

First off, if you find yourself fighting against a fire-type Pokemon, engage it with your water type, as it is super effective against it. As water extinguishes fire reliability, fire-type Pokemon is no big deal for water-type Pokemon.

Similarly, Water and Ice-type Pokemons are also no big deal for water-type Pokemon. Ice melts when it comes in contact with water; therefore, water-type Pokemons take the edge here. Water types against water types are super effective against each other.

Finally, Steel type adversaries should also be a piece of cake for a water type to handle, as water rusts steel in real life and ruin it. Similarly, water types deal double damage to steel-type Pokemon.

A Quick look all Rock type Pokemon strengths and resistances:

  • Fire-type
  • Ice-type
  • Water-type
  • Steel-type

Best Counters For Water-Type Pokemon

If you find yourself against a water-type Pokemon, have no fear, as I will give you a small list of Pokemon that have solidified themselves as some of the best Pokemon against water-type Pokemon.

image of Pikachu in pokedex

The first Pokemon on my list that can be highly effective against water types is Pikachu, an electric type. Its lightning rod attack will make any water-type Pokemon go down on its knees.

The next Pokemon on this list against Water types is Luxio, another electric type. This electric type is also super effective against any water-type Pokemon you throw at it.

Finally, Yamper, an electric type introduced in generation 8th, has also made a name for itself as being one of the most reliable against any water-type adversary.

Final Verdict:

You needed to know everything about water-type Pokemons and their weaknesses. To summarise, water-type Pokemons are some of the best Pokemons to have in the game.

They are only weak towards the electric type and grass type Pokemon. On the contrary, water types are super effective against fire, water, ice, and steel.

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