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Best Normal Type Weakness

When I first got into Pokemon, I felt extremely overwhelmed by the cluster of information I needed to know before I could grasp the types of critters and creatures wandering about during my travels.

Despite being very fun, I had to take it one day at a time to learn the ins and outs of these games and gather enough information to be an effective trainer.

Now that I have everything I need to know about these games, I am writing this series of articles for the new trainers who want to know everything about these Pokemon.

The information available online is usually convoluted and is not beginner-friendly, hence this mission of mine.

In this article, I will give you a rundown of Normal Type Weakness and everything you need to know about Normal type Pokemon. So without further ado, let us get right into it.

What Is A Normal Type Pokemon?

Normal Type Pokemon are some of the most basic of the eighteen types of Pokemon that wander around the world.

There is not a lot that is there to write home about them. These Pokemon are just there and are equipped with some of the lowest health, SP, and attack out of all the Pokemon.

image of buneary in pokemon arceus dex

One of the popular things about these types of Pokemon is that they seldom pair with other types of Pokemon. Yes, there are some exceptions, like normal types paired with flying types, but that are few and far between.

Best Normal Type Pokemon Weaknesses

As I said earlier, Normal type Pokemon are some of the most basic Pokemon in the universe. Despite that, they are immune to most of the Pokemon types that are wandering on and about.

Normal-type Pokemon are weak to only one type of Pokemon, which is the fighting type. Fighting-type Pokemons deal double damage while using their moves against normal-type Pokemon.

Using Machoke against normal type pokemon

If you find yourself against a normal type, pull out your fighting type Pokemon, and you will be ensured victory.

Some of the Pokemon that have the ability to deal great damage to Normal Type Pokemons include Slither Wing, Iron Valiant, Flamingo, Great Tusk, Pawmot, Pawmo, Quaquaval, Annihilape, Iron Hands, Koraidon, and Paldean Tauros.

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Normal Type Strengths and Resistances

As I said earlier, normal Type Pokemon are weak towards only fighting type. However, when the glove is on the other hand, and the Normal type is on the offensive, they are unable to deal a lot of damage to other types of Pokemon, which could be classified as super effective. This makes the normal type uniquely useless out of every Pokemon type.

However, if you are up against a Ghost Type Pokemon, you can pull out your Normal Type Pokemon as the former does not deal any damage to the latter; hence you may have a strong chance of winning in this circumstance.

Best Counters For Normal-Type Pokemon

There are quite a few Pokemon that can be used to counter Normal Type Pokemon. Here are some of those Pokemon.

The first Pokemon that is super effective against Normal types is Lucario which is a Steel/fighting hybrid. Its Fighting type deals double damage against Normal types, while its steel type allows it to be immune to normal-type attacks

The next Pokemon is Bewear, a Normal/Fighting Type hybrid Pokemon. It has a lot of HP that can withstand a normal type of attack. Its fighting-type attributes allow it to deal double damage towards normal-type adversaries.

Another great Pokemon at countering Normal Type Pokemons is Kommo-o, a Dragon/Fighting Hybrid. This Pokemon also has the ability to deal double damage to normal-type Pokemon.

Finally, The last Pokemon I have here is Mienshao, a fighting type Pokemon with good HP and health which can very easily counter a Normal type Pokemon.

Final Verdict:

This sums up everything that you need to know about Normal Type Pokemons and their weaknesses. Normal types are the lowest rung of Pokemons and are ineffective against most Pokemon types.

However, if you are up against a Normal Type Pokemon, a Fighting type is a surefire way for you to victory due to their ability to deal double damage towards Normal Types.

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