How To Get Nectar In Slime Rancher 2?

How To Get Nectar In Slime Rancher 2 Cover

Thanks to early access, the eagerly awaited sequel to Slime Rancher is now finally available to players everywhere.

A vast range of intriguing new slimes to catch may be found on Rainbow Island, along with the food and other resources you’ll need to maintain them and expand your slime farm.

Because nectar only spawns in specific locations and times of day, it is one of the most difficult resources in Slime Rancher 2 to obtain. It is quite valuable, though, as it is the preferred food of flutter slimes and can be used to eliminate flutter Gordo slimes.

If you wish to gather nectar for yourself, you’ll need to go through a laborious process, but after you do, you’ll acquire whatever you need to produce nectar whenever you want.

You are now aware of the location of Moondew Nectar, its collection methods, and the locations of Flutter Slimes that you can use to give it to. Here is all the information the player will need to locate Nectar.

How To Get Nectar In Slime Rancher 2

In Slime Rancher 2, a garden can cultivate fruits and vegetables, while a coop can be used to raise chickens. However, outside of finding it in the wild, there is presently no known method of growing or reproducing Nectar, rendering it among the rarest types of food on Rainbow Island.

This is the southeast of the pink-colored region on your completed map. Additionally, Moondew Nectar is typically found when Cutter Slimes are found.

Seek out plants that have a blue drip between the petals. These flowers’ centers will spawn nectar. One or two clumps will spawn at a time.

You may easily gather them by shooting Vacpack at it. Utilizing the nectar that is gathered can also draw and control slimes. Place the nectar in a slime corral and wait for slime to come to eat it to accomplish this.

After consuming the nectar, the slime becomes domesticated and is ready to be kept in a slime pen.

As Nectar is Flutterslime’s favored diet, the player must be very quick and vigilant when attempting to obtain Nectar near Flutterslime. These slimes will happily consume the Nectar for themselves if the player is too slow, making collection impossible.

When looking for Nectar, having the Jetpack is helpful because it frequently blooms in unknown locations. The southern portion of the Starlight Strand region, southwest of Rainbow Island, is where you can get Moondew Nectar.

location on where we can find nectar in slime rancher 2

Like other resources in the game, it can be discovered growing from plants, but occasionally it also falls off the plant and turns up nearby on the ground. Players must check these regions carefully to ensure they have caught all Nectar.

Moondew Nectar has various peculiarities that make locating it difficult, much like the Batty Slime. Plan any collection excursions after the sun has set because Nectar only develops at night. The good news is that this resource is simple to locate once the player learns what to search for.

Players should keep an eye out since Nectar resembles a pearl blossoming in the center of a blue flower. There is one quick and easy technique to keep a Flutterslime from getting to some Moondew Nectar so the player can pick it up if they spot one approach.

Utilize the vacpack to blast the Flutterslime in a different direction so the player can obtain the Nectar first. There will be no consequences if the player unintentionally sucks in the Nectar because the vacpack’s storage will secure both the Flutterslime and Nectar.


Final Verdict:

The Nectar Family Includes Slime as an Extant Member. Currently, Moondew Nectar, the preferred diet of Flutter Slimes, is the only type of nectar that can be acquired in the game. Food. In the vicinity of Rainbow Island, it can be seen on blue blooms and is likewise blue.

Flutter Slime’s plort production increases by a factor of two when fed Nectar, which is available in the Starlight Strand area. Only after midnight can you purchase Moondew Nectar, so make sure to plan ahead.

This is so that Moondew Flowers only bloom at night; once the sun starts to rise again, they stop blooming till night.

In order to make the most of your colorful vacation, gather as much nectar as you can while the sun sets. Moreover, Nectar is frequently found in locations where Cutter Slimes congregate.

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