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The most effective loadout for the Chimera in Modern Warfare 2, which is the latest installment in the Call of Duty series developed by Infinity Ward, has become a popular topic of discussion in recent days.

In the multiplayer mode, in addition to armaments from previous Modern Warfare games, there is a variety of new weaponry. The Chimera is an assault rifle (AR) with an incorporated suppressor, much like the HoneyBadger from Call of Duty: Ghosts. It falls within the AR category.

As a result of its compact design, it possesses exceptional mobility without the requirement of any attachments, which frees up other slots so that a lethal loadout can be created.

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Best Chimera Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

It is currently unknown which Chimera loadout is ideal for use in the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 2; hence it is impossible to play as one. On the other hand, I can make an educated guess on which aspects of the rifle have the potential for further development.

Attachments that increase fire rate and ammo capacity will substantially impact a player’s degree of adaptability throughout the course of a contest.

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After I have tried a variety of different configurations for the Chimera, this guide will be updated to include the information necessary to identify the optimal loadout for the weapon that has the potential to enter the early metagame.

A vast selection of attachments may be used on the Chimera, and this is all thanks to the gunsmith in Modern Warfare 2 (MW2).

Chimera AR Gun In Modern Warfare 2 2022

Even while the integrated suppressor already decreases range and makes it more difficult to regulate recoil, it is still feasible to find a happy medium when using this particular weapon.

Because the multiplayer mode will not be available for a few more days, it is impossible to determine which combination of attachments on the Chimera would be the most effective.

When I finish doing some tests with many attachments, I will provide a complete attachment list and the rationale behind our decisions.

Best Chimera Loadout: Perks And Equipment

Even while I couldn’t locate the most useful attachments for the Chimera, I have found a perk package and equipment combination adaptable to various play styles. What follows is my advice on this matter.

Bomb Squad on in BaseThe Frag grenade – Lethal
Double Time on in BaseThe Flash grenade – Tactical
Fast Hands is Bonus perks
Quick Fix as the Ultimate perk

Since the beta, Infinity Ward has moved some of the more popular bonuses to different positions around the game. Both Bomb Squad and Double Time are still considered part of the base category.

These abilities continue to increase the user’s resistance to incoming explosives while doubling the tactical sprint’s length.

The added feature that you have access to is called Fast Hands. Because of the faster reloading speed and the increased speed at which you can transfer weapons, it is now much simpler to switch between the Chimera and your secondary weapon.

In short, I believe that Quick Fix offers the most overall benefit. A player’s health will begin to regenerate immediately after each kill they score, and the rate at which it does so will increase if they capture and maintain possession of an objective.

When using the tried-and-true combo of a fragmentation grenade and a flash grenade, it can be difficult to make a mistake.

Cooking the frag to perfection will add some additional damage, and if it still doesn’t kill them, you should follow up with a flash to prevent them from escaping.

How To Unlock Chimera In Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 lets you unlock guns by leveling them on the Loadout screen. The receiver is a new attachment in MW2’s Gunsmith 2.0.

This new section allows players to unlock and equip progression-related weaponry. Suppose you’re using an M4 and leveling it up in matches.

Level 13 unlocks the Receiver attachment for the FTAC Recon assault rifle. Unlock the 556 Icarus LMG at level 18. Using the FTAC Recon to Level 16 unlocks the FSS Hurricane submachine gun.

This new advancement and weapon unlock system seems complex but beneficial. You may get rid of the weapon unlock system confusion by going to the Gunsmith section of any weapon from the Loadout menu and selecting the Progression tab to see which weapons you can unlock by progressing the chosen weapon.

How is Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith better than before? You don’t need to unlock related weapon accessories. In Modern Warfare 2, you unlock attachments before unlocking weapons.

Final Verdict:

Assuming that the Chimera functions in a manner comparable to that of the Honey Badger, the assault rifle is a formidable alternative to the firearms that are featured in the meta.

It is not going to be able to compete with weapons such as the M4 or the Lachmann 556, but it does have a place in the armory nonetheless. A complete Chimera loadout for Modern Warfare 2 is presented in this article.

When a new Call of Duty game is released, one of the most exciting pieces of information that the player base may obtain is the whole list of weapons that can be used in the game.

A week before Modern Warfare 2’s release, Activision itself leaked and posted articles about every weapon available in the game.

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