Best Kastov 545 In Loadout Modern Warfare 2

Best Kastov 545 Loadout Modern Warfare 2 Cover

Just like the previous installment in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 2 introduced a lot of weapons variety and possibilities for loadout customizations. You can create a menacing lobby-breaking gun, or you can just grab a shotgun and go old school.

Kostov 545 is just like those weapons that can make or break the game, given that you are using the best attachments.

It is not as strong as other assault rifles in the game, and after playing for a while, this issue becomes even more apparent that you are going to have a hard time against M416 or MP7 players.

But it’s not a big deal, that’s why customization is here, to begin with. AKs got damage but high recoil, and M4s are all-rounders but lack damage. Every weapon type falls short of something, which is why players spend time at Gunsmith to improve the lacking stats.

Kostov 545 needs a similar treatment, and I am here to provide you with details and the best possible attachments to improve this gun’s performance against heavy hitters drastically. Let’s see what we can do

Best Kastov 545 Loadout Modern Warfare 2

Best Class Setup Kastov 545

Kostov 545 holds 5.45mm rounds which are quite smaller and doesn’t pack a lot of punch, but the recoil control on this weapon feels great.

Especially if you consider how fast this gun shoots. The rapid fire rate with stable recoil control is surprising and one of the positives of this weapon.

ReceiverKastov 545
BarrelKAS-7 406MM
StockSilentfire XG6
Rear GripTrue-Tac Grip
OpticCronen Mini Pro

However, this gun needs some twitching in other departments. So the first thing you need to do is to head up to the Gunsmith if you have unlocked this weapon.

And since this weapon is easy to control during long continuous bursts of firing, we can sacrifice a little bit of stability in favor of range and extreme mobility.

This will not affect the weapon firing pattern drastically, but overall, you will notice how efficient and forgiving your gunfights will be.

For the barrel option, I would suggest the KAS-7 406MM for a huge increment in bullet velocity while at the same time you will gain even less recoil. This is the perfect barrel to engage in mid to long-range battles.

The muzzle attachment is a no-brainer, Silentfire XG6. This helps further increase the range of your weapon, and Kostov 545 needs it desperately.

As for the rear I recommend using the True-Tac Grip it can give us huge improvements in our aim-down-sight and sprint-to-fire speed times.

For the stock option, Kastov-Rama is highly efficient, and not only will you see an increase in sprint speed, but you will also walk faster while aiming down sights

The scope is your preference, it depends if you want to go Ironsight or a long-range scope, but for peace of mind, go for Cronen Mini Pro. It wouldn’t hurt to have a scope and clear sight of enemies.

But like I said, pick whatever you feel is best for you. Play it for a while, and you will notice an increase in range and a much better overall feel of the weapon.

More classes and loadouts:

Best Kastov 545 Loadout: Perks And Equipment

Best Kastov 545 Loadout Mw 2

Perks are a different story. You can easily change the course of events in a match if you know what perks you are using and how you are using them.

These perks are extra benefits that enhance your operator actions and performance in-game. In some cases, it can give you an upper hand.

Basic Perk 1Double Time
Basic Perk 2Overkill
Bonus PerkFast Hand
Ultimate PerkGhost
TacticalFlash Grenade
LethalFrag Grenade

There are a few selections of perks that I will go through one by one, starting with base perks that come in two slots.

For the first choice, select Double-Time perk. This perk comes in extremely handy in many situations as it increases the duration of your tactical sprint. And not only that, you move 30% quicker while in a crouched position. Pretty great stuff.

For the second slot, go for Overkill. It’s never overkilling if you want to win a match, right? Overkill enables a primary weapon selection in the secondary slot, so you choose an equally powerful primary weapon in the secondary slot as opposed to weak sidearms and whatnot.

Imagine you running an assault rifle and SMG combo throughout the match. It’s pretty deadly and equally annoying.

Now comes the bonus perk. There is just one slot, so you have to choose carefully. I would suggest Fast Hands, and if you pair this perk with overkill, it’s game over for your opponents.

Fast hands allow you to switch between your weapons considerably quicker than usual so if you run out of bullets, remember switching is faster than reloading. Well, you reload quite fast, too, while using fast hands, so it’s a win-win scenario.

And for the last option, the ultimate perk should be Ghost. A pretty broken and popular choice, you are basically a ghost in the match. Undetected by UAVs and heartbeat sensors. It’s just great, and while it was nerfed recently, it is still a damn good option

How To Unlock Kastov 545 In Modern Warfare 2

Kastov 545 needs a receiver to unlock, so for that, you need to unlock the Kastovia weapons platform. You need to reach rank 23, so you can unlock this weapon platform, and if you want to use Kastov 545, you have to wait and grind a little more.

Unlock Kastov 545 in kastovia platform

Use Kostov 762 until it’s level 10, level 10 will provide you with a receiver for Kastov 545 that unlocks this weapon. It’s a grind for sure, but that’s what gaming is about. Have fun with a little bit of grind.

Final Verdict:

So here is our guide on how to unlock Kastov 545 and what loadout serves you the best. Honestly, it is a grind, and for some people, it can be a turn-off, but you can’t just have everything in the world.

To achieve something, you need to work for it. Kastov 545 is one of the fun weapons to use in Modern Warfare 2, and although it’s not as strong as I would like it to be, it’s not useless, and with a great loadout selection, it can be as effective as other options in the game.

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