How To Make Concrete In Minecraft (Easy To Follow Guide)

Are you ready to take your Minecraft builds to the next level? Look no further than concrete!

This durable, colorful material is perfect for creating sturdy, fire-resistant structures that will make your creations stand out.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to craft concrete in Minecraft, from gathering materials to transforming concrete powder into solid blocks. Get ready to unleash your creativity and build amazing things with concrete!

  • Concrete is a durable, fire-resistant building material available in 16 colors
  • Craft concrete powder using 4 sand, 4 gravel, and 1 dye of your choice
  • Place concrete powder and expose it to water to create solid concrete blocks
  • Mine concrete with a pickaxe for the quickest way to obtain it
  • Unleash creativity by using colored concrete to build impressive structures
How to Make Concrete in Minecraft Complete Guide

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Making concrete may get confusing, but the method is straightforward. For those who are wondering, how you can make or get concrete? You are at the right place. Without any ado, here is how you can get started:

Concrete Powder Minecraft Recipe

For making concrete blocks, you will first have to craft concrete powder. Without the concrete powder, you cannot make concrete. Concrete powder, on the contrary, can be crafted and can be mined by using a shovel.

Concrete Powder Minecraft Recipe

For crafting the concrete powder, you need the following ingredients:

  • 4x Sand blocks
  • 4x Gravel blocks
  • 1x dye of your choice

The order of the blocks does not matter, and you will get 8x colored concrete powder blocks from the materials mentioned above.

How To Get Concrete Blocks In Minecraft

Concrete can only be created from concrete powder. Note that only concrete powder can be crafted. Simple concrete cannot be crafted, unfortunately.

With the help of concrete powder, you can get concrete blocks anywhere, anytime. As long as you will have the resources.

How To Get Concrete Blocks In Minecraft

The total number of colors remains the same. After crafting concrete powder and placing it on the ground, you can use a shovel or hands to mine the block.

After gathering some concrete powder, you will need some water (not from a bottle or from rain or in a water cauldron)

Though you can dig the ground, place concrete powder, and add water from a bucket or from the nearest water source, you can do that by drilling a small canal. Next, wait for the concrete powder to turn into concrete blocks.

How To Make White Concrete In Minecraft

The process of making colored concrete is similar to what you would creating regular concrete.

You will need Gravel, Sand, and white dye for crafting white concrete. These materials are either available in the world or can be crafted.

White Concrete Recipe In Minecraft

The colored concrete is best and mainly used for decoration purposes. You can manufacture white concrete powder by heading over towards the crafting table and mixing the following ingredients irrespective of their order:

  • 4x Sand blocks
  • 4x Gravel blocks
  • 1x White dye

You will get a stack of eight white concrete powder blocks after mixing. If you are wondering where you can get the white dye, depending on which version you have, getting white dye is relatively more accessible.

It can be commonly found throughout the Minecraft world.

The white dye can be crafted from:

  • Bone Meal (crafted from Bone or Bone Block)
  • Lily of the valley (Available readily in Flower Forest)

Dyes are easy to manufacture but can require farming.

How To Get Black Concrete In Minecraft

Getting black concrete is done by creating a black block of concrete powder. How do you paint stuff in Minecraft; by using dyes? To get a black concrete block, you will first get the black dye.

There are two ways to get black dye, at least at the time of writing:

  • Ink Sac
  • Wither Rose

How and where to find Ink Sac?

Inc Sac is dropped by a squid after dying. Squids can be found in rivers and oceans and are easy to find.

They are relatively common. Squids can spawn in water from Y-level 50 to 64 as long as the biome is a river or ocean.

How and where to find Wither Rose?

Wither Roses does not grow like regular plants and does not spawn on Peaceful difficulty in survival.

When The Wither kills some mobs, Wither Rose spawns around the dead bodies of the mobs. Make sure you have Minecraft version 1.14 or higher. The Wither will not attack zombies or fellow wither mobs.

After getting either the Ink Sac or the Wither Rose, craft a black dye, and here is how you can craft a black concrete powder block:

How To Get Black Concrete In Minecraft
  • 4x Sand blocks
  • 4x Gravel blocks
  • 1x black dye

You will get 8x black concrete blocks with the above mention ingredients.

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft Fast

If you are in an area full of concrete, grab your pickaxe and start mining. This procedure is the fastest way of getting concrete.

If you are loaded with concrete powder blocks and have a lot of blocks to spare, then upon dropping in rivers or oceans, you will be able to get concrete in no time.

After absorbing water, the concrete powder will solidify and turn into concrete blocks. If you have a big project in mind or want to complete your ongoing project as soon as possible, naturally, you would like to get concrete as much and as fast as possible.

There is a quick way of making concrete. All you have to do is press two buttons of your mouse and let the concrete fill your inventory.

Make sure you have enough concrete powder. Before trying this method, make sure you have the best quality equipment to rapidly break the concrete blocks.

Here is the method that you can try:

  • Dig a 3×3 cube hole in the ground
  • Start filling the hole with dirt blocks such that on the bottom right of the crater, three-block openings form an opposite“L” shape.minecraft L Shape digging in ground
  • Fill a bucket of water and fill the blank holes with water.Minecraft L Shaped hole filled with water
  • Make sure to stand in one box, and you will have two blocks in front of you.showing how to make concrete faster
  • Equip concrete powder in your offhand, and now press the left and right mouse button to put the concrete powder block in the right block and have water on the left block.
  • Spam the two buttons, and you will have concrete blocks filling up your inventory in no time.

If you want to make the method above even faster, one small trick. Drop the concrete powder blocks right where you were standing in the hole in the ground and make space in your main inventory and start making concrete.

Note On Concrete Powder Physics

The physics of concrete powder is something that you should be familiar with since physics is an integral part of the game and is something you can ignore but can ruin your project.

Unlike Sand, the concrete powder does not immediately sink into the water but stays on the surface. Though it no longer remains concrete powder, it solidifies instantly into a concrete block upon intact.

Grey Concrete Recipe In Minecraft

Like in real life, combining black and white colors makes grey a color. Similarly, in Minecraft, you can make grey-colored concrete. You will first need crafting material for concrete and black and white dye for that purpose.

Combine the grey and white dyes at the crafting table to make grey dye, then combine:

Grey Concrete Recipe In Minecraft
  • 4x Gravel boxes
  • 4x Sandboxes
  • 1x grey dye

This will give you 8x grey concrete powder blocks. Then place the concrete blocks into the water source to get a grey concrete block.

How To Make Other Concrete Colors

As mentioned earlier, concrete and concrete powder blocks exist in 16 colors. Each color of the concrete is formed by concrete-colored powder.

Each color is formed from dyes. Each colored dye has a different crafting recipe and a list of dyes and their crafting recipe:

  • White – Bone Meal or Lily of the Valley
  • Orange – Red + Yellow or Orange Tulip
  • Magenta – Purple + Pink dye or Red + Blue + White dye or Pink + Red + Blue dyeor Allium or Lilac
  • Light Blue – Blue + White dye or Blue Orchid
  • Yellow – Dandelion or Sunflower
  • Lime – Green + White dye (Smelting: Sea Pickle + fuel)
  • Pink – Red + White dye or Pink Tulip or Peony
  • Gray – Black + White dye
  • Light Gray – Gray + White dye or Black + 2x White dye or Azure Bluet or Oxeye Daisy or White Tulip
  • Cyan – Blue + Green dye
  • Purple – Blue + Red dye
  • Blue – Lapis Lazuli or Cornflower
  • Brown – Cocoa Beans
  • Green – Cactus + fuel (Smelting only)
  • Red – Poppy or Red Tulip or Rose Bush or Beetroot
  • Black – Ink Sac or Wither Rose

After obtaining the particular dye you want, the basic formula for creating colored concrete remains the same. Combine the following to get the colored concrete of your choice:

  • 4x Gravel blocks
  • 4x Sand blocks
  • 1x dye of your choice

That is it. Have fun.

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The Conclusion:

Whether you are looking to make the most giant castle possible in the world or trying to make a landscape of your favorite game, whichever the case is, any project is incomplete without colored concrete.

Concrete is the most basic and widely used material used for crafting and doing new projects, thanks to the sheer number of advantages it comes with.

One plain and significant disadvantage over other building materials like cobblestone or iron block.

Besides a few minor disadvantages, concrete is still one of the widely used crafting materials, and after this guide, you know how to make colored concrete blocks to enhance your builds.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1- Is there a concrete farm in Minecraft?

In the Java version, there is no method of farming concrete other than the good old mining. Though, in Bedrock version 1.18 or above, there are ways to help the user in farming concrete.

One popular method is using Redstones, Pistons, Redstone repeaters, Observer, and Smooth Stone.

2- Is concrete easy to make in Minecraft?

If you have enough concrete powder on your hands, making concrete is very simple. All you have to do is soak water on concrete powder blocks.

If the blocks are dropped inside the water or putting them in the rain will not turn the concrete powder blocks into concrete.

3- How do you make unlimited concrete in Minecraft?

There are methods that people have shared on YouTube or other platforms that efficiently helps in making concrete rapidly. Some Bedrock methods may not work with Minecraft Java and vice versa.

4- Where can you find concrete in Minecraft?

Unlike, Sand, Gravel and other material, there is no particular place for mining concrete, and it can only be created by combining concrete powder and water. Water from bottles, cauldron, or rain will not work.

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