Is Terraria Cross Platform? (PC, Xbox, PS5, Switch)

Terraria, the beloved 2D sandbox adventure game, has captivated players since its initial release in 2011. With its unique blend of exploration, crafting, combat, and creativity, Terraria offers a vast world where the only limit is your imagination.

As the game has expanded to multiple platforms over the years, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, many players are wondering: Is Terraria cross-platform?

Currently, Terraria does offer some limited cross-platform capabilities. However, there are restrictions in place that prevent all platforms from seamlessly connecting with one another.

  • Terraria supports crossplay between iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • PS4 and PS5 players can play together, as can Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S users.
  • Currently, there is no crossplay support between PC, consoles, and mobile versions.
  • Terraria’s developer Re-Logic is actively working on implementing full crossplay.
  • PC players can use mods like TShock to play with mobile users as a workaround for now.
Terraria Cross Platform

Is Terraria Cross Platform?

The answer is yes and no. Terraria is and isn’t cross platform at the same time. This means that it is cross platform for some platforms while not on others. 

You won’t be able to play the game on different devices with your friends like PC + Xbox or PC+ PlayStation console.

But, the game is a cross platform if you and your friend are both playing on mobiles or if one of you is playing on mobile and the other is playing on PC. It can even work on different mobile platforms like android and iOS. 

Gameplay image of Terraria

You can only play the game with your friends on a similar device or similar operating system. But, there is news that developers are working on something that might make the game available as a cross play on different platforms.

However, this issue requires a more in-depth review of different platforms and devices, so let’s take a look. 

Is Terraria Cross Platform Between Xbox and PS4?

No, Terraria doesn’t allow cross play between Xbox and PS4 because this facility is not currently available due to the issue of transferring saved games from one platform to another.

So if you have a PS4 and your friend has Xbox, then both of you will have to buy the game for your respective platforms to make it possible for you to play.

Will Terraria 1.4 Have Cross play?

There is no definite answer to this question because the developers haven’t yet released that information. All we know is that there is a hope that the game might be compatible for cross play on some more devices. 

2023 was supposed to be the year when the new version (1.4) of Terraria came out, hoping that the new version would be better and contain a more exciting storyline. 

However, so far it is a solid no on the game receiving cross-play feature on most platforms. 

Is Terraria Available On PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X?

Yes, currently, the game is available for separately playing on different console versions and on six different console systems.

The game is also playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. But, users of both these platforms can’t play together via the cross play feature. 

Is Terraria Cross-platform Between PC and Xbox?

Nope, Terraria is not available for cross play on Xbox and PC. But, you can play it separately on both these platforms. However, there might be a chance with the 1.4 updates of the game to allow cross-platform playing. But, for the time being, we are stuck playing alone. 

Can IOS and Android Players Play Terraria Together?

FINALLY! Something to say yes about. YES, you can play cross platform with your friends on iOS and android. The game supports both platforms and the format files, so this means that if you have the game on your phone and your friend has it too, then you both can play together. 

android gameplay image of terraria

Another thing to affirm about is that you can cross play between PC and mobile devices. So if one of your pals plays on PC and you play on mobile, you can still play together without any hassle. 

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The Conclusion:

Hopefully, you must have gotten all your answers about a cross play on Terraria. Since it was released, this 2D Sandbox game has kept me pretty much at the edge of my seat and hooked to it.

And that is why it might come as a disappointment (even to you) that the game doesn’t support so many cross-plays platforms because we all want to share the game with our friends and play with them. 

However, there is not much we could do in this regard except for hope for the availability of cross play feature and loving the game despite all such issues, for it is still an amazing game.

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