Best Rapp H Loadout In Modern Warfare 2

Best Rapp H Loadout Modern Warfare 2 Cover

The arsenal of weapons given to us in the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gives us an impressive range of weapons to play around with.

These weapons are some of the best in class and are extremely fun, especially once you iron out some of the kinks they have in them using the perfect Loadout.

I have been hard at work since the release of Modern Warfare 2, firing up a private match against bots trying out different weapons against them, and mixing and matching various attachments to bring the best out in the guns offered to me.

My latest experiment was with the Rapp H, which will be ranked somewhere in the middle on the scale, ranking LMGs in the game.

I have spent a good amount of time playing with this gun to bring you the best Rapp H loadout in Modern Warfare 2.

The Rapp H is a big boy reminding me of those days I was in basic training, and I had to carry one of these around for miles at a time.

I did not have the option of changing anything in the gun at that time. But now I have that option, thanks to Gunsmith 2.0, so let’s get into it without further ado.

Best Rapp H Loadout Modern Warfare 2

As I mentioned earlier, the Rapp H, a light machine gun, is very heavy and can be a pain even in the game.

Enemies can pick you off very easily if you carry it in stock which is why the attachments I am going to be using today will be targeted at bringing some of that dreaded weight down so that it can be a more serviceable gun.

Best Class Setup of Rapp H In mw 2

So here is my Rapp H loadout.

ReceiverRapp H
BarrelLachmann Nova
StockFT Mobile Stock
Ammunition7.62 High Velocity
Rear GripLMK64 Grip
MuzzleLockshot KT85

To increase the Mobility of the Rapp H, the first attachment I have gone with is the Lachmann Nova as the barrel of this gun.

This attachment will ensure that you get an accurate rate of fire and a better sprinting speed while using this gun. Your hip recoil control will also increase, making the weapon stable while firing.

Keeping up with the same theme, I have chosen FT Mobile as the stock for Rapp H. This attachment also increases your sprint speed, making the gun relatively easy to carry around.

Power and mobility going hand in hand is a combination that should be feared which is why to increase the power of the gun, I have chosen the 7.62 High-velocity bullets as my ammo of choice in this gun. These bullets will make easy work of your adversaries.

The LMK64 Grip is my contender as the rear Grip of this weapon. This attachment makes the gun easy to hold, which increases your character’s sprint speed.

To mitigate some of the recoils the weapon is subjected to during my quest to make the gun lighter, the Lockshot KT85 is my pick for the muzzle.

This attachment will decrease some of that pesky recoil and increase the weapon’s stability.

More loadouts for you guys:

Best Rapp H Loadout: Perks And Equipment

Now that I have given you the best Loadout possible for the Rapp H let us move on to the Perks and Equipment.

Your gun can be as powerful as it can be; however, without the perfect mix of Perks and Equipment, you would be hard-pressed to survive in any lobby.

Best Rapp H Loadout In mw 2

So with the LMG in mind, here are some of my recommendations.

Secondary WeaponExpedite 12
Base Perk 1Bomb Squad
Base Perk 2Overkill
Bonus PerkCold Blooded
Ultimate PerkQuick Fix
Field UpgradeMunitions Box

The Expedite 12 is my recommendation for the secondary weapon with the Rapp H. Even though I have tried my hardest to make this LMG as light as possible, and it is still heavier than most of the weapons in this game which could get you in trouble, especially in close quarters.

That is why I have chosen a shotgun as the secondary weapon. This is a powerful weapon with one shot and one kill in mind, which will be a boon for you, especially at close quarters.

The base perk 1 I have chosen, keeping the Rapp H in mind, is Bomb squad. There will be times when you will be subjected to attack using throwables like grenades.

For this reason, the Bomb Squad will help you by reducing the damage of the grenade, and if you manage to pick it up, it will reset so that you can throw it away from you.

As for the base perk 2, we have to go with the Overkill as I told you already this is because we need a shotgun for close-quarter gunfights and Overkill with Expedite 12 will get the job done.

As the bonus perk, I have gone with cold-blooded, allowing you to become undetectable from enemy systems.

The ultimate perk I have gone with is a Quick Fix that helps regenerate your character’s health by dispatching your enemies.

I have chosen Stim shot for the Tactical equipment, which allows you to regain your health by using an injection. As for the lethal equipment, I have gone with Semtex, sticky bombs with timers attached to them.

Finally, as the field upgrade, I have gone with Munition Box, which will allow you to call a box of ammo and equipment for you and your team.

How To Unlock Rapp H In Modern Warfare 2

Here is how you are going to unlock the Rapp H in-game. First, you will rank up to level 16, unlocking the Lachmann 762.

Make this gun your primary weapon until it has been leveled to level 13 to unlock the Lachmann-556.

how to unlock rapp h in mw2

Once that weapon has been unlocked, make it your primary weapon and level it up to level 16. Once you reach that weapon level, you will unlock the Rapp H.

If you want to try out the Rapp H with my Loadout, fire up a private match to check the weapon and see if you like it.

Final Verdict:

The Rapp H is a mid-tier LMG and is not on any list of best weapons in the game. However, that does not mean that it needs to be ignored completely.

If you create the perfect Loadout, this weapon can provide you with many services and help you expertly dispatch your enemies.

So, try out my Loadout and get a feel for the weapon in a private match against bots. This weapon is an acquired taste that must be tried before fully committing to unlocking it.

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