Is Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform In 2024? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform Enabled

Battlefield 2042 topped the list of highest anticipated titles in 2021. The latest outing in the Battlefield franchise brings back the gameplay into the modern world, or should I say in a futuristic world.

A previous couple of Battlefield games focused on the world war era, but this time we are leaping straight into the future, in the year 2042, dealing with a fictional war between giant powerhouse nations.

This is the first title in the series to not feature a single-player campaign. There is a story that is told through multiplayer missions, which is honestly a good step toward multiplayer gameplay because now you can enjoy your story missions with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Fans were so hyped and excited about battlefield 2042, and especially in the reveal trailer, developers gave tribute to the most iconic moments of the battlefield community.

It is safe to say that our hearts were stolen that day. And not only that, unlike previous battlefield games, which feature 64 player lobbies, Battlefield 2042 introduced a whopping 128 player matchmaking lobbies for new-gen consoles and PC players.

These are some of the biggest multiplayer maps we have seen so far, and imagine the excitement when you join your friends and go into battle against a sheer amount of Battlefield veterans.

But if your friends are on different platforms?

Can you join them?

This kind of game is best experienced with friends, so is there any way your friends can join you in a single lobby?

Does battlefield 2042 allow cross-platform gameplay?

Is Battlefield 2042 Cross Platform

I will get straight to the point; there is no reason to keep you hanging. The answer is Yes, Battlefield 2042 supports cross-platform mode across platforms; this game is available to play.

This is the first time we have seen in a battlefield franchise that cross-platform mode is active on launch. Players have the option to disable cross-platform play if they don’t want to queue up with other platform gamers; however, this can cause longer matchmaking times and delays.

PlayStation 5

Console players can finally play in peace without any fear of PC players contaminating the lobby. But there is something I should clarify before you get any wrong idea.

It is sort of bad news for old-gen console players. They are unable to queue up with the latest gen consoles and PC players because of hardware limitations.

The average size of the player lobby is 128 players, but due to old and weak hardware, old gen console players can only join 64 players lobby..

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In short, there are two ways you can change crossplay settings, Crossplay means PC, PS5, and Xbox series X players are allowed to join a single match. Crossplay off will only pair you with players that have the same console as yours.

Old gen consoles are unable to join anyone. They cant join PC and newer consoles because of tech limitations, and to put salt in the wound, PS4 and Xbox One players also suffers from long matchmaking queue as they are eliminated from two-thirds of the player base.

Most people would opt for an upgrade if this is the case, so pretty much in the future, this game is dead on old-gen consoles

The good news is that you can join other players, and you can choose if you want to play on the same platform or not by disabling the crossplay functionality setting in the game.

This is a welcome step towards progression, and being the first time this feature is brought in battlefield franchise multiplayer, we hope that devs do something about old gen compatibility too.

The Conclusion:

It’s refreshing to see Battlefield developers taking steps toward cross-play-friendly matchmaking, especially when you consider that all the other installments in this game suffered from no cross-play or even cross-progression.

Cross-play is popular nowadays, and with every new release, People look forward to Cross-pay compatibility in-game. Not everyone owns every console, so it is not wrong of them to have expectations with every release.

We all need friends to play multiplayer games, and this is the best way you can experience fun in a rather sweaty multiplayer PVP.

Now on the other side, Old gen consoles did suffer as they are not allowed to join PC and Newer gen lobbies, but nevertheless, it is the first step in this series, and hopefully, we get more compatibility for old-gen console owners.

They deserve love, too; it is only a matter of time until they upgrade their consoles, but for the time being, I hope developers service them and make some friendly compatible changes so, in the end, everyone wins. Battlefield 2042 is available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox series X, and PC.

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