Is GTA 6 Cross Platform? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

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I can easily predict how huge GTA 6 will be once it goes through shelves. GTA is the biggest gaming franchise; this statement couldn’t be more accurate.

From the hype and how thirsty gamers are, you can see edging for every bit of information regarding the GTA 6 release date, trailer, or even a slight look at the official gameplay.

Every die-hard fan would be preparing themselves for this next installment in this behemoth franchise. And there are vast chances of GTA introducing an online version just like they did with GTA 5.

This, of course, raises many questions, like when it is going to be released. Or is GTA 6 going to be cross-play at launch or not? Let’s not wait another minute and see what’s in it.

Is GTA 6 Cross Platform?

People expect this next GTA franchise installment to follow the previous games’ footprints. Although GTA 5 wasn’t released on PC at launch, it was strictly console exclusive and was met with harsh criticism, but Rockstar ported GTA 5 to PC a year later with an online multiplayer edition.

Since we are in the dark about any information regarding GTA 6, you can assume Rockstar might do this again. Introduce GTA 6 on PC with online open-world mode supporting cross-platform play.

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GTA online world needs to include cross-play. No cross-play would hurt this game’s player base a lot. Since the core gameplay of GTA Online is based on gathering a team and prep for heists, you need at least 4 team members.

Multiplayer games are so common these days, especially the newer ones, which are often highly anticipated.

Games like GTA 6 will fare much better with the option to interact with other players on different gaming platforms, and in time, this option will become available for everyone once the game is released.

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Will GTA 6 Have a Multiplayer?

GTA games are at their most fun when played with friends. Multiplayer is a massive option for these games.

And even after ten years, millions of people still play GTA 5 just for its online mode, and it will be a hard decision for Rockstar not to include a multiplayer mode.

GTA is at its peak when this game allows players to join a single lobby and wreak havoc, steal cars, or finish heist setups.

What platforms will GTA 6 be on?

Nothing is official or confirmed from Rockstar at this point. We can only speculate or hear rumors about the release date, trailer reveal, and whatnot. It can only be helped if we are talking about one of the biggest gaming franchises in history, if not the biggest.

GTA 6 will roll out on newer-gen consoles, and that makes sense because PS4 and Xbox One feels outdated and cannot run GTA 6. PS5 and Xbox Series X are your safe bet. Will it be available on PC at launch? No one can tell except time.

Will GTA 6 have cross-play enabled?

GTA 6 will have cross-play, but will it be available at launch? It is a tricky question. Rockstar may hold back from cross-play at launch to avoid technical issues.

Rockstar might test-run this game at launch, and if everything is running fine, the servers are stable. GTA 6 will soon see cross-play arriving in its most stable state. Cross-play is a considerable part of GTA online and multiplayer modes.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking forward to enjoying the explosive and chaotic gameplay of GTA World with friends, GTA online is your only bet. It is a fantastic addition to this franchise, and even after a decade, people are playing it like crazy.

We are talking about millions of them. Sad to see Rockstar ignoring Red Dead redemption online in favor of GTA, but it makes sense. GTA is a money-printing machine for Rockstar.

Everything I mentioned in this guide is just pure speculation, so take it with a grain of salt; since GTA 6 is in development, Rockstar is avoiding making any claims or releasing any news before the game is finished.

Rockstar hasn’t disappointed us before, and here’s to hoping they never will.

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