Is DayZ Cross Platform? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Is DayZ Cross Platform Cover

Dayz is an excellent survival realistic zombie game that challenges its players with engaging mechanics and extremely challenging gameplay. And this aspect of Dayz has received huge acclaim and critical praise.

You are often prone to sickness and must treat yourself to stay in shape, just like in an actual survival situation. This game is a hit among gamers and critics and is famous in the gaming community.

However, you must see whether Dayz offers cross-platform play to play with friends. Cross-play availability allows players to interact with other players on different platforms. You are not limited to your platform player base when matchmaking in any multiplayer game.

Is DayZ Cross Platform?

Dayz was an instant hit among gamers and survival genre fans at its launch date in 2018. One of the best-looking, immersive survival games out there, the gaming community adores Dayz, and people love to play with their friends. But sadly, Cross-play is not available in this game right now.

The possibility of playing with your loved ones in Dayz is nonexistent, which is highly disappointing, but front a technical point of view, Cross-play can be pretty hard to implement.

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Most of the time, devs can run into limitations that require them to tune down the mechanics according to each gaming platform which can be pretty intensive and mind-numbing.

Dayz could be any of the cases. Maybe devs are taking their sweet time, or there are no plans to bring cross-play in this game. Dayz can play on PC, Xbox, PS5, and even on Nintendo Switch.

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Is Dayz support Cross Save/Cross Progression?

Well, this is going to be easy to inform you that Cross-save/cross-progression is not available in this game. This is mainly because Dayz does not support cross-play in any form.

Players looking to transfer their in-game progress to another gaming platform will be highly disappointed. If you are switching from PC to Xbox, you will start from zero.

This can be discouraging, but right now, this is something everyone has to deal with it. So before deciding to buy Dayz, ask your friends on what platform they are comfortable playing so you can purchase Dayz.

Can you play DayZ with Friends?

To keep it short and sweet, Yes Dayz can be played with friends since it is a multiplayer survival shooter game.

As long as your friends are on the same platform as yours, you can queue with them and have fun mowing down a horde of zombies. Even Microsoft and Xbox aren’t allowing cross-play in this game, which is surprising.

Will Dayz have Crossplay?

There are no talks or news about introducing cross-play in this critically acclaimed shooter. But people are still determining what is going to happen.

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Soon, devs might introduce some relief and offer different game modes as a testing measure for cross-play. Sadly, a game that relies heavily on teamwork and tactics is deprived of player interactions with other gaming platforms.

Final Verdict:

Do you want to hear a fun fact? Dayz was introduced first as the mod in the game Arma 2. And now, it is a full-fledged game with intensive gameplay and realistic core mechanics that challenge a player in a harsh survival environment filled with zombies.

As fun, as it sounds, this game is held by its cross-play limitation and does not reach its full potential.

This game would be even more popular among gamers if developers introduced cross-play and reworked some mechanics that benefit all gaming platforms without changing the game’s core.

But this is a story for another time, and when will that time come? Nobody knows. Hopefully, more gaming companies will learn from this and allow us to play with whomever we want.

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