Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay? (PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5)

Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay Cover

If you are a fan of classic Hollywood slasher thrillers/Horror movies where a certain killer runs loose, goes on a rampage, and the group of protagonists must survive from his clutches, then this game is your cup of tea.

It is also quite inspired by those movies to some extent. While there is a solo mode, the real fun begins when you play this game with friends on a multiplayer server.

It follows the same premise, a group of survivors escaping from the grasp of the killer. With friends, this experience gets even more exciting and intense.

Of course, being a multiplayer platformer, it is easy to find players to play with, but what if you want to play with friends on different platforms? Is it possible? Is Dead By Daylight crossplay enabled?

Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay

Dead by daylight wasn’t always a cross-platform title from the beginning, but it’s been over a year now that dead by daylight has introduced this exciting update to this game.

For new players that are becoming a part of this game community, it is exciting news, and they don’t have to worry about being left out if there are no users on their platform.

With crossplay involved now, everyone is open to queue with anyone. There are no restrictions or exclusivity to certain consoles.

Platforms that are included in crossplay are:

  • PC (Steam client, Epic games, or Microsoft store)
  • Xbox One and Xbox series S/X
  • Playstation 4 and Playstation 5
  • Google Stadia
  • Nintendo Switch

If you are excited to play this game and you own any one of these devices mentioned up, you are allowed to jump on and matchmake with other players, or if you are willing to play with your friends, you can, without any worries, join them and wreak some havoc.

However, it is not a free title, and players would need to buy it from Steam, Epic games, or Microsoft store on PC. As for the consoles it is available in their respective stores.

Can Dead by Daylight Mobile Players Cross-Play?

Another playable version of this game, apart from consoles and PC, is available on mobile. It supports both Android and Apple IOS and is ready for purchase from their respective app markets.

image of dead by daylight mobile

While this game is available for mobile users, there is no support for crossplay between this version and other non-mobile variants, unfortunately.

Although it is not officially revealed by the developers, there is a high possibility that there are no plans for introducing crossplay for the mobile version.

But for mobile players, there is no restriction for IOS and Android versions. As long as you are on mobile, you can queue and join with players from both platforms.

How To Connect With Friends In Dead by Daylight?

The functionality of crossplay made it easier for many players to try this game. As you play games, you meet great players that are cooperative to play with.

You can add them and play with them anytime when you are free to do so. You can add them by simply going to the friend’s section in the menu. You need a player ID to find them.

Make sure to have a Player ID which is also a Player’s IGN.; in the Friends+ tab, enter your friend’s ID, and once their name shows up, add them. They are now on your friend list, and you can see their status whether they are online or not.

Now select Survive with Friends game mode, you will create a lobby. Now you can invite your online friends and start matchmaking.

It is as easy as it gets. Make sure everyone selects the Ready button to show that they are ready for the match, or else you cant start queueing.

How To Communicate With Friends Cross-platform On Dead By Daylight?

Crossplay support is a nice and welcome addition to the game but doesn’t get me wrong, there is still some work left to do regarding the in-game communication among players.

Being a multiplayer game, communication is a key part of the whole gameplay. It defines teamwork, but sadly, there is no form of communication available in-game for console users.

For PC users, they can utilize third-party software like discord which is widely used in most gaming scenarios nowadays by PC users.

You can encourage your console friends to join on discord because in-game, there is no functionality for cross-platform communication. This is something that developers should consider for the community in the future.

Dead by Daylight Cross Progression Support?

Technically, you can say that there is cross-progression support, but it is not that simple. Currently, the cross-progression is only open for PC players.

Whether it’s Steam or Stadia, you can migrate to another platform without having to worry about losing your progress in-game.

The developers ensured us that they have plans for other platforms, too, but currently, that’s a tall order. It will take time, but when? No one knows.

Maybe it’s a licensing issue or some technical limitations, but right now, it seems like console players may have to wait if they want to shift to PC with all their progress

Final Verdict

It is refreshing to see that developers are looking for the community, and they are always ready to hear from fans regarding any issue. Cross-play is one of the best features that any multiplayer platform can implement in their games.

However, not everything is perfect. With all the crossplay involved, there is still some improvement left from the developers; for example, the introduction of internal voice comms will be greatly helpful.

There are limitations for cross progressions that can be solved in the future. But apart from all these issues, dead by daylight is a fun and exhilarating experience that anyone can hop on and enjoy.

These few flaws do not diminish the gaming experience in any way, but there is hope that things could be better in the future with more quality of life changes. Till then, hop on your favorite platform, queue with your friends, and unleash the havoc.

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