Is Sea Of Thieves Cross Platform? (Xbox, PS5, PC)

Is Sea Of Thieves Cross Platform Cover

Ever wandered off in your thoughts and dreamed of being a pirate soaring through the ocean and being a captain of your ship? I certainly did.

It’s an exciting thought, and being a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, I couldn’t help but live this little dream of mine.

But would you believe it if I said you could pretty much have an equivalent of this fun in a multiplayer video game?

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer build crafting adventure title in which players can go on their journey of the ocean and discover new islands, find exotic treasure and fight against other players.

This game delivers a complete and fun experience with friends, but is it crossplay? Because you need to play with your friends to capture the experience of the pirate journey. Let’s find out, shall we?

Is Sea Of Thieves Cross-platform?

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed adventure multiplayer title released back in 2018. This is a PC and Xbox-exclusive game which means that our friends on Playstation cannot enjoy this great swashbuckling adventure with their friends.

However, players on PC and Xbox would be delighted to know that crossplay exists and it is very much active since this game’s launch. Crossplay is such a demanded feature nowadays that it is almost a crime not to have it in 2024.

traveling in ship Sea Of Thieves

Multiplayer gaming is at an all-time high, and most people prefer to game with friends and family rather than go for single-player campaigns. Crossplay brings everyone to the same gaming world and bridges the gap between gaming consoles.

This benefits the player count as well as the players, who are matched against more players in a short time, thus creating a more competitive experience.

Queue times also get considerably short, so you are spending more time in the game rather than waiting for the match to find. Crossplay is always a clutch to have, a sign of good development.

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Does Sea Of Thieves Support Cross Save/cross Progression?

Sea of Thieves gets a lot of things right, and one of them is the availability of cross-progression. Since Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft-exclusive title, it is a part of the Play Anywhere program.

This program, introduced by Microsoft, allows players to purchase a game and then Play anywhere they want. Either PC or Xbox; it’s your call.

Sea of Thieves is playable on both PC and Xbox, and since it is a part of Play Anywhere, all you have to do is to log in to the Xbox Live Account, and you are good to go.

Your possessions, in-game progress, and cosmetics will transfer to both PC and Xbox platforms.

How To Add Friends In Sea Of Thieves?

The process of inviting friends to your pirate crew is fairly similar and simple on both PC and Xbox platforms. Launch the game, and in the menu, select the crew size, for 2 players, select Sloop and Galleon for 4.

Then you will get the prompt message to invite your friends from 1 to 3. You can invite your friends to fill those slots or just click Set Sail to automatically fill the rest of the empty slots. This method goes both for PC and Xbox players in a very similar manner.

Does Sea Of Thieves On Steam Have Crossplay?

Sea of Thieves crossplay is available by default for all players on all platforms, whether it’s Steam, Windows PC, or Xbox Series Consoles. Making it fairly easy to find players to play with.

Sea Of Thieves gameplay image

This is made easier by the Microsoft live log-in services, which appear on your screen when launching the game for the first time. Signing up for the service pairs you with the players on all platforms.

How Do You Invite Pc Players To Sea Of Thieves On Xbox?

Xbox players can disable the crossplay service if they want to. To invite PC players, you need to turn off the option to open your crew for cross-platform play. Go to the settings tab in Sea of Thieves and click on Matchmaking Preferences.

disable crossplay in Sea Of Thieves

Look for the Adventure and Arena options and turn off the “Prefer Xbox Gamers with Controllers” to No. There you have it. Now you are ready to invite your PC friends, and if you Set Sail on your own, you will be paired with PC crewmates.

How Do I Join My Xbox Friends On Pc Sea Of Thieves?

You can try joining your Xbox friends on a PC by using Windows Gamebar. In the search bar, type Xbox Console Companion.

Inside the app, on the right side, you can click on friends & clubs and type your friend’s in-game ID, preferably their Xbox IGN.

After you have added them, press Win + G to open your game bar. Click on the social icon, and you will see your newly added friend’s name there. Invite them to your crew, and that’s all.

Final Verdict:

And this is the end of the gaming guide but the start of your pirate journey. I hope this short article helped you decide on whether to purchase this game on PC/Xbox or maybe both.

This game is unlike anything right now, and it takes the cool concept of swashbuckling pirate adventure to a whole another level.

The moment your friends join you, it’s either going on an epic journey or a hilarious plane crash that may result in your losing your ship, but it’s all in good fun. As long as you are laughing and enjoying it.

This is the best thing I could say about having a crossplay, and even better, cross-progression is also here, which means you can continue your pirate journey anywhere you want without losing your pirate reputation and in-game cosmetics.

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