Is SCUM Cross Platform? (PC, PS5, Xbox, PS4)

Is SCUM Cross Platform Cover

I have been a fan of Survival games for a long time now. Despite their rep, I have been playing games such as Metal Gear Survive and Fall Out 76 and have my fair share of hours logged into those games.

One of the Survival games that I have been playing for a good number of years now is SCUM which has been in early access for almost five years now.

I have been a day one supporter of this project, and despite it being somewhat clunky in the beginning, the rapid development it has received has kept it moving along nicely.

The game is a multiplayer survival RPG currently being developed by Gamepires, a Croatian game studio.

However, one question that arises is, is SCUM cross platform? Well, stay tuned as I give you the answer to this question.

Is SCUM Cross Platform?

As of June 2024, SCUM is only available on Windows. The game is currently in early access, with the latest version of the game available being version 0.8.

As for news about whether SCUM is being released on Windows, the developers are still striving to finish the Windows version first before they move on to making the console port for the game.

Despite the game being announced in 2016 and going on early access in 2018, this project has taken a very long time to complete.

SCUM gameplay

I hope the developers will also create a console version of this game once it is finished, as many fans have wanted a port for a long time.

As of now, the developers have given us no news about their plans as to whether they will be moving to create a console version of the game.

It is also unclear whether they will make a port for the eighth-generation consoles or they will be moving straight towards the ninth-generation from the get-go.

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Final Verdict:

This sums up everything you need to know about whether or not SCUM is Cross-platform. The game is still in early access, which means there is still a lot of time before the developers mull if they want to create a console port for the game.

If they move towards a console port, the developers should ensure that they create a complete game without any bugs from the get-go and not give the fans a slugfest, which many games had the luck of being when they were given a console release.

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