Is God of War Ragnarök Cross Platform? (PS5, PC, PS4)

Is God of War Ragnarok Cross Platform Cover

God of War Ragnarök just came out on 9th November, which was undoubtedly the best day for me. The game is promised to be one of the biggest games of 2022, and I think until now, that promise is working pretty well.

This game is only available for PS4 and PS5 and is a sequel to the God of War 2018 game. It is a highly regarded and highly anticipated reboot of the game for PlayStation.

The game has been a mystery since its release announcement in June 2020. But now that the game is out, there is so much to talk about the game. PlayStation and Sony Santa Monica create the game.

The game is only available for one platform, that is, PS4 and PS5; however, there is some hope that the game will be available for PC because the creators released the 2018’s version of the game for PC. So we can hope that they will release God of War Ragnarok for PC too.

The game begins after three years of where God of War 2018 ends, where the ‘freezing winds of Fimbulwinter comes to Midgard’ and make the survival of Mimir, Kratos, and Atreus in Norse more challenging than ever.

You will find a lot of new and old faces in the game (if you have played the 2018 version of God of War). You will see the characters of Kratos and Atreus (the father-son duo), who the talking head of Mimir and the Huldra brothers, Sindri and Brok, will accompany.

However, it seems will see Freya as a villain in this game because Kratos killed her son in the first game. But the old faces aren’t the only characters. Instead, new characters are also abundant, like Thor and Odin will be the antagonists for Kratos.

They will be angry at Kratos for killing their kin Baldur (Freya’s son), and also for killing Modi and Magni (Thor’s sons) The list of characters already assured me that the game would be mind-blowing as it progresses.

The story revolves around Kratos, who has shifted the prophecy of the whole world of God of War Ragnarök because there is no mention of anyone like Kratos in the mythology of Ragnarok.

This means that his role is something phenomenal that we can’t comprehend until we complete the game. The game is truly amazing but does it have cross platform support?

Is God of War Ragnarok Cross Platform?

You already know that God of War Ragnarok is only available for PS4 and PS5, but it might also come to other platforms.

But, the shocking thing about the game is that it is available for cross-save. Now, why would it be available for cross-save if it is only available for PlayStation?

It is because you can transfer your saves and play cross platform with your friends from PS4 to PS5. But you can’t transfer your saves from PS5 to PS4.

But, since the game already has a cross-save and cross-generations feature, we are hoping that soon we will also be able to play with our friends and family on other platforms (PC).

Final Verdict:

This game is undoubtedly one of the best ones made in 2022, and it has kept the legacy alive of fantastic gameplay since 2018’s version of the game.

The only thing that bothered me was not having this game on other platforms. But I am hoping for the best!

The game feels like a more elaborate expansion of the 2018 sequel, and that is a good thing because there are so many similar things that bring back wonderful game memories.

We all love the characters God of War Ragnarok, and it is good to spend some time with those characters and have the best experience this game has to offer.

As time passes and the game goes on, I could anticipate that Sony Santa Monica studio will make some significant changes to it. But, for now, we should enjoy what we have.

Stay safe in the game because the enemy is lurking nearby. So have fun, and don’t forget to play the fantastic game with your friends on PS4 and PS5.

Muhammad Hamza
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