Is Need For Speed Unbound Cross Platform? (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X)

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The need for speed has been around for ages, and after every few years, there is a new version of the game that every gamer absolutely loves.

NFS has evolved so much over the years. Electronic Arts (EA Games) latest NFS release will be called Need for Speed Unbound, and it takes street racing to a whole new level.

You can race on an open-world platform called ‘Lakeshore,’ which has a super-styled look and experience. The game will be available for Windows PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5 on December 2, 2022.

With this sparkling new game, you will be able to enjoy 4K and 60 fps racing along with the ability to race online (as multiplayer on cross-platform multiplayer) as well as offline (as a single player).

So you can race, get rich, improve your cars and enjoy the experience of realistic racing ‘in the franchise history with fantastic music.

EA Games is taking Need for Speed Unbound to a whole new level with never before seen visual effects and a development that only takes the best out of new hardware.

The game is designed to make illegal racing feel like authentic illegal racing because of ‘big rewards or bigger consequences on getting busted by the police.’

A bonus for all the NFS Unbound lovers is the music and input by A$AP Rocky, who also makes an appearance in the game as the leader of Takeover Scene, which is a faction home to a repayable driving mode.

But, the amazingness of this game stops at the question of whether Need for Speed is an Unbound Cross Platform or not. So let’s see whether or not it is cross-platform.

Is Need For Speed Unbound Cross Platform?

Before I tell you whether or not NFS Unbound can be played on different platforms, you should remember that the game is only going to be available on Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox S/X; it can be played only on these systems unless it is released for other systems as well.

The excellent news for you is that you can play Need for Speed Unbound with your friends on different platforms because this game has full cross-play support. (EA confirmed it, yayy!).

Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay Image

For example, if you and your friend decide to play NFS Unbound and one of you has an Xbox while the other has a PC, then you can easily play, and if your third friend wants to join while you are playing from his PlayStation5, then they can easily hook you for ultimate fun.

But, the issue will arise when you search for a cross-platform save option because there is no cross-platform save support in NFS Unbound. So, if you are playing with your friends on multiplayer, you will have to save your game separately on each device.

NFS Unbound has complete support for cross-platform; however, with some good things, there are bad things, too, so the game won’t support unlimited platforms.

However, since EA is still working to improve the game, we can expect to hear more good news about it in the future. Until then, you should make do with the cross play option available and enjoy it with your friends.

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Final Verdict:

This is all we knew about the new NFS Unbound and whether it is available on the cross-platform or not. But, before, there are more updates and releases on this game.

So, you should enjoy it with your friends and play it as much as you want. You have to wait a few more days for it to release.

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